BLAINESWORLD #827, Section 12B (NC)

(1) Hey gang –
Here’s a fun way to catch some of my poetry and do some nice summer socializing to boot.
I’ll be one of four featured readers at the monthly writer’s evening at Downtown Books and News (Malaprop’s used book store) – 67 N. Lexington, Friday, August 10 at 7 p.m.  I’ll be offering twelve minutes of poetry – two short fun poems and two long poems that you may know from Jubilee or from my poetry book: Scrupulosity (“I look around me at the ruins of my room…”) and Something New (“I am old, this life is old….from where might come something new?”).  Hey, if you know ’em already, they’ll go down different this time around.
I don’t know who the other writers are, but Jesse from the store (and from Greenlife) who sets these things up works really hard to book crowd-pleasers.
You’ll be out of there by 8:15 – lots of time to do something else with your evening or to join me and my new friend Elizabeth at some downtown establishment for a beverage.  Hope you can come!

Majo John Madden


(2) Asheville Vaudeville is back at the Magnetic Field

August 30, 31 &  September 1st, 8:00pm

Asheville Vaudeville is back!  After a “brief” hiatus, AV is back and in full swing.  Come check out our next production at The Magnetic Field.  Interested in being in this or future shows?  “Like” the Asheville Vaudeville Facebook page, and leave us a message there.

For tickets:

(3) Art A. in NC: You must see Guys and Dolls [at Flat Rock Playhouse]. What a hilarious evening.  Adelaide stole  the show .Great casting, Nathan Detroit and  Harry the Horse are perfect. Everyone had great voices. It is THE SHOW  to see this summer.

(4) Unit 50 @ Holland’s Bar & Grille in Asheville, North Carolina. Saturday at 9 p.m.

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