BLAINESWORLD #827, Section 2, part 2

(1) Sharon B. in NC: Yes, your email is getting through without a hitch. Good work! I enjoy your newsletter very much. I hope to meet you and your lovely wife someday soon. Right now, I am up to my ears in boxes. I just moved into my new apartment yesterday! . . . Just moved to Asheville recently so your newsletter is fun and informative for an Asheville newbie!

(2) Carole Currie, former SART Board member, is right on target in this column . . . Turn off cell phones in theaters . . .|newswell|text|Frontpage|s&nclick_check=1

(3) Natalie K. in PA: Saw another one I think you recommended “Wit” with Emma Thompson — very well acted but sometimes hard to watch — about a 17th century literature professor who is facing 4th stage ovarian cancer and her exhausting and strenuous 8-month chemo-therapy regimen.  Have you seen it?

Answer: Yes, I saw it. And agree with you; i.e. it is well acted and also hard to watch. It is not a film for everybody because of the subject matter.

(4) Herb S. in NJ: Really liked In a Better World which won best foreign Oscar. Seen it? Do follow your recommendations.

Answer: Not yet, but will look for it because Herb’s recommendations are usually right on target!

(5) George B. in PA: My latest piece on Everybody Has a Story

(6) Shari D. in PA: I loved the Michael Josephson “Thought for the Day” quote.

(7)  Ron A. in NC (looking for a history buff in Western North Carolina): I’m looking for potential board of trustee members for the Western North Carolina Historical Association.  Founded in 1953, it is the oldest historical association in the area.  It serves the public through its program of lectures and historic site tours, programs for school aged children and operation of the Smith-McDowell House museum on the AB Tech campus.  We especially would like to have someone with fundraising knowledge, event planning or internet marketing experience.  They don’t have to be, but anyone interested in local history, Appalachian culture, the Civil War or someone with a broad, general interest in the arts, architecture or American material culture would be helpful.

Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings and serve on at least one committee: finance, personnel, marketing, fund raising, museum, programs.

If you can think of anyone who might be interested, have that person contact me at this email address:

(8) Julien in MD: Job well done; I like the new look. You put in a mammoth amount of work each week.  Happy I am on your mailing, I do enjoy reading BLAINESWORLD.  I love the pics; they make your articles, stories, comments much more personal.

(9) Ruth in NY: Just love the way you refer to Cynthia as your beautiful bride…..very touching.  As usual, Issue #826 delivers….great job.

(10) Dave M. in NC: You can find a lot of McMurty at Mr.Kay’s in Asheville.

(11) Sandy B. in PA: LOVE IT Blaine [the new format]!  Very attractive and enjoyable!

(12) Carole S. in NJ: Hey Blaine — We were traveling in MI last week for the funeral of my husband’s oldest sister, so I didn’t get a chance to tell you that I like the use of your logo on the newsletters.  Just gives it a little punch! ALWAYS enjoy the content.

(13) Terri S. in PA: Borrowing the “Thought for the day.” Sooo true! Love the new format!

(14) Steven S. in FL (with a request for help from Western NC folks): Looking for room to stay at for 1-3 weeks, starting sometime in mid August. Sold vacation home. Needs a few weeks to find place to live in Asheville area. Non smoker. No animals. Doesn’t drink. Willing to pay something. Call Steven Shulman: 305.710.9499.

(15) Sharon C. in NC: Just wanted to thank you for this possible insomnia cure.  Even if it doesn’t help a person fall asleep, it’s good medicine overall.  I get especially annoyed with myself if I awaken in the early morning hours (too early, by my standards, to actually get up and do something productive!) and find myself thinking about thoughts in the darkness that are always more negative than positive. And, of course, negative thoughts zap more energy than positive ones and generally are not sleep-inducing.  I shall remember to try this.

Note: I also suggested another option; i.e., get your a book from your least favorite subject in school. Start reading it. You’ll be out within minutes.

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