BLAINESWORLD #828, Section 2, part 2

(1) Janet S. in NJ: Thanks for your fun reports.

(2) Gary G. in NC: # 10. Cool quote.

(3) Barbara H. in PA: Three thoughts about the “new” BlainesWorld
1. It’s crisper and cleaner in its design
2. It’s easier to read, thanks to #1
3. (I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST—) It’s getting into my mailbox!!!!!!!!!!!!

(4) Rock E. in NC: I admire all the community activities you take part in and enjoy your newsletter. Also appreciate how you got Eblen Charities involved with SART.

(5) Donna S. in AL: I love this one . . . the poem about finding you earlier so that I could love you more and longer.

(6) Doug H. in NC: Cool! [quote in BLAINESWORLD #827].

(7) Kimberly R. in NC: We liked the dancing and the message [in STEP UP REVOLUTION] despite the terrible acting.

(8) Eileen Z. in PA: The picture of your wife with the two Havanese pups is one of the best ever! She is so pretty.

I was surprised that you did not mention the Olympics.  Obviously you are not obsessed with it and/or the results like so many of us…..just wondering.

Response: Thanks for the nice words ’bout Cynthia. I agree with both your opinion of Cynthia and about how pretty she is. As for the Olympics, just not that “into” them, though I was blown away by Phelps’ performances.

(9) Chris F. in PA: I cannot blame  you and Cynthia for thinking Havanese are cute – I am on Havanese 3, 4, and 5 in my family.  Dog 1 passed away at the wonderful age of 17+, and dogs 3, 4, and 5 are in replacement.  Kind of like chips – you can’t have just one! 🙂

(10) John B. in NC: I like the new format, Blaine. I hope you and Cynthia are having a great summer.

(11) Maria P. in PA:  On the diet book . . . there’s actually a simple way to eat well – eat as many foods in their natural state as possible.  A nutritionist friend of mine told me that.  Think about it – if you eat most foods as close “to the ground” as possible you automatically do away with all those preservatives, etc.


(13) Rose P. in NJ: Events surround us (her latest blog entry)

(14) Edie W. in PA: National Lazy Day

(15) Maria M. in NC (with information on the J-P-W Schierhorn Educational Fund)

I hope this finds you all well and happy. Will and I are doing ok.

It’s a week now since Paul’s memorial, and I feel many of you wondering how it went.  GREAT!  Heartwarming, just wonder-full to see so many dear people and to be lifted up by their love.  There was lots of music-the Asheville High School Band’s brass quintet was quite, quite wonderful playing with the brilliant church organist for processional of “A Mighty Fortress” and the recessional of “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.”  The quintet, in true New Orleans style, began, as some folk were getting to their seats “A Closer Walk With Thee.”   A very able choir had been quickly assembled and they were grand!  Beautiful alto solo, acappella, for “Amazing Grace” and group acappella of “God Be In My Head” plus others.  At the service’s end, the choir from the back of the church sang a cappella, “The Parting Glass”  led by a sweet male solo.  It was heartwarming and very Paul.
The speakers were marvelous.  Truly!  They represented important aspects of Paul’s life:  2 Best Friends (one knew him from age 15–41 years!  another for 35 years!), 2 students (1 primarily a musician and musical assistant, 1 primarily an actor and stage assistant), a faculty member from Mars Hill College (religion & philosophy and someone Paul revered who mentored him to prepare for and teach a cross-cultural course, “Creativity”), a doctor from MD Anderson, and our family counselor.  Each was a fine speaker, not formal, really prepared, often funny, just wonderful!
The service was videotaped.  I will get it edited and will  post  on Paul’s FB page, and my FB page, and give it a youtube site or something—
I also want to give you some more details, as several of you have asked,  about the J-P-W Schierhorn Educational Fund.  
If you are interested and able to contribute to this in Paul’s memory, for the sake of public school band programs at 2 schools:  BLESS YOU!
It is named to honor 3 generations of musicians, especially Janice–Paul and Carl’s mom, who started them on their musical paths.  She made sure Paul got proper training from Columbus Boychoir and Interlochen.  Paul was quite the musician;  I am going to devote a goodly part of my remaining life to seeing his work organized, published, rerecorded (“The News” is a great concept album, as friend, Elliot Brown said early on), and completed for production (“The Romance of Leonardo.”)  This fund is also named for Will, the 3rd generation musician, who is exploring his giftedness on the trombone in several bands affiliated with the Asheville High School.
The vision I have for this fund is very big, and forgive me: very grand.  I was talking to the church organist and she said “Go for $100,000.”  Gulp.
Here’s why: it is truly FOR THE KIDS.  All money will go to the band programs of Asheville High School and Asheville Middle School.  These are public schools.  In each school, half of enrollment is on free lunch program!   These bands need help with instruments, instrument repair, operating expenses, trips every 2 years, marching band travel to compete (they win number 1 in the state of NC consistently). . .
In fact, the AHS marching band has won #1 for 15+ years in a row! And the AMS is likewise a supreme winner.  I’d have to call the conductors to be accurate, but trust me: these bands are rock’em sock’em good and extremely valuable to the development of these young people.  True story:  I dropped by band camp at AHS  2 weeks ago and Mr. Talley was gone briefly; he went to pick up 2 truant-prone band members to make sure they would be at practice.  Many of these kids come from single parent homes, or broken homes.  Music is an outlet for them in more ways than just music!  They can be identified “with the band” especially if they are not debaters nor ivy-league bound nor excellent athletes nor popular dating teens nor so self-actualized that high school trauma/drama bounces off of them.  The band SAVES KIDS!
And this January they have been invited to play at the Presidential Inaugural!  How many of the kids can afford $700+?  There are many fundraising events planned nearly every weekend from now til then–but gees!
Ok then, here’s the plan, as outlined to me by my personal banker overseeing this:
1-piggyback on an existing 501(c)(3) for deposits and dispersal.
That is:  The Asheville High School Band Association.  Set up as of 12N Tuesday, August July 31, 2012 at Wells Fargo.
Account # 6887929682.
Make checks out to “J-P-W Schierhorn Educational Fund.”
Take to any Wells Fargo to deposit.
Or mail to:
Wells Fargo Bank
Weaverville Plaza
173 Weaverville Blvd.
Weaverville, NC 28787
2-IF enough money comes in to invest for endowed scholarships each year, I will establish a separate 501(c)(3) for the “J-P-W Schierhorn Educational Fund.”
3-If the amount is big enough, I will establish a Family Foundation. Eventually, son Will will carry on as Chairman.
Just so you know, I have already, and will continue to contribute to this.  This is not to glorify Janice, or Paul, or Will.  It is to BENEFIT the kids in the band programs of Asheville High School and Asheville Middle School.
I know many of you are educators, or current students, artists, believer in the arts.
If all the money amounts to  $1,000–that is lovely too!   But, gulp. . .I am dreaming bigger.
Thank you for your time in reading this!
Maria Mason
(16) Walter B. in NC:  I thought you might want to mention in your publication my friends Bob & Trish. They came to our juggling festival last year and performed and taught workshops. Currently they are training for a triathlon while juggling 3 balls (even the swimming part!) They are raising money for Special Olympics:

(17) Laura B. in NJ: If you want to tell people in Northern NJ about Globe Shoes,  it might prove to be useful.  Why?  Because they carry a wide selection to fit a wide variety of sizes.  You might pay full price  but you can find sizes there that you wont’ see anywhere else. I have been going there for over 20 years and knew that it would be the right place to take Lou to because he would get fitted properly.  For women, they carry size 5 up thru at least 11 with widths from AA to EEE.  The range width is the same for men.   I once sat next to a woman looking for 5-1/2 EEE as for her wedding.  Across from me was a woman looking for 10-1/2 AA for a special occasion.  I know of no other place like it except maybe mail order.

They are located on 17 South in Paramus right before you get to Ikea.  I usually would pick up pick up 208 South from 287 North to Fairlawn Avenue,Fairlawn.  Turn right at the exit ramp, go through down town Fairlawn and the street name turns into Century Road.  There will be a beautiful cemetery on your left called the George Washington Cemetery.  It has a large statue of George Washington along with quite a few other sculptures in it making it quite nice if you like nice cemeteries.  Then there are some corporate buildings and signs that take you to Rt. 17.  As soon as you get onto 17 South, Globe Shoes will be right there.  Getting back to 17 North was quite a struggle even with directions from the cashier.  If you are familiar with the area, you know how ugly the traffic is.  Rt. 4 and Rt 17 meet at a very bad junction and it is hard to figure out which way to turn.  There are 3-4 major shopping centers there and Rt. 17 is also lined with other stores and restaurants.
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