BLAINESWORLD #831, Section 2, part 2

(1) Majo M. in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP):

A shift in the direction of my work.  

When I moved to Asheville almost eight years ago, I had become burned out on the corporate consulting (organization development and diversity) work I had been doing for the previous thirteen years.  I did not want to continue that work, nor did I want to go back to the clinical psychology work I had done for twenty years before that (university teaching, a community mental health center, a children’s agency, VA hospitals, private practice).
I decided to go into semi-retirement and to do work unlike anything I had done before.  This has led me to a variety of “front-line customer service” jobs including restaurant serving, cab driving, call center work and a whole lot of retail, including the last 15 months at Greenlife. Much of this experience has been good, some of it – including some of my current job – very good.  Along the way, I became completely fascinated with the whole area of customer service, wrote extensively on it and even developed my own model of “authentic customer service”.
But things have shifted in me and I’m now ready – actually hungry – to do work that delivers more of the kind of satisfaction I derived from professional work.  I’m wanting to make a level of contribution that I can’t in my current work, to make a difference in people’s lives in ways that are hard to reach working in a grocery store.  I would like to do teaching, training, coaching, counseling and/or consulting – all of which I have done lots of before the last eight years.  Or the ideal way for me to help other people might take a different form than I can even imagine.  I would be glad to work full-time, part-time or as a contract worker or consultant.
I would be grateful if you could let me know about any jobs like this you are aware of – or people you think I should talk to who could point me in good directions.  I’m also open to any ideas, suggestions or feedback you might have about this new/old direction of mine.  If you don’t have any suggestions, please join me in holding the intention for me to soon be doing very rewarding work helping people in some capacity.

Thanks for everything,

Majo John

Majo John Madden


(2) Donna M. in NJ: thanks for putting in the house sale info!!

and Dom and I love the joke about the 8 characters & capital.
and with that pic – was perfect!
(3) Danny B. in NC:  Pictures look very nice this issue [830].
(4) Robin S. in PA:  Saw Ruby Sparks yesterday. Even knowing that we often don’t agree on movies, I think you may like this one.  In tone, reminded me of Stranger than Fiction.  Very appealing characters.  Terrific performances by Paul Dano and, especially, Zoe Kazan.
Note: On this recommendation, Robin and I are in complete agreement. Good film!
(5) Craig W. in PA: (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): I need to get a brochure designed and have been looking at various on line design services. Have you ever used these type of services and if so, how was the experience? Is there anyone in particular that you have used and would recommend?
Answer: I don’t know anybody, in particular, but I do know that there are several such services online. Whatever you do, ask to see samples of work and also, ask for references. If anybody has any other ideas for Craig or would like to contact him directly, your best bet is his email address:
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