Section 2, part 2

(1) Linda H. in NC: In your newsletter this week, you quoted from: “2H: THE OFFICIAL SECOND HALF OF LIFE HANDBOOK.” One of those quotes you could have written yourself, “* Don’t ask if you can help a friend. Inform your friend that you’ll be over to help, and if they don’t object, be there for them. Acts, more than words, underlie great friendships.” You are truly the epitome of that quote. Chuck and I are both very lucky to be your friend.

(2) Natalie K.  in PA: Just saw this movie [DE-LOVERLY] again.  Had borrowed it from a friend.  Loved it even more second time around and really enjoyed the features on the DVD.

(3) Savannah in PA: Have you seen the tv show Nashville? I am finding the show to be really good…lots of unrequited love themes…also am enjoying scandal…its kind of corny, but another unrequited story there.

(4) Terry V. in NC:  I actually love this [Godin piece on time to move forward]! Although I still thing there’s a false equivalency to comparing MSNBC to FOX, they both are a total waste of time… Thanks for reminding me that. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know one of the things I’ll be thankful for is getting to know you!

(5) Todd S. in NJ: Have you ever seen the movie “Real Genius” with Val Kilmer?  Story about a university program that caters to unusually bright “kids” and admits them to study advanced technology.  They don’t realize their doing weapons research and development.  Anyway, early in the movie there’s a shot of a traditional lecture hall, professor type at the front of the room, 200 students sitting and listening.  Fifteen minutes into the film a shot of the same hall with the same professor and the hall is filled, partially with bodies and partially with tape recorders.  Another fifteen minutes into the film the same hall, the same professor in the front, and the ENTIRE room is filled with tape recorders.  Another fifteen minutes later that same lecture hall again but no professor – it’s a BIG tape recorder playing to a room of little tape recorders. Yes, the concept of education is changing.

(6) Ange M. in PA (commenting on my reminder to celebrate Veterans Day): In the United States, Veterans Day is usually observed on November 11. However, if it occurs on a Sunday then the following Monday is designated for holiday leave, and if it occurs Saturday then either Saturday or Friday may be so designated. My two cents: We should be honoring veterans on November 11, 12 and any other chance that we can.

(7) Cathy L. in PA: Saturday, November 24, is Small Business Saturday.  Please think about doing some of your holiday shopping at your local businesses this year.  Approximately $45.00 out of every $100.00 that you spend locally supports our local economy. When you shop at the big box stores and chain businesses, only about $14.00 out of $100.00 stays local.  If everyone did 20% of their holiday shopping locally it could make a HUGE impact on the local economy. 

Think outside the box!!!  If you know someone in need of some TLC, purchase a gift certificate to a massage therapist, acupuncturist, aromatherapist, etc.  (Our own BuxMont CFPA coordinator, Bill Deckhart, happens to be an excellent massage therapist. His number is 215-380-6804).  
Think of local groomers when it comes to dog grooming instead of chain stores.  Local crafters can use our help also.  Rosebush craft mall is right there in Langhorne, on Route 1, and there are some excellent craft fairs in the area.  As a matter of fact, Pennsbury High School East has their craft fair this Saturday, October 17.  Get a jump start on your shopping!

Locally grown plants and trees are great gifts also. There are quite a few local wineries and places to buy micro brew beers around that could use our support.  
Think New Hope for their great shops, Smithville NJ is also a great little historic area with wonderful shops.  The state of NJ got hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy they could definitely benefit from people buying from their local stores. 
Remember the mom and pop restaurants when you are tired and want to either sit down for a bite or get takeout.  Try local instead of chain restaurants.  I have found some great new places this way.
Attached is a list of some local businesses recommended from our CFPA members and supporters.  Please feel free to email me with your favorites and I will update the list and send it out again.
If you can’t find a gift for that person who has everything, make a donation in their name to a local food bank,  pet rescue group, or any charitable organization that you think the the recipient supports. Stock is low in our food pantries and the demand is high.  When you do shop the malls, please try to support  the companies that sell fair trade items.  Think globally, act locally when you can. 
Note: For the listing that was attached, email Cathy at and request the list that you read about in BLAINESWORLD. 
(8) Rebecca K. in NY: Hope you will join us (or spread the word) to see Michael Horowitz as the Headmaster in the Gallery Players production of The HIstory Boys. Lots of great restaurants in the Brooklyn’s Park Slope Neighborhood.

(9) Carole S. in NJ: Is your Mr. Curious here question a joke [about Advil labels]?  My bottle is probably a different size than yours but when I read what was under the box, it was quite obvious that it was a continuation of what came before the box.  Is that not the case with yours?  Hmmmm
Answer: It may well be a continuation, but it was not obvious to me–or others I showed it to. The box is much
clearer than the bottle. I have written the company on this. If and when I get a response, I’ll let you and other readers know.
(10) Marty D. in PA: 2 blonde jokes backatcha
 1. Another blonde decided to become a terrorist, and was instructed to blow up a car.

She was later admitted to the hospital after burning her lips on the exhaust pipe.

2. The next is not very politically correct–and unfortunately, many people may not understand the punchline

A group of Al Qaida terrorists were meeting in a cave debating their next mission.
Each one described how he would blow himself up, taking Americans with him, but they knew this would enable them to enter Paradise.Suddenly an angel descended, and said: “Do you truly wish to enter paradise?”“Of course effendi,” they all said.“Then you must blow yourselves up right now! and Paradise will be yours,” said the angel.So they quickly blew themselves up. And Poof! they were all transported to the gates of heaven! But when they tried to enter, a gate-angel blocked their way.“I’m sorry,” he said, consulting his computer. “But you’re not on the list to enter heaven.”“But another angel told us we could enter if we blew ourselves up,” the terrorists cried.“Which one?” asked the gate-angel. “Do you see him here?”

“Yes,” said one of the al Qaida leaders. “That fellow over in the corner, with the beard. The one who’s grinning.”

The gate-angel looked, saw the angel they were pointing to and frowned.

“KAHANE!!” he shouted. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that!!!” 

(11) Ken G. in NY:  THE LATE QUARTET [a movie now out]: A MUST!!!!!!!!


Section 12 B (more NC events)

(1) Steven T. in NC: Asheville Community Theatre Presents the hilarious hit comedy “Inspecting Carol” Thinking that pandering to the delusions of a mysterious actor who happens upon their beleaguered theatre will lead to financial salvation, the acting troupe offers him a plum role in their upcoming rendition of “A Christmas Carol.” Hilarity ensues when what possibly can go wrong does so in spectacular fashion. I play Larry, a cantankerous thespian with a penchant for lost social causes as well as Scrooge, together with the funniest Marley, Ghost, Cratchitt and family to tread the boards this holiday season. “Inspecting Carol” roars to life opening on Friday, Nov 16th for a three-week run. Ticket information and audience guidelines (PG-13 content) available at  Thanks for your support and I hope to see you at the theatre! 

(2) Join Director Barrie Barton for a Performance Workshop resulting in the creation of an original work, which explores the dynamic characteristics and intriguing facets of Secrets. Immerse yourself in a process of creative inquiry, physical & verbal expression w/others. Build a movement theater piece with script and choreography. Engage in Community Arts with Civic Giving – Proceeds to Four Seasons Hospice. Perform at the Diana Wortham Theater in June. Workshop Session: Four Mondays, Nov. 12 – Dec. 3 at Jbilee Community Church Full Performance Rehearsals, begin, Jan. 7, 2013 For more information, please cick: Or email:

(3) Vic A. in NC: Went to sold out opening night of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)  last evening at NC Stage and really enjoyed it.   Actors were excellent and it was a fun show.

(4) Michael Gelb in NM: My wife Deborah os one of the featured soloists with the Asheville Symphony on December 16


Section 12C (PA/NJ events)


(2) TAKE HOME AN EVENING OF LAUGHS SEEING YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU EVENT: YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU:   Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman’s classic family comedy, highlighting the hilarious antics of the unconventional Sycamore family—headed by Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff – takes to the Heritage Center stage.  DeLarme Landes of Doylestown and Cat Miller of Bristol co-direct.  Doug Kline of Newtown stars as Vanderhoff, George Hartpence and Carol Thompson of New Hope as Paul and Penelope Sycamore and Cat Miller as daughter Alice.  When the daughter brings home her boyfriend Tony (Michael Wurzel of Little Silver, NJ) and his wealthy parents (Hugh Barton of Yardley and Susan Blair), chaos ensues!   With Marco Newton of Yardley, Giz Coughlin of Doylestown, John Wishnie of Morrisville!   Featuring Liane Golightly, Steve Browne, Gem Perkins, Robert D. Rodriguez, Chris Capitolo, and Anne Lobis.  Stage managed by Ken Ammerman of Morrisville.  Set design by Cat Miller.  Lighting design by Andrena Wishnie.  Costume coordination by Cat Miller and Cheryl Doyle.  Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.    

DATESNov. 30 – Dec. 16 – Nov. 11, 2012.  (Nine performances over three-weekends only)  TIMES:   Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., Sunday at 2 p.m.                                 

PLACE: The Heritage Center, 635 North Delmorr Avenue (Route 32), Morrisville, PA – near the Calhoun Street Bridge.  

ADMISSION:  $20 for adults, $17 for seniors and $10 for children age 12 and under.   

TO RESERVE:  Call the nonprofit Actors’ NET at 215-295-3694 or email   On-line tickets can be purchased via

ON THE INTERNETThe company’s website is  Social networking includes Facebook page — “ActorsNET, AKA Actors’ NET of Bucks County” — and Twitter name @actorsnet. 

(3) Health and Fitness Expo, with a party-like twsit! Terrific for your entire family – this event is fun, energized, and will leave you feeling motivated to get back to some kind of health or fitness routine! Sunday, Nov. 25 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Held inside at the BucksMont Indoor Sports Center 2278 North Penn Road, Hatfield, PA

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