Section 2, part 2

(1)  Roger: I like your work.We kind of have the same interests. I have paintings that I have done over the years and an old 52 GMC pickup. Had to put this all on hold over the years to raise my family and to hold a job. Good work.

(2) Robin S. in PA: Lincoln:  Loved it.  I never twitched, not even once; despite the length.  Great performances.  Fascinating piece of history.

The Sessions:  Loved it.  John Hawkes is splendid.  Helen Hunt is a revelation.

A Late Quartet:  Good but too predictable.  Still, strong performances by talented actors.  And beautiful.

Saw Life of Pi today.  It is magnificent.  Spectacularly beautiful and compelling…let yourself be taken on this incredible journey.

(3) Jean H. in PA: Wow. Finished reading “The Last Time I Wore a Dress” last night. Very powerful story about a young lady put in mental institutions for dressing and acting like a boy. I’m very grateful for the supportive environment I grew up in, but parts really resonated with me, to the point of tears. This woman had real issues with depression and had been the victim of domestic and sexual violence – all that had never been treated. They just wanted to make her look and behave “girly” to properly socialize her. Heartbreaking. It took great courage to write that book.

(4) Rob S. in PA: Treat yourself and/or your loved ones to a special Holiday gift for Chanukah and Christmas…a chance to win a 2013 Mercedes Benz C300 sedan or $24,000 in cash. All ticket buyers will be treated to dinner for two and an open bar at Keenan Motors at the drawing party on June 13, 2013. Just click and follow the link below!

My two cents: BARC is a great organization that does much good in the Buck County community. If you’re not interested in the above raffle and/or dinner, please consider making a contribution. You can find information to do so by viewing donation options at:
(5) Walter B. in NC: You wrote:And she answered,” If a buyer sees it, they may want it. And if it’s attached to the house, it conveys. I can’t tell you how many times something as simple as this stopped a home sale.”

I’m not understanding this.  It conveys what?
Reply from Gary J. in NC (person who wrote original email that I used in BLAINESWORLD #847): Meaning, it goes with the sale of the house. Light fixtures convey . . . attached draperies rods convey. Basically anything that is attached conveys. It means if it’s fixed, it’s part of the sale.
(6) Ken G. in NY: From Netflix: The Memory of a Killer. Good suspense movie.
(7) Walter W. in PA:  Powerful film . . . IN DARKNESS . . .  very well done
(8)  Alyson M. in CO:  We’ve submitted our wish to Intuit’s Small Business Big Wishes program.  Our wish is to distribute our Social Venture Development Series ONLINE in 2013!  If we get enough votes Intuit will provide $5000 toward the initiative.  Please use your vote to help us get the wish granted. It could make a big difference to our business – and provide access to support for many, many entrepreneurial change-makers across the globe!

 Click here: to see my wish and vote.

Thank you!

Alyson & Don

PS  We’d appreciate your sharing this with appropriate others in your social network!


Section 4C

HOW TO START A RELATIONSHIP: THE ULTIMATE ADVISER FOR FINDING YOUR TRUE LOVE (Kindle Edition) by Milos Mitic is a helpful guide for those interested in doing so.
What makes the book especially interesting is the fact that the author, at the age of 17,  fell on ice and suffered a cervical spine fracture that paralyzed him from the neck down. Confined to a wheelchair and in need of help to just get by, he had a lot of time to think about what he thought he could never have; i.e., a satisfying, long-term relationship with a soulmate. That he was able to do is what gives his insights great credibility.
The best part of HOW TO START A RELATIONSHIP were the 14 exercises that were sprinkled through each chapter . . . these appear relatively simple to complete, but in reality, they’ll take much longer if proper thought is given to each one.
For example:
* “Know What You Don’t Want” forces you to make this absolutely clear and fixate it in your mind. As Mitic notes, “I guarantee you if there is no gap between what you want and what you get, you will be happier than ever. If so, why chase after unreal dreams? Just find out what you want.”
That point then leads to another exercise:* “Accept Your Partner As Is,” which helps you realize that “Very often we fail to see all good things that a person carries within. Sometimes it happens because we are blinded by one big good thing, but more often it happens because we are blinded by bad things. You need to put aside that fixation and try to see all the good things about someone.”There’s a lot of good advice contained in this short book . . .  my only criticism is that I would have liked to have seen more about how Mitic applied these principles in his own life, but perhaps this information will be contained in his next book (about maintaining a long-lasting perfect relationship) that’s due out soon.


Section 4D

Heard THE JOHN LENNON LETTERS (Hachette Audio), edited and with an introduction by Hunter Davis.

It features letters, postcards, lists and notes from Lennon, dating back to his childhood and continuing up until shortly before his murder. Many are humorous, but taken as a whole, they also provide a better understanding of what drove the man.

I also liked the short biography by Davis at the beginning of the book, as well as his introduction to each entry that helped give it context.

For instance, there was this 1969 scathing response that he sent to John Holyland (a writer for the radical British magazine BLACK DWARF) after he had accused Lennon of being politically soft:

“You say ‘In order to change the world we’ve got to understand what’s wrong with the world. And then–destroy it. Ruthlessly.’

“You’re obviously on a destruction kick. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it–People–so do you want to destroy them? Ruthlessly?”

And I loved this holiday open letter, written during his 1970s seclusion at the Dakota when he was baking bread and raising his son Sean:

* “This is the Great Wok speakin to you from the heart of the West Side Manhattan New York. I am pleased to give my annual yearly message to Ma People. For the New Year 1979 I myself have made my resolution. To renounce completely–everything but complete self indulgence & luxury.”

The narration by Christopher Eccleston , Allan Corduner and even Yoko Ono was outstanding.


Section 12A, NC events

 (1) Biltmore Lake Benefit Concert Benefit for Hurricane Sandy Victims
Biltmore Lake Clubhouse
Saturday December 22nd from 7-8:30 p.m.

Featuring Biltmore Lake Resident Musicians!

Ben Fiedler (18) Pianist: Nov. 2012 Sonata Festival  Senior Competition Winner

Kay Nakazawa (18) Violinist:  Former Concertmaster Asheville Youth Orchestra

Madison Fiedler (16) Vocalist: Guest Soloist with Blue Ridge Orchestra, Macy’s Day Parade Performer

Wine and cheese will be served

Piano provided by Brevard Piano

This free charity event will donate all proceeds to Habitat for Humanity to help families in NY and NJ rebuild their homes lost to the recent & devastating Hurricane Sandy.

Donation checks can be made out to: Habitat for Humanity

(2) Dr. Nido Quebein is the featured speaker at Lessons in Leadership on Tuesday, Jan. 29 at UNCA. For more information, please click:

(3) PLEASE HOLD THE DATE (& a request): Thursday, Feb. 14 will be SART’s first HEARTS FOR SART fundraiser to be held at “On Broadway,” 49 Broadway Ave, Asheville . . . . it will feature BJ Leiderman, the NPR composer, pictured below. Details to follow.

The request: We are also collecting merchandise for a silent auction. By donating a gift certificate or merchandise, you’ll be making a tax deductible contribution that will not only help us continue the mission of our theatre, but also gain you valuable exposure at the event. If you can help out, please send an email to and indicate what you might be able to contribute.

Section 12B, PA/NJ events
A Sound Healing Experience

Now In 2 Locations –
– Kennett Square, PA
Home Studio
– Landenberg, PADirections will be provided upon registration
WINTER SOLSTICE CEREMONY  Join us for a Celebration of Light
DECEMBER 21, 2012
Potluck at 7pm and Ceremony at 8pm – Landenberg, Pennsylvania – weather permitting, we will be outside for the ceremony
As the Wheel turns from Fall to Winter and the light slowly, but persistently increases, as it has done since time out of mind, I invite you to consider:
There is a quickening that has been occurring on our beloved planet for many years.  We all feel an increase of energy that will be particularly available to us during the celestial alignment that is occurring on December 21-22.  We are being asked to consider if there is anything holding us from manifesting our highest Purpose at this moment in our lifetime?  What aspect of our Being is seeking the light of our attention?  It is truly as simple honoring what is in the way, and then placing our attention on what is possible for the amplification of our next step in our earthly walk this lifetime.  We have such potential for growth at this time…follow your passion.  Do that!
Come and share with a beautiful community that will eat, laugh, pray, celebrate, drum and sing this exciting time into being.

Your potluck is your energy exchange.
As usual, please honor me with an email to let me know that you are coming.To Register please contact Cyndy at 610-274-3109 or email or
for more information please visit
(2) Comedy on New Year’s Eve

Order early and Save for New Year’s Eve. Check your favorite club.South Jersey

Bucks County Northeast
Not many left, but See this great Gift Certificate E-Special while supplies last!
Click hear and see

(3) I’m slated to be “up North” from Jan. 21-27, 2013 and staying in the Bucks County area. One place I know I’ll be at: Zebra Striped Whale in Newtown, PA, on Saturday, Jan. 26 from 2-4 p.m. Stop by to say “hello” and get some of that store’s oh-so-tasty ice cream and/or chocolate. An added “plus” will be John Strauss playing his guitar. If you can’t make it then, if interested, contact me about the possibility of getting together some other time.

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