Section 2, part 2

(1) Steven L. in NC: Please help us to raise $500 get to New Brunswick, NJ on January 19-21, 2013.  We will attend The 4th Annual One World Everybody Eats Food Summit, where we will meet and learn from people from all around the country who are successfully operating nonprofit restaurants, or who, like us, will be soon. There we’ll benefit from having all these people in one place versus traveling the country.

Our goal is to open a restaurant, in Asheville, within the next year that will provide mentoring and training opportunities, while offering a full service, farm to table quality menu at an affordable price. All proceeds from this restaurant will go right back into providing more opportunities within our community.    To make this a reality, please visit .
Steven L. Liebenhaut
Executive Director
steveNyou Presents
(828) 335-7931
 Box 62
Arden NC

(2) Art M. in PA: Children of long-time Texas friends run a distillery in Asheville. It’s called “Troy and Sons,” and their three different brands of moonshine–yes, moonshine–are showing up in state stores and fancy hotels and restaurants in your fair city. Troy Ball is the woman distiller; her husband is Charlie Ball. Very interesting people; you should call them for a possible item in your world.

(3) Rebecca K. in NY: You are a renaissance man-how do you wrap your mind around so many topics and then reflect AND write about them all?

Keep it up all the new days of 2013.

Answer: My mind works in mysterious ways. Thanks for the kind words!

(4) Steve G. in PA: The impact of smoking and being overweight – the life and cost impacts both directly and indirectly as I have read and heard could account for as much as 30 to 40 % of the burden on of medical and us all.  Question is where are we willing to compromise.

(5) Steve D. in CT: Didn’t know that you could sing and dance that well. Keep being positive –the world certainly needs it.

(6) Marty S. in PA: I like your “take” on Ike, BG.   Plus that pizza [The Original Papa Nicks Pizza] in Mars Hill sounds good.  Making me hungry, Blaine.

(7) Wendy A. in PA: Happy New Year to you and Cynthia! Looking forward to seeing you when you’re in town in January. Your little gift is so cute!  I see that Cynthia has been
giving you dancing lessons!

(8) Natalie K. in PA: I did it.  I saw it [LES MISERABLES].  I can’t wait to talk to you about it.  I loved it and I cried.  I was deeply moved.  The acting was unbelievable, especially Anne Hathaway.


FROM HERE TO ETERNITY: Just watched this movie again.  What a great movie.  I highly recommend re-watching it.

(9) Marcie F. in PA: Saw the movie [LES MISERABLES] Christmas Day with Chinese food for the perfect Jewish Christmas. It was all that I expected and more. As most critics, I thought Russell Crow was weak in the part, but the rest of the cast more than made up for it.

(10) Mark J. in NC (with a review of LES MISERABLES): From the opening shots….to the first big notes of the score…the film version of LES MISERABLES assures you that you are in for a musical film like none you have ever seen or heard. The sweeping landscapes and jarring camera angles make the film even more interesting and achieve an intimacy that you just can’t replicate on stage. I can’t say enough good things about this epic film.Hugh Jackman takes on the role of Jean Valjean with such abandoned passion and he never stops. His vocal chops are definitely adequate for this massive score, and he knows how to sing/act with such fervor. They achieve his many looks very well throughout the film. Something they simply can not do onstage.Anne Hathaway as Fantine is certainly giving an award winning performance in this film. She is leagues away from the Disney princess we all came to know when she started out. She gives a very heartbreaking performance, and doesn’t hold back when she finally lets it all out during “I Dreamed a Dream”. I don’t think I took a breath the whole time she was singing. WOW!! It was so real. The tears…the stifled sobs…the anger..the sorrow…the loss. I finally got what that song was about.Russell Crowe is, by no means, a bad singer. He can carry a tune. What he does lack, is the ability to sing with emotion, like the other actors. His singing was very low key. He is a terrific actor, though…and certainly makes up for the singing with his passion in the character of Javert. I totally believed him, even with his amateur intonation and phrasing of the songs.The stand out performances (next to Hugh and Anne) for me were Eddie Redmayne as Marius, and Samantha Barks as Eponine.Eddie has a beautiful tenor voice. It seemed so easy for him, and he was definitely a handsome young student, who you could fall for and root for. His performance of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” was an emotional tear-jerker. I believe his rendition of the song will be the standard for future performances.Samantha played my favorite character in the film, and she was phenomenal. She had just the right amount of spunk and adorable quality to make you root for her. Her singing voice was by far one of the strongest in the film. I felt her heartbreak, and when she sang the famous, “On My Own”…it was just the way I had always imagined it should be. No vocal pyrotechnics…no big belting notes….just a girl full of hope and love…and she sings it all in the rain. That can’t be easy. 😉 For those that know the show, “A Little Fall of Rain” was more than my heart could take. I was holding back the sobs.I could go on and on about this grand, EPIC film. It is not 100% perfect, but I think it got pretty darn close. I think it was definitely worth the 25 year wait. I will be going to see it again this week…and probably again after that! I urge you to see it. This will definitely win some Oscars this year! Thanks for reading!
(11) Chandler S. in TN: Very disappointed by Les Miz. The music was over produced and under performed. The only redeemable performances (in my opinion) were from Samantha Barks, Aaron Tveit, and Eddy Redmayne. I hope Russell Crowe gets hit by a bus!
(12) Ken G. in NY: Enjoyed Silver Linings. Will see Les Miserable later this week—-reviews are just fair.
(13) Lisa Z. in PA: So funny that you mentioned how you and your beautiful bride stay trim, cause I was just thinking “how do they stay thin as often as they eat out”, then you answered my question. BTW, you may have given up desserts, but I know you haven’t given up ice cream altogether.  🙂 Thanks for the matzoh ball soup recipe.  Looks delicious.  I only attempted to make it once when we were first married, but may give it another try.  I go to Moishe and Itzy’s when I have a craving for it.Loved your elf present.  LMAO.Also, thanks for sharing about Dr. Dupree.  She is an amazing person.  I just logged on and voted for her.
(14) Ed G. in NC: On Christmas Day, we lined up with hundreds of other people to see Les Miserables.  We’ve seen the stage production numerous times, in England and in the US, but we found the cinematic treatment to best all previous efforts.  We both ran out of kleenex about half way through the show!  I ran out of popcorn, too, and despite being entitled to a free refill, I found I couldn’t leave my seat.  THAT has NEVER happened to me before!
(15)  Terry V. in NC: Especially good issue.  I particularly liked the Computer tip and the PS.
(16) Tera B. in NC: It sounds like you and Cynthia are having a good holiday. I can’t wait to try the matzo soup recipe. Willpower sounds like a great book. I really enjoyed the quote and thought of the day. Great reminders. Thanks for sharing.
(17) Ruth in NY: Your observation about Coke Zero has been well-documented and a great idea to bring it to the attention of others.  Glad to hear you went cold turkey.  Speaking of turkey……that photo of that chicken soup had me visualizing and cutting carrots as I’m typing.  It looked absolutely amazing and I’m definitely going to enjoy the “shortcut” version…….thanks.  Love the newsletter.  Keep up the good work!!!
(18) Karen M. in NJ: Last night we saw the Billy Crystal movie…everyone agreed it was a great New Years Eve movie…laugh out loud funny if you are a parent!!!
(19) Julien in Maryland: Happy New Year to you and your beautiful bride…(I still enjoy seeing that opening in your newsletters).(20) Arlene D. in PA: Spread the word to all those friends and family members who got engaged for Christmas and other newlyweds-to-be. BUY INVITATION ONLY offering several specials, 50 FREE “Thank you for the Shower Gift” cards & FREE Shipping in January and February. Check out our web site, or call 215-785-2104.

(21) Edie W. in PA: Here is the review I did of Rob Jacoby’s book. I would suggest connecting with him, since you are now in the same locale. He is a transplanted Philly area guy too, cosmically coincidentally.

(22) For folks who live in or visit the Philadelphia area, here’s a great breakdown on things to do . . . I especially would want to check out #5: the fried chicken and honey doughnuts combo at Federal Donuts.

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