Section 2, part 2

(1) Ruth in NY: Another fantastic issue. What a great service you provide by discussing your colonoscopy and offering that free book   About an easy way to stop smoking. After each reading I come away with an increased respect and admiration for what you do and the service you provide. You da man Blaine!!!!

(2) Ingrid S. in PA: Always enjoy the newsletter but this one in particular; #11 is my favorite.

(3) John D. in PA: Thank you for sharing that with your readers. This piece really spoke to my wife and I in a special way.

Note: Ingrid and John both wrote about the piece entitled “A Dog’s Last Will and Testament.” I also liked it–and as indicated last week, think it also applies to cats.

(4) Peter R. in PA: In regards to this:  “Daniel Hensley on my left and Carol Duermit on my right.” Actually HE is on YOUR right, and SHE is on YOUR left…However, you are correct, YOU are in the MIDDLE:)

Just an excuse to say hello…hope you are well.
Response: I see Peter’s point, and it got me checking this out–always a good thing. Here is what I found out:
Clearly identify the people and location that appear in the photo. Professional titles should be included as well as the formal name of the location. SPELL NAMES CORRECTLY (check against the spellings in the article if necessary) For photographs of more than one person, identifications typically go from left to right. In the case of large groups, identifications of only notable people may be required and sometimes no I.D.s are required at all. Your publication should establish a standard for its photographers.
That said, I’ll probably continue to write captions as if you, the reader, are viewing the picture.
(5) Mark J. in NC: OZ was a charming and spectacular film. It offers visually stunning landscapes, and if you blink, you might miss all of the wonderful hidden references to that classic MGM film that we all love. I thoroughly enjoyed this new trip to the Land of Oz. I just wish we could have seen more of the Wicked Witch of the West!! Parents be warned….if you thought the flying monkeys in the 1939 film were frightening…wait until you see the ones in the new film. I urge you….go over the rainbow again. You will have a great time.
(6) Natalie K. in PA: Saw this movie [AMOUR] on Sunday with friends.  Very good but very hard to watch.  Not sure if I recommend it or not.  Difficult issue to deal with.  I leave it to your discretion but be forewarned if you go — bring lots of tissues.


Section 4C

A friend recommended THE METABOLISM MIRACLE: 3 EASY STEPS TO REGAIN CONTROL OF YOUR WEIGHT . . . PERMENTLY (Da Capo Press) by Diane Kress. She said it helped her gain control of her weight–despite many previous diet efforts.

That caught my attention. I was also impressed by the fact that the author is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with more than thirty years experience specializing in weight reduction, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes, and that had also personally struggled through weight issues during her life.

I also liked the fact that she made things simple, as evidenced by these:

* Rules to Thrive By

1. Drink at least 64 ounces of water and caffeine-free fluids daily.

2.  Avoid gaps of more than five hours without a meal or snack. Spread your food intake throughout the entire day and even into the night, within one hour of waking up and right before bed, be sure to have a meal or snack.

3. Take the recommended vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

4. Choose nonnutritive sweeteners with care. I recommend the use of sucralose or stevia as a sugar substitute.

5. Judge the carbohydrate content of packaged foods by reading the Nutrition Facts section of food labels and using “the formula.”

6. Consider drinking green tea daily.

7. Increase your physical activity to include a minimum of 30 minutes, five times per week.

8. Eat allowed foods, liberally, but not to excess.

9. Practice relaxing. Take a few minutes each day to close your eyes, breathe deeply, shed your stress, and clear you mind.

10. Think positively! First thing in the morning and the last thing at night, remind yourself of your good health, weight loss, high energy level, continuing progress, and positive future.

In addition, she provided another list that by itself makes the book a worthy purchase:

* Tips for Eating out MM Style.

1. “Check you Watch.” Consider the number of hours between your last meal or snack and when your food will arrive at your table. If it will be close to or over the five-hour mark, remember to eat an appropriate snack to “dam” the liver from releasing excess sugar before you even get the chance to order.

2. Have it your Way.” Don’t be timid about making reasonable request, such as dressing on the side, an extra order of broccoli to replace the potato, or chicken breast without barbecue sauce. Keep in mind that many people have dietary considerations and restaurants often fill special requests.

3. “Skip the bread.” Request that no bread or chip basket be brought to the table, or move the basket out of sight so it stays off your mind.

4. “Order simply.” Select unbreaded meat, fish, or poultry with vegetables and salad, Skip sauces, breadings, and gravies.

5. “Make salad considerations.” Avoid carrots and croutons in premade salads, as they contain unnecessary carbs.

6. “Replace starch with extra veggies.” Replace potato, rice, or pasta with an extra order of healthy vegetables.

7. “Find the carb-friendly menu section.” Many restaurants accommodate dieters, with low-carb sections on their menus.

8. “Check nutrient facts.” More and more restaurants now include nutrition facts on their menus (and some are even required by local health regulations to do so.” Use the formula to compare the carb and fiber grams with your car needs.

9. “Opt for meal salads.’ A large salad with protein makes a great low-carb entrée. Choose chef’s salad, antipasto, or chicken Caesar without croutons.

10/ “Request a sandwich sans bread.” Ask for the insides of your favorite sandwich on top of a bed of salad greens with dressing on the side. As the waiter to hold the bread.

11. “Enjoy a burger with the fixings.” Enjoy the beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle without the bun

12. “Have breakfast for lunch.” Have a western omelet (egg whites or egg substitute preferred) with cheese, vegetables, and Canadian bacon.

I’m planning to hold onto my copy of THE METABOLISM MIRACLE and will probably refer to it often in the future.


Section 4D

D. Heard SO GOOD THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU: WHY SKILLS TRUMP PASSION IN THE QUEST FOR WORK YOU LOVE (Hachette Audio), written by Cal Newport and narrated by Dave Mallow.The author debunks the popular belief that you should “follow your passion” in seeking out your life’s work. Rather, he contends that you first need to put in hard work to become excellent at something valuable–then you will grow to love what you do.
Newport came up with his ideas as a result of spending time with organic farmers, venture capitalists, screenwriters, freelance computer programmers and others–all who admitted great satisfaction from their work.As an example, he cites Steve Jobs:* . . . because when it comes to finding fulfilling work, the details matter. If a young Steve Jobs had taken his own advice and decided to only pursue work he loved, we could probably find him today as one of the Los Altos Zen Center’s most popular teachers. But he didn’t follow this simple advice. Apple Computer was decided not born out of passion, but instead was the result of a lucky break–a “small-time” scheme that unexpectedly took off.He also cites astrobiologist Andrew Steele, who exclaims:* No, I had no idea what I was going to do. I object to systems that say you should decide now what you’re going to do. One of the students asks Steele if he started his PhD program “hoping you’d one day change the world.”

“No, Steele responds, “I just wanted options.”

But what I perhaps found most interesting was his disagreement with the premise behind the thinking of WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE? by Richard Boles:

* The more I studied the issue, the more I noticed that the passion hypothesis convinces people that somewhere there’s a magic “right” job waiting for them, and that if they find it, they’ll immediately recognize that this is the work they were meant to do. The problem, of course, is when they fail to find this certainty, bad things follow, such as chronic job-hopping and crippling self-doubt.

If you truly want to create work you love, then SO GOOD THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU is a book that you shouldn’t ignore.


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Asheville Vaudeville March Show

Saturday, March 9 at 7:30 p.m.

101 Fairview Road, Asheville

(2) Vocal Blast, Asheville’s community Show Choir,under the direction of Daniel Hensley will have a benefit concert.  April 6th – 8pm ( doors open at 7:30)  at Toy Boat Arts Space. 101 Fairview Road. Admission is donation at the door, all proceeds go to a local arts scholarship- JPW Schierhorn (in memory of a local professor of music and theatre) Hear broadway favorites while helping our local youth continue their arts education! Email for more details.

(3) Memory Cafés in WNC

~a place to gather and socialize for those who are living with the challenges of dementia ~


          1st Mondays               Senior Resource Center of Haywood County

          1-3 p.m.                        81 Elmwood Way, Waynesville, NC 28786

                                                contact:  Suzanne Hendrix ~

                                                (828) 452-2370 

          1st Wednesdays        Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville

          2-4 p.m.                        1 Edwin Place (off Charlotte Street), Asheville, NC 28801

                                                contact:  Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper ~

                                                (828)254-6001 X202


          3rd Thursdays           First Baptist Church of Asheville

          1-3 p.m.                        5 Oak Street, Aswheville, NC  28801

                                                contact:  Leah Brown ~

                                                (828) 252-4781 

          3rd Saturdays            Calvary Episcopal Church, Fletcher

          2-4 p.m.                        2940 Hendersonville Road, Fletcher, NC 28732

                                                contact:  Betty Robbins ~

                                                (828) 684-6266

(4) We already have 10 children signed up for the Biltmore Lake Junior Tennis League and are looking for more kids.  Ages 7 and up.

The league will start with a series of mini-clinics given by Biltmore Lake Resident, Brad Powers, former collegiate tennis player and Coach.  We will also will be providing a ball machine and conducting ball machine activities and drills for appropriate skill levels.

We hope to progress the League by setting up match play in a ladder format and perhaps playing tennis with other communities in the future.

We will be holding these clinics the first 4 Saturday’s in April, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending by 11:00 a.m.  Brad will be available for additional lessons on an individual or small group basis.

Sign up now so that we can get a head count as we head into the first Saturday clinic on April 3rd.

Give us the following information:

1. your childs age
2. childs ability level
3. your contact phone

Thank you

Rick Purcell


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

(1)  upcoming events, signings and readings for Opium Dreams by Jennie Giardine Smith

March 23, 2-4 pm
Book Sale/Signing
Barnes and Noble
The Court @ Oxford Valley
210 Commerce Blvd.
Fairless Hills, PA
March 25, 10 am
Reading from Opium Dreams for Reading/Writing Women
Fireside Lounge
Bucks County Community College
275 Swamp Road
Newtown, PA
April 13, 1-4 pm
Local Author Day
Princeton Public Library
65 Witherspoon St
Princeton, NJ
April 20, 2-4 pm
Book Sale/Promo Event
Barnes and Noble
The Hamilton Marketplace
425 Marketplace Boulevard
Hamilton, NJ
April 22, 6-8 pm
Reading from Opium Dreams
Faculty Showcase
Community College of Philadelphia
The Cube, 2nd Floor
1700 Spring Garden St.
Phila., PA

The Plumstead Historical Society will hold its monthly meeting, Monday, March 18, 2013 at 7 PM 

Program: “Meet Henry Mercer” a first person interactive presentation by James Bradley an actor who portrays Henry Mercer. Presented by the Mercer Museum. 

Place to meet: Plumstead Township Municipal Building, 5186 Stump Road, Plumsteadville, PA 18949 

Future Speaker programs:  

 April 15, 2013 Reenactor Marie Caron, Pastor at Tinicum Christ Lutheran will present a program on colonial foods. 

Make an investment in local history!! … Join the  Plumstead Historical Society!  

$10 for individuals or $15 for family mail to the P.O. Box 1725, Plumsteadville, PA 18949. 

Do you have historic items to donate? (pictures, letters, stories, local tools or books, research on a property or family, etc), please contact us.

We now own a fire safe to archive and protect our growing collection of historic items.

Do you need a great gift idea? We have a collection of 10 different postcards split between 2 packs of 5 postcards. Each pack sells for $5.00 ($1 per post card). The collection is available for purchase at our meetings and make great holiday gifts.

Fundraising Committee: We are continually looking for people to join the fundraising committee. If interested in helping the PHS raise funds in a creative way, to further the mission of the Society, please speak to anyone on the board for information. 

All are welcome; you don’t have to be a member to attend!  Feel free to bring family or friends to this and any event or meeting.

If you should have any questions or an interesting story to share, please contact us at

Plumstead Historical Society invites you to come join us in support of the preservation of our township history. 

Plumstead Historical Society

P.O. Box 1725, Plumsteadville, PA 18949

501c3, Founded 2006

Also find us on Facebook!

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