Section 2, part 2

(1) Jim F. in PA: Thanks, Blaine.  I will forever, now, open my bananas the right way.  Can’t wait to try it.   Is our banana opening demonstrator from Minn. or eastern Dakotas?  What a regional accent he’s got going on there…lol.

(2) Mary C. in NC: Speaking of bananas, Blaine ….Here’s a piece of banana trivia for you that I discovered all by myself. If you hold a banana vertically and gently push inward until it breaks into long sections, how many sections do you think you’ll have? Try it. If you can’t do it, I’ll tell you the answer. But guess first!

Answer: When I tried this, it just turned out mushy. When I told Mary, she wrote to back, telling me to “Be gentle. Keep going around the banana, top to bottom, not pushing just one side. Do you have another banana? If not, scroll down for the answer. Be gentle. Keep going around the banana, top to bottom, not pushing just one side. Do you have another banana? If not, scroll down for the answer.

(3 long sections, almost like a long, homemade french fry.)
Note: I tried this again, and it seemed to work as Mary indicated that it would!

(3) Natalie K. in PA: Loved this.  EVERY LITTLE STEP . . . Saw it last night.  It’s a documentary about the auditions for the revival of “A Chorus Line”.  It also talks about how “A Chorus Line” came to be.  I highly recommend it, unless you told me about it.

(4) Tracy in FL: The first link for peeling a banana did not work, and now I’m dying of curiosity. Can’t eat my banana until I see it, so helllp.

Response: Alas, you may have to be a Facebook subscriber to see it. But try again.

(5) Walter B. in NC: Nice list of things I can work on to be a better person, and apparently happier! Although I’m pretty happy. 😉 . . . 22 things happy people do differently:

(6) Jean R. in PA: Another news(ey) blainesworld. Thx always for the many categories and photos.

(7) Robyn M. in NC (with a great volunteer opportunity):  Over the past few months, Sheriff’s Office staff members have been hard at work developing a new opportunity for our citizens who may wish to Volunteer within the Sheriff’s Office.  In the past, when folks expressed an interest in volunteering with us, we were forced to decline their generous offer for assistance, because we simply did not have a program in place.

On behalf of the Sheriff, I am pleased to share with you our new Volunteer Program opportunity, called “S.E.R.V.,” or “Sheriff’s Executive Resource Volunteers.”  Through this program, we hope to help supplement our paid staff through Volunteer positions available in most divisions of the agency.  We will offer opportunities within the Patrol Division, the Courthouse, Civil Process, the Detention Facility, Criminal Investigations, Crime Prevention and School Resource.

At the outset, we plan to implement the program slowly and in stages, which will allow us to create a strong foundation with a core group of trained Volunteers.  Over time, we foresee our program growing exponentially!

If you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about this exciting and rewarding opportunity, please feel free to contact me or the Project Coordinator, Chief Kevin Pressley, Ret., at<>

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing our vision for “S.E.R.V”

Best regards,
Robyn Michalove
Deputy Sheriff
Crime Prevention Unit
Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office

(8) Savannah H. in PA [commenting on BLAINESWORLD’s award from Constant Contact]: Congratulations Mr All Star winner.

(9) Maria M. in NC: Wow!  Do you not think this would be great for poverty- stricken folk? Unemployed/ someone in mortgage hell? FEMA relief? (no jokes pls on that oxymoron).

NOT for more than 2 people probably. But impoverished family of 4 would make this do!!  IMHO.
Pass on?


Section 4C

BRANDING PAYS: THE FIVE-STEP SYSTEM TO REINVENT YOUR PERSONAL BRAND (BrandingPays Media) by Karen Kang is the perfect book to read if you’re in the process of attempting to get to the next step of your career.

The author, a well-known brand strategist and founder/CEO of her own personal branding company, shows how to do this by utilizing a step-by-step approach that’s very easy to follow. In addition, she uses her own life–along with many other real-life examples–to show how this can be done.

One key thing to keep in mind, she notes, is your elevator pitch:

* A perfect example of using an elevator pitch to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity is Jenna. Recently, she spotted a CEO of a biotech company eating alone in her local restaurant. She had worked with him briefly at her current firm when he was a senior vice president there, but she wasn’t sure he remembered her. Armed with an elevator pitch that she had prepared in advance, she confidently introduced herself. The CEO asked her to sit down and they chatted about her current company and the industry for 15 minutes. When she rose to leave, she told him that if he ever had need for a senior corporate lawyer with strong commercial experience, she would be interested. He had her sit down again, and after another discussion, nearly offered her a job on the spot. Within two weeks, she got her dream job as an executive with this company. Jenna’s compelling elevator pitch helped her make favorable impression that led to a great job offer.

I also liked what Kang had to say about the use of social media:

* In social media, your avatar (a photo or illustration that is your personal visual identity) is synonymous with your brand. I encourage people to use the same avatar on all their social media platforms. If you use several different avatars, you are diluting the branding effect. For professionals (unless you are an artist), a photo is preferable to an illustration. Pick one photo that represents you well and use it consistently.

And there were many other useful tidbits, including this one:

* Managing your online reputation is something everyone should do. It can be as simple as doing a Google search on your name. Are the links and images of you that show up on the first page of search results how you want your brand represented? If not, then you have some work to do.

BRANDING PAYS would also make an idea gift for college graduates just starting their professional careers.


Section 12A: NC events

(1) Come see Athena Destiny in Legally Blonde the Musical

April 6, 7, 12, and 13, 2013

Fri and Sat at 7:00 pm,   Sun at 3 pm

Old Rock School Auditorium

400 West Main Street, Valdese, NC

Individual Tickets                                             Group 15+

$15                         Adults                   $12.50

$10               Children/Senior          $8


(828) 294-2582


Based on 2001 Hit Movie, PG-13

(2) SONGBIRD: Jennifer Smith at White Horse. Sat 3/30 at 7:30 p.m.

White Horse Black Mountain in Black Mountain, North Carolina

(3) Vocal Blast Benefit Concert

Saturday, April 6 at 8 p.m.
Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat Community Arts Space in Asheville, North Carolina

(4) JEFFREY at ACT/35 Below from April 18-May 4, presented by Different Strokes.

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