Section 2, part 2

(1) Eileen Z. in PA: #11…guy blowing on a ? trumpet………, that looked painful….geez.

(2) Chuck F. in NC: Thanks for sending out the clip on Jonathan Winters.  It shows that silent comedy can be funnier than many most attempts at “blue” verbal comedy.  

Jonathan Winters was from Dayton, Ohio which was a short 50 mile drive north of Cincinnati.  We would visit my aunt and uncle in Dayton on the occasional weekend when I was a kid.  We’d pass many branches of Winters National Bank, which was founded and owned by Jonathan’s detached and abusive father.  Many say his father was the source of both his mental anguish and his offbeat comedic style.  Ironically, Winter’s protege, Robin Williams had a very similar type of father.  There must be a lesson in there for aspiring comics.
(3) John S. in VA: If you are still teaching PT at BC3, you are eligible to purchase Microsoft 7 and Office at discounted prices ($15 and $10) for their home use program.  I just upgraded to windows 7 and am very happy.
Note: If you are a teacher and/or student at Bucks–and probably at other schools, too–you can get similar software at discounted rates. Just ask.
(4) Robin Williams on the comic genius of Jonathan Winters:
(5) Ruth in NY: How can one man have so many talents and now add cross dressing to your repertoire?  And you thought I never read the newsletter?  Oh ye of little faith.  I love reading it and continue to admire you for your commitment to the community and how much you do for others.   I’ll start approaching as many transvestites in Manhattan and solicit for as many shoes as I can get.  
[Also] The 50 Children documentary – amazing.  What that couple did is so inspiring and the dangers they faced.  I was so deeply touched by it all and as a daughter of Holocaust Survivors it had extra meaning to me.
(6) Chris N. in PA:  Another good book is Breaking the Limit by Karen Larsen, a true story about a woman who traveled Noe America on a motorcycle.  Just in case you have any other Motorcycle Mamas.
(7) Bill L. in PA (commenting on my list of favorite films.) Thank you. I would like to someday share my list with you as soon as I finish putting it together. And there are a lot of films on your list that I have not seen so this gives me a lot of catching up to do
Response: I’d love to see your list. What I did with mine: Just started it with a bunch of films.

and just keep adding to it. That way, it’s pretty easy to do/maintain.
So what you could do, for example: Put down some films that come to the top of your head.
They don’t have to be the best of all time–merely stuff you’ve enjoyed.
Then when you think of some more, add them when you think of them.
(8) Jean D. in PA: If you like that kind of music [oldies], you’ll love WDAS-AM Phila., which can be heard online here:
(9) Jenny B. in NC: Loved seeing Daniel Hensley receive your “best” award – he truly is!
(10) Brian B. in NC: My whisperer is Monty Roberts, and he wrote the book “The Man Who Listens to Horses.”  The documentary [BUCK]  sounds great!

Here’s a book for you to read and of course review in Blaine’sWorld:  Born to Run.  It’s by Christopher McDougall.  It’s a terrific read!
(11)Rodney R. in NJ:  Love Marlo Thomas book (from 2002) called “Marlo Thomas andFfriends.” Great personal, inspirational short stories of famous people from all walks of life. It’s  a quick, easy read. Highly recommend it.


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Don’t Miss Shipwrecked! Five performances left! (At NC Stage)
SHIPWRECKED! An Entertainment – The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (As Told By Himself), this year’s co-production of Immediate Theatre Project and NC Stage, goes into its final week of performances this week! The Asheville Citizen-Times calls it “grand fun” and says the production “is everything the title promises, and more.” Only five performances remain, so get your tickets today!

SHIPWRECKED! is part of the Mainstage Series and is included in every subscription package.
Etty opens next week!
Based on the diaries of a young Dutch Jewish student living in Amsterdam during WWII, Etty has played to audiences across the US and abroad. Adapted and performed by Susan Stein and directed by Austin Pendleton, the production has received rave reviews and touching testimonials.“It wasn’t like watching a play, it wasn’t like watching a movie. It was like sitting inside her memories, watching them unfold from behind her own eyes. It is truly one of the most moving, poignant, and evocative performances I have ever seen.” – Justin, middle school student“What touched me most was Stein’s portrayal of Etty as a passionate woman who loved absolutely everything about life–sex and strawberry cake, God and poetry, Rilke and Dostoevsky, men and women. Her fascination with Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism is a wonderful inspiration for the dialogue our time so desperately needs.” – Dr. Sabine Von Mering, Brandeis UniversityEtty runs April 25-28 and May 2-5, 2013 as part of NC Stage’s Catalyst Series. Get your tickets to see Etty, now available on our website!

(2) Vic A. in NC: Saw Jeffrey tonight and it was very good.  Funny in spots and sad in others.  Actors did an excellent job.

It was our first time at 35 Below.  Cute little theatre.
Note: Note: The above is a poignant comedy that has some serious moments. I’ve also seen it and very much enjoyed it. More next week; however, if you don’t want to wait, here’s more information on the show . . .


by Paul Rudnick

Produced by Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective in partnership with ACT/35below

April 18-May 4, 2013

The cast of "Jeffrey" posed above the New York skylineOur protagonist, for whom the play is named, has sworn off sex despite living in New York, where “sex is not something you can avoid.” Suddenly, just after he’s reconciled himself to celibacy, Jeffrey’s friends introduce him to the man of his dreams, who also happens to be HIV-positive. What follows is an audacious and moving romantic comedy with a difference—one in which the quest for love and really fabulous clothes meet, and where unflagging humor prevails even when tragedy might be just around the corner.To buy tickets, please click:

(3) Fiora L. in NC: The Grove Arcade’s Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar has graciously reserved their private Board Room for Sunday Afternoon, May 5. This will be quiet space as a place to create your own personal anonymous Post Card drop it in a box. Community Choreography Project has also requested that Post Secret Boxes can be left there from Wed. evening May 1, until May 5. Come see!!

(4) The Asheville Sound Collective presents a very special concert featuring Richard Shulman and members of the ASC playing sacred instruments and offering up enchanting vocals in the beautiful Light Center dome in Black Mountain from 7-9PM. Tickets are $20 at the door.

Call 828-667-2967 for more information.

(5) Upcoming BJ Leiderman performances:

First up is on Thursday, May 2.  He’ll be playing at the Monte Vista Hotel.   
Next, there’s a fund-raiser at Jubilee on Friday, May 17 at 7:30 p.m.  BJ and others will be volunteering their talents to raise money for a woman who has cancer.  For more information, call Susie Davis at 279-0433.   
On June 14 and 15 (Friday and Saturday) BJ and his new band will be playing at The White Horse Black Mountain, probably starting at 7:30 or so.
Finally, On August 2 and 3 (Friday and Saturday) BJ and his talented friends will be performing a special tribute to George Harrison.  
(6) Save this date: SECRETS: FREEING THE HIDDEN STORY–a multimedia experience presented by the Asheville-based Community Choreography Project and directed by Barrie Barton runs from June 20-22 at the Diana Wortham Theatre. For more information, please click:


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

(1) CURTAINS: A Must-See at Neshaminy Valley Music Theatre 

“…whatever you do, Don’t reveal who killed who, Or it just might…be curtains…for you!!”
The cast of CURTAINS perform “In the Same Boat” at Neshaminy Valley Music Theatre.
The production of CURTAINS at Neshaminy Valley Music Theatre ends with those words, so you will excuse me if I am very careful about any potential spoilers. What I can (and will) say is that this production is very solid, and very enjoyable.
CURTAINS is a musical “show within a show” spoofing the film noir-style shows of the 1950’s. During the curtain call of the opening night performance of “Robbin’ Hood”, an Old West version of Robin Hood, the lead actress, fading film star Jessica Cranshaw (Rita Enders) is murdered. Enter Lt. Cioffi (Michael Zweig) who is not only a homicide detective, but a theatre buff. He saw the performance and loved it with the exception of the performance of Cranshaw. His mission is to not only solve the murder but to save the show, salvage a song writing team’s broken relationship and perhaps to find true love himself.
Amanda Geronikos as Bambi Bernet and Kyle Rodgers as Bobby Pepper in NVMT’s CURTAINS.
CURTAINS is a musical homage to many other musical comedies, and part of the fun is finding those hidden treasures. The director/choreographer, Stephen Casey, has done his homework and has given the cast some great tidbits to give the audience a special thrill. The acting is appropriately over the top at times, and the choreography is reminiscent of the extravaganzas of the era. Music Director Michael Zweig has the chorus and principles well rehearsed, working very well with the pre-recorded score. (My pet peeve with pre-recorded music not allowing the actors to be expressive was almost non-existent with this production. Kudos to both Zweig and the recording company for making me forget at times there was no live music.) Minimal sets allowed the action to flow quickly from scene to scene, and the costumes were appropriate for the period, with the bright colors accenting the spoof of the genre.
Bobby and Georgia (Kyle Rodgers and Joan Zalot) dance in the saloon showstopper “Thataway!” in Neshaminy Valley Music Theatre’s production of CURTAINS.
Performances in this show were also first-rate. Zweig played Cioffi as the semi-bumbling fan who hides his brilliance behind his shyness. His “interest” Niki (Michele Demsky) is endearing as the understudy with a secret. Aimee Miller almost steals the show as Carmine Bernstein the co-producer. Her stage presence is wonderful, and she commands the stage each time she is on. Joan Zalot (Georgia) and Michael Scibilia (Aaron) are delightful as the songwriters who need a bit of help finding each other. Kyle Rodgers is excellent as Bobby, the choreographer and lead actor of Robbin’ Hood. The other performances were also very solid…my apologies to the cast as there is not nearly enough space to acknowledge each performance.
The show flows beautifully, moving from scene to scene very quickly. The action never bogs down, and the music is delightful. There is only one more weekend to enjoy this first-rate production. Don’t miss it.
Book by Rupert Holmes, Music by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb
Directed and choreographed by Stephen Casey
Musical Direction by Michael Zweig
April 12-20, 2013
Neshaminy Valley Music Theatre
Neshaminy High School Theodore Kloos Theatre
2001 Old Lincoln Highway
Langhorne PA 19047
(267) 733-8876

John E. Long Jr. Memorial Benefit

This is your final opportunity to buy raffle tickets ($100) for a chance to win $10,000, and attend a cocktail reception in Tyler Hall. Proceeds support the John E. Long Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment.

Tickets can be purchased until the drawing on April 19, 2013 (you need not be present to win) by contacting the Foundation office at 215-968-8224,, or visiting

Reception details:

Cocktail Reception at Tyler Hall
Bucks County Community College
Newtown, PA 18940

Friday, April 19, 2013
7 to 9 P.M. (Drawing at 8:30 p.m.)

Since his passing in May 2009, John has been missed by his family, friends, and the community organizations he served with such dedication. Two of those organizations which have established funds in memory of John are Pearl S. Buck International and the BCCC Foundation.


Hello Spirit Beings! – If you have expressed an interest in the April Drum Birthing Retreat – there are two spaces left and registration closes this Friday.  Also please note that the May Sound Healing Circle has been rescheduled to Saturday, May 4th from 6-10pm.

MEN AND WOMEN’S DRUM BIRTHING RETREAT – Friday, April 26, at 7pm through Sunday, April 28, at 5pm in Landenberg, PA
If you have yearned to create a Native American frame drum in a sacred way – JOIN US!
Because of the depth of the questions that I get about the experience of birthing a drum, I wanted to talk a bit more about the gift of this process.  I cannot emphasize the word gift enough…this process has unfolded over a number of years…from Spirit…from friends…from participants…from dreams.  I am so honored to be a part of the re-birthing of an ancient art form…creating a sacred tool in a manner that is informed by Spirit and your higher self.  This is a transformational process.  During the journeys, which are the foundation of this work…profound insight into your own life patterns and gifts are not only possible, but probable.  In a setting that fosters trust and love, we bond very deeply, and dip into the very essence of our creativity.  This authenticity excites the process and by its very nature, deepens your bond with your sacred tool.  I love my drums!  I love the spiritual and personal connection that is accessible through the ancient dance of my heart and my drum.
I will guide you through every step of the process and throughout the weekend you will learn the spiritual importance of the eight-pointed star pattern that you will create on the back of your drum.
Celebrate the birth of your drum and the birth of some aspect of yourself which may emerge during the course of the weekend.  $400.00 covers the cost of lodging, teachings and all materials to make a 16″ round elk skin drum with a cedar frame and a beautiful beater. Other skins (Deer, Buffalo, Moose, Horse and Bear) and sizes are available upon request.
Saturday, May 4, 2013 from 6pm to 10pm
at the Loft in Kennett Square, PA

Come, snuggle up and simply experience a Shamanic Sound Healing Circle Ceremony.  Surrender to total relaxation while I play various instruments for you individually, and for the circle as a whole.  This is an integrative, shamanic healing opportunity, and some have found this to be a deeply transformational process.  Feed yourself with beautiful sacred sounds, and understand in your bones why some call sound the medicine of the future.  During our time together you will experience many sound healing processes:

  • Meditative drumming;
  • Singing bowls;
  • Tuning forks;
  • Powerful sound healing music; and
  • A journey facilitated by sound to discover or reconnect with your power animal.

Energy Exchange – $60.00

To Register for all please contact Cyndy at 610-274-3109 or email or
for more information please visit
www.RhythmOfTheEarth.comCredit Cards Accepted

Potential Love & LAUGHS??  – See Northeast Sat. April 27thA Show for the Dogs – See South Jersey Sat. April 27thIn South Jersey

In Bucks County
In Northeast – speed dating and comedy!!


We will see you LAUGHING and FEELING GOOD at the show!

Thank you for supporting live comedy!
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