Section 2, part 2

(1) Steve D. in CT: Saw “THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE” several years ago on Broadway (slightly off Broadway) – an excellent play. BTW, didn’t get the phony email.

(2) Cyd S. in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): Hey there! Don’t forget that we–Asheville Homeschool Co-op Odyssey of the Mind–are still trying to raise enough to get to Michigan for the World Finals!! Please visit to donate what you can, and tell your friends!

(3) Rob L. in NJ:  Under provision 4 [review of iPhone 5 book], you said in addition to composing text message on message app ..all u have to do is press the microphone just left of the keyboard you can compose a message. My only red flag is that you do need to edit the message by rereading it. Sometimes it inserts words hitch can change the meaning of what you are intending.

(4) Ingrid S. in PA:  What an inspirational story and message about the Hoyt’s you posted on the newsletter, Blaine. I have shared on FB.

(5) Lana C. in OH: Real Sports on HBO with Bryant Gumbell (sp) also featured a story on Dick and Rick…truly a heart warming story about love and a father and son relationship competing in a race.  I am not familiar but perhaps the show from Real Sports may be available with the HBO feature “on demand”….inspirational to say the least.  Well worth the time to watch it and learn.

Note: I just found it!  (Thanks, Lana, for the recommendation.) If you would also like to see it, and I recommend that you do, please click:

(6) Janet S. in NJ: Great newsletter. Will use the soap and sock hint. Branch manager sweet.

(7) Rod R. in NJ: Blaine, you may like my blog “42.” that I wrote after seeing this tremendously poignany , moving story. i knew vaguely that it was hard for jackie, but I had no idea…. it demonstrates what great men suffer at the hands of the ignorant and unbelievers. See it at:

My two cents: Fans of the above film (and count me in that category), might also want to read this article about the original movie about Jackie Robinson:

(8) Laura B. in NJ: If  you can buy your computer from a small store who can change the windows version. As I told you, that was a mistake I made…. I should have bought through the technician who came to the house.

I was glad that your high school won.  Those are some of towns and facilities that we haven’t heard which suffered from Sandy.
Ocean Grove is also having problem with getting aid from FEMA.  They are the only area that has not been able to get help repairing their boardwalk.  FEMA claims the boardwalk is part of a private association.  The boardwalk connects the two adjacent towns.
(9) Sandy B. in PA: LOVED the Mouse dance by Soupy Sales!  I actually remember that one!I wonder if anyone remembers Julius LaRosa?  (singer)   My mother was in love with him!Lookin good Blaine – love the red sandals!
(10) Marilyn E. in AZ: Thanks so much [referring to the book she won in Contest #32; see Section 1D]. I look forward to reading it.   

Thanks also for the years of Blainesworld and all the great information, jokes and tips I have used and passed on to others during the years.  
(11) Maria M. in NC: you’re beautiful, Blaine!

love the inspirational about the strongest dad!
(12) Marilynne H. in NC: Join me in supporting an amazing cause that’s very close to my heart, Asheville’s first JOYride — a fun bike ride for all ages and abilities. Laurey Masterton, well-known local business owner, cancer survivor, and personal friend, will kick off the inaugural JOYride at Carrier Park beginning at 1:00pm on May 19th. All proceeds will benefit LIVESTRONG at the YMCA. Individuals and teams (both road riders and “In SPIRIT” riders) are encouraged to participate. Hope to see you there! More information is available on the JOYride Facebook page.
(13) Ruth in NY: Congrats on the iPhone 5. It’s amazing and I loved reading your tips.  I’m still learning and use it for work daily.
Section 11
by Janet Straightarrow
The year after 911, I traveled by air more than in any other year before. People would ask me, aren’t you afraid when you fly? My answer was no, I pay attention to my body and self to feel my safety everyday.If I do not feel safe, I listen and adjust accordingly. I choose to not live in fear after decades of clearing imprints of fear from my body, mind, emotions and life. Fear is not our friend to be given power to.My body-mind tells me in subtle ways to change course often. We all have this inner guide within that speaks clearly and assists us when we learn to listen.Safety is in attending to the subtle wisdom of the self, and not to the loud voice of hypnotic messages of fear that disconnect us from truth.It is an important skill to develop, to feel, listen and learn from our knowing that is always active in each one of us.It is important to clear and stop feeding imprints of fear, anger, ego, righteousness and traumas that have occurred earlier in our life that disconnect us from the truth of each moment. These are also subtle because we are used to listening to them, and keep us off trackTo learn to focus on love, purity and peace allows all messages to find its correct place and meaning. If you focus on worry and fear you find more of that dominates.This is a worthwhile journey and what Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You is all about, to live authentically with wisdom, knowledge and grace in all areas of your life.Mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence grow as we live in our power and truth. All aspects of our life, health, relationships and work become better, and more enjoyable and productive.

Trust you, and that there is always safety in knowing. Each person has access to his or her innate ability to navigate safely in the world. It is a process and a practice to fully activate this ability. Practice, listen and learn and the more you follow that still small voice of truth and safety, the more you will trust it and learn to live free.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Please call for assistance in this process of awakening your abilities, trusting and living them. As we deepen our inner connection and we clear what we have carried for days, years and lifetimes of what is not truth, we can easily discern what is, and be free to be.

Coaching, healing and teaching occur in classes and sessions. Adults, children and people from all walks of life enjoy how working with Janet brings them into themselves immediately and with fun. Call today to see how you might work with Janet. Phone and Skype around the world and in person in NJ and other locations when traveling. 973-647-2500


Section 12A, NC events

(1) June 8, 2013
The Zoodles at the Western North Carolina Nature Center. 6PM.
Ticket information:

The annual fund-raiser for the nature center. $30 gets you food and beverage, free run of the park, and 3 hours of live music.

(2) One more weekend [for THE GRAPES OF WRATH] and the Joad’s journey comes to an end. One of the unique aspects of this production is the old truck that carries them to California. Read the fascinating story of how scenic designer Rob Bowen found and adapted the hardy 1923 International Harvester that takes center stage throughout the show here.

Audience comments have included “powerful” and “high drama” and “inspirational” and the Asheville Citizen-Times review says the production is a “worthy effort… well-staged and performed.”

Tickets for the shows this Friday and Saturday and the closing matinee on Sunday 28 April are available online at ACT’s website or you may call the box office at (828) 254-1320.

Best wishes,

Steven Turner (playing Uncle John)

(3) Kimberly Ross: We’re excited to be participating in the 36th LEAF Festival, May 9-12, 2013 in Black Mountain, NC as we teach a rock’in Swing class Saturday, May 11th starting at 10:30AM. This year is going to include Mavis Staples, Ozomatli, Steel Pulse and many more performing artists. There’s so much to explore at this family-friendly festival with a variety of handmade crafts, healing artists, amazing food, local brews, and fun workshops ~ all amongst the beautiful backdrop of Lake Eden. Join us at the LEAF Festival and let your unique light shine brilliantly!


Looong drive but here we are in Winston/Salem...first show tomorrow with legendary soul group, "The Spinners" - 8 pm with @[635296318:2048:Milcho Es Milcho], @[705276095:2048:Silvana Lanfredi] & @[1004734425:2048:Stephanie Jaimes]


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

(1) First – the Big News – A New Comedy Cabaret coming to King of Prussia!  (details next week)

Another first – Could it be love and laughs? – Speed Dating and Comedy Show in Northeast this Saturday. Northeast

Laughs in South Jersey

All time favorites Mike Eagan and Funny lady Tracy Locke on the same show this Sat. in Bucks County Saturday

(2) Turnips at Steel City (with John Strauss)

Saturday, April 27, 2013


203 Bridge St., Phoenixville
(3) Opium Dreams is now available on iTunes.  Also, below are my final two planned events.   

May 11, 2013, 1 pm

Panelist for publishing discussion–Women’s Day Expo

Book Nook Panel/Sale/Signing

Robbinsville High School

155 Robbinsville Edinburg Road

Robbinsville, NJ

May 16, 2013, 7 pm

Book Talk/Sale/Signing

Robbinsville Library

42 Allentown Robbinsville Road

Robbinsville, NJ

Must pre-register at  Click on “Programs/Events.” You may also call 609-259-2150 or click on the link below:


Jennie Giardine Smith

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