Section 2, part 2

(1) Linda S. in NJ: Another thing we share…..the elegance, good humor and passionate engagement of Herb Spiegel, also a favorite person of mine. What a great picture of him!  Thanks for this!

(2) Marty D. in PA: Sounds like you’re really enjoying it in North Carolina (or South Carolina; I keep mixing them up. That’s why I didn’t become an explorer –would’ve confused south Pole with North Pole and would’ve fallen off the edge of the Earth!)

(3) Les E. in CA: Have you ever read anything by Douglas Coupland, the author of Generation X? He’s fantastic – Canadian, who was recommended to me by Chuck Palahniuk, also tremendous (Fight Club, Choke, and many great others). if you try Coupland, I’d start with “Hey Nostradamus,” then proceed to Jpod, Microserfs, Girlfriend in a Coma, All Families are Psychotic. . .about 14 great novels, at least. I am co-administrator of the Douglas Coupland Geek site on FB with a Canadian friend, and there’s hyundreds of members – we are all waiting for his next novel with bated breath that comes out in the fall. I’ve read several of his books 3 times. Also, read Timequake, by Kurt Vonnegut. He died 2 years ago at 91 but he is well recognized as (was) America’s Greatest Living Writer. I’ve read Timequake 3 times and am getting ready to read it a fourth. it was his last great novel. I’m sure you’ve heard of Mother Night and Slaughterhose Five, just 2 of his great novels made into movies. Coupland’s first movie comes out this Christmas i think (Girfriend in a coma). just passing some great novels your way.

Response: I’m typically not a big reader of novels, but have read some Vennegut. As for Coupland, I saw FIGHT CLUB–but have never read him. Yet. Thanks for the recommendations. I’m always looking for things to read or view, especially when submitted by readers.

(4) Court Y. in FL: Great news about Charlie Beem.  He is truly an Above and Beyond Person!  He and I had a great relationship when I was on the Board with him.  He is the best!

(5) Robin S. in PA: Just saw The Sapphires: DELICIOUS!

(6) Natalie K. in PA: Just saw THE IRON LADY.  Thought it was very well acted and it held my interest.

(7) Sherry S. in PA: We saw the Chilean movie “No”. It’s actually a true, but slightly fictionalized, story of the young Mexican advertising professional in
1987 or 1988(?) who devised an advertising campaign to overthrow
dictator General Pinochet. Pinochet was considered a shoo-in in this,
the first election to take place since he first assumed power in the
early 1970’s. The ruling military dictatorship agreed to hold an
election only to satisfy the world press, which was examining political
events in Chile, and it was generally assumed that this concession was
just lip service for the international observers. Against all odds, the advertising campaign to encourage the population to vote “NO” against
the regime was successful. Interestingly enough, the main character, who
was just interesting in “selling” the campaign as an advertising
challenge, gets progressively involved in the principles of the
political opposition. In Spanish, with English subtitles.

I found it to be a compelling story, but it dragged a bit in the early
parts. It started out fairly “talky”, but got more involving as the
story went on. Strong acting; ended up with a rousing finish. I’d
recommend it for anyone who might be interested in that era of Chilean
politics – which I am, having lived in Brazil during the Pinochet reign
of the 1970’s, or for anyone interested in the power of advertising.

(8) Jeffrey M. in LA: In memory of my awesome sister … Carl Lewis and I are taking her cause to the ballpark!

Hoping you’ll have a few minutes to click on the link below for a story about Wendy Marx and the importance of being an organ donor.

(9) Art A. in NC: The movie Renoir at the fine Arts theater is a gem. It  is a visual masterpiece.

(10) Marilynne H. in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP) Grab Your Gear! Laurey Masterton, previous LIVESTRONG at the YMCA participant, cancer survivor, cycle enthusiast and LIVESTRONG Leader invites you to join us for the JOYride!

“Many of you know that my motto is ‘Don’t Postpone Joy!’ so I thought it’d be fun to create a JOYride in support of our local LIVESTRONG at the YMCA.” ~ Laurey

There are almost 200 cancer survivors on the waiting list to participate in the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program in Western North Carolina. If we meet our goal of raising $51,500, we can send 100 of them through the program.

Every ride participant that raises $515 (the amount to sponsor one LIVESTRONG at the YMCA participant) will receive the Inaugural JOYride bike jersey!

This ride is designed for all ages and abilities:
KIDS RIDE – in Carrier Park

Kid Registration: $5.15
Adult Registration: $51.50

All rides start at 1 pm along with our JOY Celebration at Carrier Park with Food, Live Music and Family Fun!

100% of all funds raised will go towards the local LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program that serves cancer survivors and their families.

For more information visit

(11) Janet H. in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): The Mad Mountain Mud Run is in Hendersonville on June 1, 2013. It is to benefit Hands On – A Child’s Gallery (a non-profit children’s experiential learning museum). Volunteers are still needed. For the nitty gritty details check out:

To support the Hands On organization, please click:


Section 12A, NC events

(3) Richard S. in NC:

If you are in the Asheville area, join us for our CD release of Bliss of Being, with The Pure Heart Ensemble, Saturday June 1st, 8PM at White Horse Black Mountain, 105 Montreat Rd Black Mountain, NC 28711 (828) 669-0816 Bliss of Being will be released locally Sat. June 1st at concert at White Horse Black Mountain – Save the Date!!! – and internationally June 22nd at the International New Age Trade Show in Denver.Musicians on the album are Adriana Contino – cello, Bob Hinkle – crystal bowls, Dielle Ciesco – vocals, Kate Steinbeck – flutes, and myself on piano. Cellist Elizabeth Gergel will be joining us for the concert.

(4) At NC Stage:

THIS, our final Mainstage show of the season, opens this week! Tonight, Wednesday, May 15 is our first public performance and it’s Pay-What-You-Can Night, followed by more opening week “bonus” events including Happy Hour and a Half, Friday Night Insight, Opening Night Cast Party, and Sunday Q&A. Get tickets for your favorite opening week bonus-added performance with these links:

THIS is a comedy about friendship, family, life, grief and the messed up stuff that connects them all.

Starring Anne Thibault, Candy Taylor, Catori Swann, Damian Duke Domingue, and Mondy Carter. Don’t wait — get your tickets today!

(5) Bill B. in NC: You and Cynthia should go out to the Country Club in Asheville this weekend and watch the women pros play.   Kristi and I are volunteering on Saturday.  Here’s the link:

(6) Different Strokes! presents INCONGRUENCE, an original play based on true stories and interviews. Runs from June 13-29, Thurs.-Sat., 7:30 p.m. at 35Below.

(7) Dying to Look Good: Do You Know What Your Skin is Eating?

Toxic and carcinogenic ingredients in personal care products are improperly screened by safety agencies, according to Lorre Diamond, Asheville, a Florida licensed esthetician and educator.
Diamond, the featured speaker at a Tuesday, May 21, event at Jubilee! from 7-9 p.m., is determined educate and inspire others to remove toxic ingredients from their homes.

Lorre Diamond, Ingredient Investigator
Flipping through the pages of an industry magazine in 2006, Diamond came across disturbing information about a common chemical called a paraben, and referred to on labels as methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl paraben.
“Though manufacturers commonly use paraben to inhibit microbial growth and extend the shelf life of products, one article by Amanda Gardener found that parabens had been detected in breast cancer tissue.”
That disturbing bit of news led Diamond to more research. “The problem wasn’t just limited to paraben additives. I found that elegant bottles of beauty and personal care products contain A multitude of toxins and carcinogens in exotic fragrances and creamy textures.”
Diamond calls the series of revelations that followed an “inconvenient truth.”
“ I learned that on labels, words such as organic, natural, dermatologist tested, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and cruelty free are just marketing. Our system is broken.”
The status quo is bleak as Diamond sees it, though she notes some non-profit action groups are making positive inroads. Nevertheless, labeling laws for personal care products do not exist in the United States. Neither the Cosmetic Fragrance and Toiletry Association, nor the Food and Drug Administration require the beauty industry to be forthright on their labels. Product safety testing remains inadequate. Products placed on the shelf in stores without adequate testing include products targeting women, men, teens, and infants, in an ironic sort of gender equality.
Daily, women use 168 difference ingredients , while men use 85 ingredients , children use 61 ingredients, Diamond’s research shows.
“My intensive research left me angry and confused,” says Diamond. “Every day, I was learning more about toxic chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Nitrosamines, so-called “natural” fragrances, 1-4 dioxane, and others.”
For example, in 2006, a team of researchers from the University of California found sunscreen may “do more harm than good once it soaks into the skin, where it actually promotes the harmful compounds it is meant to protect against,” according to the Organic Consumers Association.
The exceptions are those labels on Certified Organic products, says Diamond.
“I began searching in health food stores, on line, through books and trade shows for a product line that would be beneficial, cost-effective, healthy, and void of toxins.”
She also began searching for a better way to work.
“My inconvenient truth made it impossible for me to work in spas or salons with a clear conscious, as I was unwilling to sell and apply their toxic products.”
As a result, Diamond began speaking publicly on the dangers of chemicals and personal care products to as many people and organizations as possible. After a recent study showed hundreds of toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord, she has begun to focus her education on young adults of child bearing as, as well as cancer patients and survivors. Each group has proven susceptibility to synthetic cosmetic ingredients, she notes.
Today, Diamond calls herself an ingredient investigator after the fashion of Christine Hoza Farlow, D.C., author of the book, Dying to Look Good.” She cites Farlow’s text precisely:
“… no one knows the effects of the many different ingredients used in the thousands of different combinations, the effects of using numerous different products, one on top of the other, or the effects of repeated use of ingredients or products over time.”
No one knows, she repeats. Then, she questions.
“No one knows?”
Learn to decipher ingredients on a label, identify the most toxic ingredients in personal care products, and make better, healthier choices to protect your health. Attendees are invited to bring their favorite personal care product for an ingredient check. Cost is $10.  


Section 12B, PA/NJ events


MORRISVILLE, PA –On May 18th, The Actors’ NET of Bucks County will “roast” veteran character actor Marco Newton of Yardley, who just completed his 101st show with the nonprofit theatre company.  Newton debuted in The NET’s 1999 run of G. B. Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple.  He accompanied his teenage daughter, Alexa, to auditions, and was drafted by artistic director Cheryl Doyle to play a small role in the show.  In his fifties, he fell in love with acting and hasn’t stopped since – appearing in all styles of shows – from musical comedies to straight dramas and comedies.  Recent stage credits include Cabaret, Gypsy, Once Upon a Mattress, 12 Angry Men,  Much Ado About Nothing and Enchanted April.
NET Co-Founder and General Manager Joe Doyle serves as roast master.  The dais includes actors Jamie Bradley, Vicky Czarnik, Alexa Gutter (one of Marco’s daughters), George Hartpence, Steve Lobis,  Ed Patton, Cheryl Doyle & and Dani Tucci-Juraga.  Theatre critic Stuart Duncan is slated to be a special guest “assassin,” along with a few unannounced surprises.
Show time on May 18 is 8 p.m.  General admission is $15, and $10 for all NET company members (actors, directors, singers, dancers, technicians and season ticket holders).  To reserve, call 215-295-3694 or email  The Heritage Center Theatre is located at 635 North Delmorr Avenue (Route 32) in Morrisville.


Founded 2006

P.O. Box 1725

Plumsteadville, PA 18949

Dear Neighbors & Members:

The Plumstead Historical Society will hold its monthly meeting, Monday, May 20th, 2013 at 7 PM

Program: Jim McComb presents a program from his book “More than Names on a Wall” Remembering Bucks County’s Veterans.

Place to meet: Plumstead Township Municipal Building, 5186 Stump Road, Plumsteadville, PA 18949

Future Speaker programs:

          June 17th 2013 Meeting

              (meet at 7pm at the Sellersville Museum)

            Field Trip to the SellersvilleMuseum

Make an investment in local history!! … Join the Plumstead Historical Society!

$10 for individuals or $15 for family mail to the P.O. Box 1725, Plumsteadville, PA 18949.

(3) Charlie Zahm has once again graciously offered to do a benefit concert for BuxMont Coalition for Peace Action.  Charlie has a brand new CD and will be playing songs from that, as well as his usual Celtic music.   We are very pleased to announce that Tad Marks will be joining Charlie on Fiddle this time around.

Charlie Zahm
CD Release Concert: “Nothin’ Like the South”
with fiddler Tad Marks

                                           Friday, May 31, 2013
                                                                            7:30 p.m.
  United Christian Church, 8525 New Falls Road,
 Levittown, PA
Donation $15.00 per person
“Finally my new CD, all originals produced and recorded in Nashville, is ready, and tonight I will be in concert featuring many of my newer self-penned songs, as well as others I have written over the years. This CD was a real joy to make and I hope you like the selection and sound as much as we do. Tad Marks joins me on fiddle, and I hope you canbe there too!
More info at:  www.
A brand-new collection of all-original songs with the country flavor (that’s been screaming to get out for years!), featuring tunes like “Cowboy’s Bride,””(Yellow Dog Named) Ben,” “Hello Pensacola,” and “Prayer for a Soldier”. All songs written by yours truly.
Rob Deckhart opens the show
This concert is a benefit for BuxMont Coalition for Peace Action
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