Section 2, part 2

(1) Carol S. in FL: I love your newsletters. I wonder how you find the time to do all that you do. You are truly Blessed.

Response: Very nice of you, Carol, to say so. As for finding the time to do stuff, I don’t tend to sleep that much. And I am continually grateful to both being and feeling blessed.

(2) Joe D. in NY: Took a tour of the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chco, CA. They are expanding their operation to Asheville, NC. Another reason to have guests.

(3) Rod R. in NJ (in response to a question I raised about Google+): Its Facebook’s competitor, and if you use Google products, like I do–gmail, blogger etc, its easier to connect them and friends together inside those apps, that’s all. Plus it’s Google, so it will get big most likely. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

(4) Zuzu W. in NC: Hear some live Pipapelli here, on one of the broadcast outlets carrying our songs on the air! Of course, we have to thank Ray Brown for playing our new CD first, and helping promote us. But this is pretty cool if you want to devote some time to listening to it.

(5) Steve T. in NC:  Magician you need to know about–Peter Samelson

Watch his clips – he’s (was I guess at this point) the go to guy for theatrical magic. I love his magic.

(6) Susan Gambrell Reinhardt in NC:

I fixed the link. For a FREE excerpt of my new book, FREE because I don’t believe in purchasing until you sample the goods, go to the link:
(7) Isaac F. in NC: Iron Man 3 was awesome and not what I expected at all!
(8) Nelson S. in NC: Cornell develops beer-pouring robot that anticipates people’s actions.

(9) Natalie K. in PA (with a computer question): Just got home today from a week at Bethany Beach in Delaware.  Had a great time.  While I was away, I checked my emails on a regular basis and deleted them from my phone.  I came home to find I had 470 emails waiting for me.  Now, the question:  Is there any way to erase emails from the computer via the phone.  My phone is a smart phone — it’s an Android.  If not, someone should invent an app or something that does this.  Why bother checking emails if they’re still on your computer when you arrive home?  Thanks for any help you can provide.  Perhaps you’ll put this question in your newsletter?


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