Section 2, part 2

(1) Jim F. in PA: Thanks, Compadre’ Blaine. Great issue!

(2) Ron F. in PA:  I love Blainesworld. You seem to always have positive things to say when it seems we live in a negative attitude world. Keep up the good work.

(3) Ruth Anne in PA: Funny clips on Delta and Teacher. Tell your bride to break a leg for me.

(4) Natalie K. in PA: We wound up staying home and watching our next Netflix video, “Winter in Wartime”.  Really liked it.  If you haven’t seen it, I do recommend it.  It’s very well done — it’s a Dutch foreign film about the Nazi occupation of Holland and a young boy who plays a very important role, how his family is affected.  Very gripping.

Saw “Before Midnight” last night.  I highly recommend it.  Have you seen it yet?  The acting, dialogue and everything is the best.  It’s so real and true to life.  I didn’t feel like I was watching a movie at all, but observing the lives of the people in it, like a fly on the wall.

[Also] saw “Now You See Me”  — loved it.  Also saw “Arthur” again on Netflix.  I thought it was so good.

Note: I checked with Natalie, and she was referring to the original version of ARTHUR starring Dudley Moore. It was much better than the remake starring Russell Brand.

(5) Mike G. in PA: Very cool and super short . . .

How ONE Word Could Save Your Child’s Life.

(6) Lorre D. in NC: The Secret Behind the “Like” Button

(7) Ed. B. in NC: How do you want to die? by Seth Godin

(8) Steve T. in NC: Hated the first hour or so of Now you See Me (hokey magic characters and illusions, mentalist character ridiculous), but enjoyed the second half when the story started to develop. I didn’t see the ending coming and wound up liking the movie in a 3 1/2 stars kind of way. Talked to a guy today who deplored Burt Wonderstone, but I haven’t laughed so hard at a movie since Goodbye Girl in the early 80s.

(9) Jean D. in PA: If Mad Men took place entirely on Facebook: Season 6, Episode 11.

(10) Rod R. in NJ: Blaine, You might also like the magazine “The Week” which provides considered views and pros and cons from other news outlets around the world.


I’ve seen the above publication a few times, so went to revisit it online . . . . . . definitely something worth checking out further . . . what’s amazing is that they offer it online–for free!
(11) Arta S. in PA: I looked and looked, but could not find the very best Birthday Card for you. Then…. I decided to let you choose your own…… is a programming language used by some of our future students….2 of my own grandchildren – Elizabeth (age 9) and Buddy (Age 6) love it!It is open source, so you can learn it and start sending your own customized birthday cards. See— a card AND a present all in one link! Enjoy!
(12) On high school reunions, I thought y’all would like to see this opinion piece about high school reunions. Dick Cavett is obviosuly not a big fan  of them, but personally, I had a blast at the Lawrence High School 45th reunion–and look forward to the 50th!

(13) Debbie H. in PA: 95 SEO Tips and Tricks for Powerful Search Engine Optimization
(14) Mary Rita S. in NC: You need to try ( if you haven’t) a burger joint downtown on Patton Ave called Farm Burger.  Grass fed beef & sooooo good.  Have you & Cynthia been there?Response: Yes, we’ve been there. Liked the burgers, too . . . but place was both a bit noisy and crowded for us.
(15) Howard D. in FL:  Statement on new Superman movie; let the
record show – it’s great! Traditionalists will probably not like the
“new” take on the old story, but in terms of character, plot, action, CGI, and everything else a Superhero fan wants out of a movie, its got IT. Congrats to director Snyder, writers Goyer & Nolan, and all those who generated an action movie with a heart and soul, whose box office is and will be big, rightly so, and don’t listen to the pundits, go see it for yourself. and GO HEAT!
(16) Eric C. in NC: I appreciate the efforts and attitude you put into Blaine’s World. I don’t always have time to read it cover-to-cover, but it’s always full of good humor and great tips.
Section 12A, NC events
  • The Embodiment Studio in Asheville 60 Caledonia Road #B (the carriage house behind the Kenilworth Inn Apartments)
  • Day-long Meditation Retreat
    Ven. Pannavati Bhikkhuni
    Ven. Pannadipa Bhikkhu
    Sunday June 30, 2013
    9-5pmLOCATION: The Embodiment Studio in Asheville60 Caledonia Road #B(the carriage house behind the Kenilworth Inn Apartments)COST: $40 cash or check (no one will be turned away for lack of funds)LUNCH: vegetarian potluckbring something yummy made with loveif you don’t cook, we need drinks, too! (non-alcoholic please)Hope you can join us for this special day!for more info, call Lisa @ 828-505-2856Bhikkhuni Pannavati, a yogini, former Christian pastor, founding Co-Abbot of Embracing Simplicity Hermitage, and a founding director of Sisters of Compassionate Wisdom (a 21st century trans-lineage Buddhist order), is ordained in Theravada and Chan Schools. A Zen Dharma Holder and Vajrayana practitioner as well, Pannavati’s insight is rich with compassion, wit and humor. She is, in a word, approachable; known for her ordination of Thai and Cambodian nuns, work with homeless youth in Appalachia, and ministry to the “untouchables” in India.Bhikkhu Pannadipa, founding Co-Abbot of Embracing Simplicity Hermitage, ordained in the Theravada and Mahayana (Chan) traditions. A former Taoist monk and an initiated yogi, he taught Tien Shen Pai Kung Fu, qigong, Tai Chi and Fitness for more than 25 years. As meditation counselor of the Hermitage, his finely honed skills add unspeakable depth to a practitioner’s experience. Powerfully present with penetrating awareness, he guides meditators towards jhanic attainment, teaching them how to use this empowerment in all circumstances of practical life. In addition, he has extensive experience assisting in the transition from this life to the next for both humans and animals.
(3)  NC Stage Company: Our second graduating class of the Professional Youth Actor Training Program will be performing an original adapatation of Alice in Wonderland, adapted by Jessica Lewis and directed by Michael MacCauley, as the culmination of their training. Alice plays June 27-30, with performances at 7:30 Thursday-Saturday and at 2:00 PM on Sunday. The cast of Alice in Wonderland includes Hannah Barilovits, Hannah Bruce, Kiana Crosby, Emily Haaksma, Daisy Homolka, Tess Miller, Sophie Mills, and Kelsey Sutton. Get your tickets for Alice here! Or use this link:
(4) Eric C. in NC: You, your family, friends …and clients are invited to hear Dashboard Blue at “Music on Main”, South Main Street, in Hendersonville, NC this coming Friday, June 21st, from 7 – 9PM.  This should be a great summer evening event.  In conjunction with the concert, the Hendersonville Antique Car Club will be hosting a classic car show up and down all of South Main. So come on out and enjoy the great music and the cool cars of yesteryear’s Cruisin’ memories.  This is a family friendly, non-alcoholic, no charge event.  Bring your dancing shoes, bring your lawn chairs.
(5) Upcoming assorted Zuzu appearances:

July 25 – Pipapelli at The Emerald Lounge with Uncle Hamish and the Hooligans, burnthesun and others in a battle of the bands to earn spots at DIGfest or LAAFF.
July 26 – w/Jeff Thompson at The Ale House in Bloack Mountain.
August 1-4 – Give Me Love, at the White Horse in Black Mountain, with BJ Liederman, Dave Lamotte, Paula Hanke, Jeff Thompson and others doing the music of George Harrison for MANNA and Homeward Bound.
(6) Jeff T. in NC: Hey Ashevillains, mark your calendars for this Friday. I want you all to come hang out in mah mansion and let me serenade you while you sip complimentary booze and nibble free food.
Jeff Thompson Hanger Hall House Concert

June 28 at 7:00pm
Asheville, NC, US
(7) INCONGRUENCE, a journey into a looking glass of how we see ourselves among others, using the transgender story as the mirror, will run from June 13-29,  Thursday, Friday at Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. Advance tickets are $15, or $12 each for groups of eight or more, and may be purchased online at Tickets at the door are $18 regular, or $15 for students and senior citizens.35below is located at 35 E. Walnut St., behind Asheville Community Theatre.For more information, visit

Note: I have already seen this play and thought it was very well-acted, as well as thought-provoking.
Section 12B, PA/NJ events
(1) ActorsNET, AKA Actors’ NET of Bucks County

We are planning a theatre cleanup and need your help!
With the large number of children in the upcoming musical Oliver! we need to transform the shed (attached to the theatre) into a 2nd dressing room.
We need volunteers who can help organize the shed, sort through costumes, and weather permitting, host a “yard” sale for the items we no longer need.
June 29 & 30 from 12-6pm email for more info

(2) Pat Achilles in PA: The art from magazines, baseball cards, children’s stories and fantasy books appeals to many people because it connects with what they experience in their every day lives.  You can see many fun and beautifully drawn original pieces of illustration at the Bucks County Illustrators Society Members Show, called “The Art of Illustration” from June 26 to 28.  A number of my illustrations will be in the exhibit, held in the CulturalCenter on the estate of the Pulitzer prize-winning author Pearl S. Buck, at 520 Dublin Road, Perkasie, PA. and there will be a really nice wine & cheese reception on the final night, Friday June 28 from 7 to 9 pm, to which I invite you all!  You can read more about it, and the other terrific artists involved, at

Hope to see some of you there.

(3) Dear Friends, here is the Book Group lineup for Fall 2013. 

 We meet in the Rollins Center Room 114, next to the Student
Life Center at Bucks County Community College, Newtown,
from 7:30 TO 9:00 P.M.  All are welcome to join us on the
second Thursday of each month to share your thoughts and
questions about any or all of the selections. For snow or bad
weather information, call 215-968‑8000. On the radio, the
College code for snow closing is 2760. For more information,
call 215-968-8164 or send email to: 

(Click title links to go to

Sep 12:  Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel

Amazon Book Description:

The sequel to Hilary Mantel’s 2009 Man Booker Prize winner and New York Times bestseller, Bring Up the Bodies delves into the heart of Tudor history with the downfall of Anne Boleyn.

Though he battled for years to marry her—a story told in Wolf Hall—Henry is now disenchanted with Anne Boleyn. She has failed to give him a son, and her sharp intelligence alienates his old friends and the noble families of England. At a word from Henry, Thomas Cromwell is ready to bring her down. Over a few terrifying weeks, Cromwell ensnares her in a web of conspiracy, while the demure Jane Seymour waits her turn for the poisoned wedding ring. But Anne and her powerful family will not yield without a ferocious struggle, and to defeat the Boleyns, Cromwell must now ally himself with his enemies. What price will he pay for Anne’s head? 

Oct 10:  A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra

Amazon Book Description:

A story of the transcendent power of love in wartime, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena is a work of sweeping breadth, profound compassion, and lasting significance.

Two doctors risk everything to save the life of a hunted child in this majestic debut about love, loss, and the unexpected ties that bind us together. “On the morning after the Feds burned down her house and took her father, Havaa woke from dreams of sea anemones.” Havaa, eight years old, hides in the woods and watches the blaze until her neighbor, Akhmed, discovers her sitting in the snow. Akhmed knows getting involved means risking his life, and there is no safe place to hide a child in a village where informers will do anything for a loaf of bread, but for reasons of his own, he sneaks her through the forest to the one place he thinks she might be safe: an abandoned hospital where the sole remaining doctor, Sonja Rabina, treats the wounded. Though Sonja protests that her hospital is not an orphanage, Akhmed convinces her to keep Havaa for a trial, and over the course of five extraordinary days, Sonja’s world will shift on its axis and reveal the intricate pattern of connections that weaves together the pasts of these three unlikely companions and unexpectedly decides their fate. 

Nov 14:  Tenth of December by George Saunders Review:

Amazon Best Books of the Month, January 2013: George Saunders’ first short-story collection in six years, Tenth of December is as profound and moving as it is entertaining. Saunders’ wonderful ability to portray a character’s inner monologue–the secret voices, the little fantasies, the inside jokes, the spots of sadness–might be his greatest talent as a writer. But he is also expert at parceling out details to hook the reader and nudge the story in whatever direction he wants it to go. While these stories are generally more straightforward than we’re used to seeing from this author, the turns they take are constantly surprising. Saunders is an American original, a writer gifted at expressing the irony and absurdity all around us and inside us, but his ultimate goal is to show us something deeper: Our lives are composed of genuine experiences that deserve to be taken seriously. —Chris Schluep 

Dec 12:  All Passion Spent by Vita Sackville West 

Amazon Book Description:

Echoing the themes in A Room of One’s Own by her great friend Virginia Woolf, Vita Sackville-West remaps the destiny of the gentle, gracious eighty-eight-year-old Lady Slane in this classic modern novel. Having surrendered seven decades of her life to the exemplary, if often hollow fulfillment of her marriage, to the expectations of her statesman husband and the demands of her children, Lady Slane finally, in her widowhood, defies her family. She dismisses the wishes and plans of her six pompous sons and daughters for her future, and instead retires to a tiny house in Hampstead, where she chooses to live independently and free from her past. There she alters, and not without some success, the course of her personal history. There, too, she recollects the dreams of her youth and at last, with one last “strange and lovely thing,” acts upon the passion she forfeited seventy years earlier to the narrow conventions of a proper Victorian marriage. “…Sackville-West has borrowed in her prose writing some … function of poetry, the ability to suggest far more than she says.” New York Times “Witty and charming and graceful and brilliant.


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