Section 2, part 2

(1) Henry W. in NY:  I trust that is you who wrote one of the questions – Movie-Night Switcheroo – answered by the Ethicist in today’s Sunday Times magazine section. I must say I totally agree with the Ethicist on this one. If you bought a book and discovered half-way through you didn’t like it, should you be entitled to a refund or an exchange? I don’t think so. Same ethical principle. If you had closely followed my insightful movie reviews you might not have been placed in this ethical dilemma.

(2) Mel G. in CO: I didn’t like his answer. But I did like that my buddy got into the prestigious NYT!!! Good for you! . . . I would have said: I paid to be entertained, I will go to another movie to be entertained. My wife agrees with The Ethicist, that you paid to see THAT movie, you didn’t like it for whatever reason, too bad for you.

(3) Laura B. in NJ: I enjoyed the Father Guiedo on U-tube link from your last letter.  I was laughing out loud. But the quote in Sec. 2 below really hit it on the head.  way to many of our young women (Jr. High and High School) are so obsessed about their looks that that have eating disorders and they worry more about their looks than what they are learning in school. [Also] I did get to see “The Heat” yesterday.  Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy were perfectly cast to play off each other.  I really liked it.

(4) Pat L. in CA: Your grandnephew and the hot dog eating contest was SO cute!!  Thanks, as always .

(5) Rob L. in NJ: Based on the observations of a learned person that I know I will no longer go to a 10 plex theatre and shuffle around anywhere between 1 and 10 times . Thanks for the advice .

(6) Sharon B. in NC: I continue to enjoy your weekly missives. I thought you might enjoy this for your next issue.

7455 cat dinner theatre, sharon butler

(7) Dewitt R. in NC: The other day I just grabbed three CDs at the library in Asheville, without any preknowledge of the artists.  I wanted a random sample of “new” music, i.e. 21st Century music.  I consider myself a 20th Century guy, and have not been impressed since 2000, with any new musical performers. Giving these three CDs a fair chance, I played them completely at home.

The first was Ryan Adams Easy Tiger, the second Belle and Sebastian’s Boy With the Arab Strap. Neither of these moved me much.  Certainly not to the point of buying them, or seeking them out in performance. The last of the three was a different story: Tasmin Archer’s Great Expectations.  This young lady has a distinctive good voice that is appealing.  She sounds trained but may not be; she could just have a gift from God, as some singers do. The sound patterns of her songs (I hate to say “melodies”) seem natural, and she may have composed them.  The words are unique, to say the least, and were written – at least mostly – by her.  She does sing with backing by several musicians who seem clearly on her wavelength. The songs are mostly NOT about her, and NOT about love (although a couple are).  Cut One laments the realization of global space exploration.  Two might be a song to her daughter.  Three is a warning of the lure of new religions.  Four questions the wisdom of renewing a sexual relationship. Five wonders if the rehabilitation of an industrial city really helps.  Six muses on the personal cost of “success.”  Seven is a lost-love song.  Eight is a plea to be fathered.  Nine cautions about the impermanence of celebrity.  Ten examines the physical pain of disappointment.  Eleven assesses the strategy of personal hope.

These are thoughtful songs of a reflective mind.  Yes, the expectation is great.  Tasmin is a Brit.  A black Brit (the others in her group are white).  Her stage attire is black and white.  Black shoes, black pants (floods), a black vest over a soft white shirt, topped by a knee-length double-breasted black topcoat.  Her hair is styled simply, not too long not too short. This performer needs more attention.  Were it not for her unusual voice, I would not have bothered to get out my 4X magnifier to read the tiny printed lyrics in the liner notes as she sang them.  I have no idea where she is in her career; still ascending I imagine.  I didn’t even google her to write this review.  I leave that up to you.  If you thought the Beatles were profound, you should listen to Tasmin.


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Vic A. in NC: Saw this show tonight (THE CARO SAVANTI EXPERIENCE) and really enjoyed it.  Darren Marshall was very funny as usual.  Also many familiar faces on the show.

I think you would enjoy this show.  Makes fun of celebrity chefs and also cable food shows.
For tickets, please click:
(3) To those of you who have already expressed interest in our community café concept, thank you for your patience as we have developed our Mission, Vision and Scope. To all of you who do not yet know about us, we hope you will be interested to learn about our project.We extend to all of you a heartfelt invitation:Please join Sauté on Sunday July 21st, 6 pm at Rosetta’s Kitchen, 111 Broadway St, Asheville, North Carolina 28801, for a Community Cauldron, fundraiser dinner & informational gathering. Donations will be accepted as we will be rolling out our pay-what-you-can concept for this event.Restaurant owners, nonprofits and passionate diners are gathering to plan a pay-what-you-can café. Join the meeting on Sunday, July 21, at Rosetta’s Kitchen to help shape the project.For more information about the project, check out this Xpress article.Here are the details from the press release:

We will be needing volunteers who share our passion, and who want to share their resources — time, talent, and finances — to bring our vision to reality.

Please watch as details unfold and join us at Rosetta’s on Sunday, July 21st, to join the excitement of Sauté.

View our Mission and Vision and tell us you will be there on our Facebook Event Page,

I Land : “a choose-your-own-adventure… for brainy adults who love film and theater”From Lauren, our communications coordinator, who saw I Land last weekend: “I Land is a different kind of theatrical experience and format than most performances seen at NC Stage, so put your adventure pants on! You get to be a part of the show without having to step on stage, plus you get to know your fellow audience members in the process. AnEn’s intimacy with creativity is inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”The Catalyst Series production of I Land by Anonymous Ensemble, a NYC-based performance troupe, is in its second weekend of performances here at the theatre. Beginning with a conversation between ensemble and audience, AnEn invites you to spend an evening on an island far from your daily life (through the story arc of The Odyssey), yet mysteriously inhabited by your inner life (your words and stories gathered in the aforementioned conversation). Get your tickets today!Performances run through July 21, Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30 PM and Sundays at 2:00 PM.

Section 12B, PA/NJ events


(2) An artistic night of elegance Saturday, August 10, 2013   

6:00pm until 8:30pm


     (3) The Plumstead Historical Society will hold its monthly meeting, Sunday, July 14, 2013 at 4 PM Program: ~Annual “Pot Luck” or Covered Dish Picnic at Ralph Stover State Park – pavilion #3 (Near the red, covered truss bridge) – bring a covered dish if you can; hot dogs, condiments and paper goods will be provided.  Future Speaker programs: Always the 3rd Monday of the month  August – No Meeting September – TBD “Summer” thinking about preserving our local history. Meet those that are by becoming a member!! … Join the Plumstead Historical Society!   $10 for individuals or $15 for family to the P.O. Box 172 address. Do you need a great gift idea? We have a collection of 10 different postcards split between 2 packs of 5 postcards. Each pack sells for $5.00 ($1 per post card). The collection is available for purchase at our meetings and make great holiday gifts. Do you have historic items to donate? (pictures, letters, stories, local tools or books, research on a property or family, etc), please contact us. We now own a fire safe to archive and protect our growing collection of historic items. All are welcome; you don’t have to be a member to attend!  Feel free to bring family or friends to this and any event or meeting. If you should have any questions or an interesting story to share, please contact me at 215-543-5550 or Plumstead Historical Society invites you to come join us in support of the preservation of our township history. Glenn R. Burd, Past President Plumstead Historical Society P.O. Box 172, Plumsteadville, PA 18949 501c3, Founded 2006 Also find us on Facebook! c: 215-534-5550

  • (4)
    Amb. Andrew Young to Headline Nov. 10 Conference & Interfaith Service for Peace in Princeton!
    I am thrilled to announce that Ambassador Andrew Young, a former top lieutenant to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, has confirmed as a speaker at the Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) 34th Annual Conference and Interfaith Service for Peace on Sunday, November 10 in Princeton, NJ
    Ambassador Young is a United Church of Christ minister, and has served as Mayor of Atlanta, a US Representative, and US Ambassador to the United Nations.
    We have also confirmed several other outstanding speakers: Dr. Hillary Mann Leverett, co-author of Going to Tehran; and Ambassador Seyed Hussein Mousavian, former spokesperson for Iran’s nuclear negotiation team. We are still awaiting confirmation from other outstanding speakers.
    Individual registration for this major annual event is not yet available, but will be in the near future. If you aren’t yet a member, or haven’t renewed for 2013, click here:
    to be eligible for substantially reduced member registration rates.
  • (5) OLIVER! . . . Lionel Bart’s musical version of Charles Dickens’ masterwork – “Oliver Twist” brought to life with a memorable Broadway score.Directed by Joe Doyle
    Stage Managed by Kathleen Landes & Kelly Allen
    Musical Direction by Pat Masterson
    Choreographed by Danni TucciStarring:
    Adam Juraga as Oliver
    Tess Ammerman as Nancy
    Delarme Landes as Fagin
    Scotty Lutz as Bill Sykes
    Forrester Connor as The Artful DodgerWith Actors’ NET’s favorites:
    Ken Ammerman, Jack Bathke, Matthew Cassidy, Evelyn Carol, Isaiah Davis, Cheryl Doyle, Ashlyn Faith Hale, Dennis McGuire,
    Julia Mitchell, Hayley Rubins-Topoleski,
    Maryalice Rubins-Topoleski,
    Olivia Schanbacher
    and many more!

    Playing at:
    The Heritage Center Theatre
    635 North Delmorr Avenue (Route 32)
    Morrisville PA

    215-295-3694 or email

    $20 adults, $17 seniors 62 & up, $10 children 12 & under
    $15 WHYY Cards. Group rates available.

    3 weekends, 12 performances
    Fridays and Saturdays at 8, Sundays at 2

    **Additional performances**
    Thursday 7/18 & 7/25 at 8
    Saturday Matinee 7/27 at 2

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