Section 2, part 2

(1) Bob H. in NJ: In Need of a New Hip, but Priced Out of the U.S.
Such a shame that things are so expensive here– unless, of course, you own the company’s stock.
Capitalism works well except when it comes to the price of bread and milk or surgery and, drugs and implantable devices. I guess “capitalism” means it doesn’t matter, right?  Aren’t we the company who sets “minimum” pricing for milk?
(2) Karen M. in NJ: Just for your info…I googled the Flat Rock Playhouse out of Curiosity and found that the director of Les Miz was Vince Marini,  I will tell you why…do,you recall going to a show or shows with us at the Lenape Theater.  Vince was the artistic Director of that series for several years.  His dad, Ray Marini was a colleague of Steve’s at Maple Shade.  Glad to hear that he is still successful and staging impressive work in NC.  You do not have to correct that…just an FYI about history!!  I know you saw Linda Eder there…thought you attended a play with us, too.
(3) Marty S. in TX: Regarding the Death Clock …… Thanks for the info. Please discontinue my subscription to Blainesworld in 8 months.  . . . . OOOOOPS missed a couple zeros in the Death Clock. Please disregard my last transmission. Please cancel my subscription to Blainesworld as of 1/1/2019. This is not a drill. 
(4) Sharon B. in NC: Social Media Cheet Sheet
(5) Jack P. in PA: Good morning Blaine, my old friend. I am speaking of our acquaintance not your chronological footprints of time on this mortal coil.For the first time, I must disagree with your “quote I like.”Although I admire the on-screen work of Sir Anthony Hopkins, his words and middle finger so finely displayed in his photo, help to describe a growing condition in our good country.We were taught “mind your own business” and “not my problem” and so it goes that we seldom reach out to place a soothing, helping hand on someone’s shoulder nor any longer place the second hand on the other shoulder to point him or her in the right direction.
(6) Zuzu W. in NC: I enjoy getting these [newsletters], my friend. Thanks for doing it!
(7) D Anthony in MD: That was a great joke in your last Blaine’s World! Got to love that ‘Silent Gas’… Thanks for the laugh! Had a coaching session immediately after reading it – and actually used it at the beginning of the session to completely shift my client’s perspective…. Thanks much!

(8) Carol D. in NC: As many of you know, my friend Patton Cardwell and I recently completed our first CD project comprised of original music that meant a lot to both of us. This project was funded completely by both of us, and now we have been blessed to be able to share it with many of our friends without needing to ask for anything in return other than our joy in knowing we can share it with you. Here’s where you come in: As many of you also know, I am a mortgage loan officer and work on commission. I love my job as it allows me to help people on a daily basis, and also is a source of funds for not only my daily expenses but for my abilitiy to create music. So, what I am asking is that you take a moment to rememnber me when talking to people you know who may be in need of a mortgage, whether it be a purchase or a refinance. It’s seems simple, but if you remember to let people know how to contact me, that creates this beautiful chain effect: I get to do something I’m good at, help someone in the process, and then parlay the income into creating another CD project where we can once again share with you with more music, from our hearts, GRATIS. Thank you for all the support you’ve offered in the past, and for everything each of you do. My contact info is: Carol Duermit 828-329-7555 or ( I can do loans in nearly all of the continental U.S. )

(9) Rock E. in NC: We won 1st round of video contest…please help and vote 2nd Round:

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