Section 2, part 2

(1) Rod R. in NJ: Saw The Family yesterday with good friend Rich Caran at Hamilton AMC 24 (love that theatre!). Best De Niro I’ve seen in years – his forte – Mafia.

Very good cast, acting. Well plotted. Pace strong, never dull. Funny and active (action). Real life Witness Protection Program? Not sure, but believable except for the “newspaper article.”

Highly recommended if anyone likes that kind of stuff and De Niro.

Response: I also saw the movie with a friend, and we didn’t like it quite as much as Rod did. We also felt it was on the violent side. But hey, that’s what makes movies so interesting to discuss; i.e., different folks like different movies. Please do keep your recommendations coming. I do appreciate them–and you!

(2) Kathy B. in FL: F.Y.I.  Outback Steakhouse also puts honey on their sweet potato fries.  I too asked them to take them back and replace them with no problem.  I agree, they should give you the option.  I told the manager that many people don’t eat sugar due to being diabetic or just that they prefer not to and they should at least tell people it’s on there to give them the choice.

(3) Walter B. in NC: I highly recommend checking out this new show called Dereck with Ricky Gervais on Netflix.

(4) Maria P. in PA: May I make a suggestion?  How about extending your contests to Mondays?  I would have liked to enter Contest #42, but it’s already over.  Some of us are not attached to our electronic devices and actually don’t read (totally) emails until the weekdays.

Response: Great suggestion! I will extend contest deadlines, starting with upcoming contest.

(5) Dewitt R. in NC: Today received book in mail from you. Guess I won a prize. I didn’t know I was in this contest, but accept gladly whatever the Cosmos sends my way. Although I have no small children, and don’t expect any, a brief scan of Mrs. Gallagher’s work inclines me to think I can mine it for useful info for the aging.

For example, when you (oldster) buy pudding on sale in a six pack, dont eat them two (or more) at a sitting, eat them one at a time after your meal, and use as small a spoon as you can find. That way, they will last longer, and you will experience the deep satisfaction of knowing you have done something smart for your body and right for your wallet.

That’s just one of her tips adapted from kids to old folks, who – after all – behave more like children the longer we live.  Count on it.  Hey!  That could be another job for your counter!

(6) Michael H. in PA: Death of an adjunct

Response: Unfortunately, many at Bucks County Community College deal with the same type situation.

(7) Suzie T. in NC:

Hey All,I promise I won’t make a habit of sending out a group e-mail like this one, but I just got word that Asheville’s very own hero, Laurey Masterson has officially launched her new book. And please don’t perceive this to be a solicitation, I just wanted to give folks a heads up that Laurey will be at Malaprop’s Bookstore downtown tomorrow night  at 7 p.m. (Friday, 9.20)I am in such awe of this incredible lady. She is the owner of Laurey’s Deli and Catering downtown, which has some yummy food.  And she is now a THREE-TIME warrior of cancer. It is amazing how to me how Laurey had enough energy to pen her new book about honeybees while she was in the throes of chemotherapy treatment. I am but a mere one-time warrior and have vivid memories of not having had enough energy to even SWAT a bee when I battled
the Big C myself, let alone write an entire book!Please find the link for Malaprop’s website which I attached.
It  gives a brief description of Laurey’s new book. (Who knew how important honey bees are to our world’s health?) I had so wanted to get Laurey Masterson to come and speak at one of our lecture’s this year, but we’ve already had Elise Johnson (cookbook author/blogger) in April. I was afraid that folks would begin thinking that lecture series was starting to morph into a book club.
Disclaimer: I have no monetary interest in Laurey’s book or her café, or any of her other business ventures. I just think she is one incredible lady and I want to sing her praises.Thanks for allowing me this 2 minutes of your time.See ya–maybe at Malaprop’s tomorrow night?(8) Lynn N. in PA: A humorous crash course: How to recognize the arts of paintings
(8) Amy L. in NC: A Girlfriend’s Last Words That Were Texted to Her Boyfriend
(9) Kevin J. in PA: Does anyone have an older, but not ancient, laptop they would like to donate to a good cause–the Dementia Society of America ? Also, interested in knowing if anyone has any gently used DJ equipment (speakers, amps, mixers, lights, etc.) they’d like to donate or sell cheap. If you do, please contact:
(10) Tony K. in NC:  Just screened a wonderful romantic comedy “Enough Said” with the late great James Gandolfini and Julia Louis Dreyfus. A real heart warmer and bittersweet . Opens in Asheville on Friday. Put it high on your list.
(11) Terry B. in FL:  Blaine,  as always, a most interesting Blainewsworld!!!!

I so enjoy living through all your wonderful plays and visits and friends….speaking of which….Jennifer Russ…that was my mother’s last name…very few of us around…I wonder if there is a connection here…???
Again, a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your beautiful wife and keep enjoying life~!!!!
Response: I checked with Jennifer and found out that there’s apparently no connection. Too bad . . . that would have been so neat!
(12) Julien in MD: Nick Vujicic [mentioned in last week’s issue) . . . Absolutely incredible!!!     


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Susan Reinhardt: The Asheville Community Theatre has invited me to do a “One-Woman Show” on Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. Tickets are going fast. I plan to do stand-up comedy, Sarah Palin, ride my unicycle, do a trapeze bar, and we are putting on a scene from “Chimes from a Cracked Southern Belle.” It will be a completely “uncensored” show with nothing off limits. Details of my departure will be included in the act. But I have to be “classy” about it or Mama will throw a hissy fit.

(2)  The Counseling Center

690 Boyd Rd. * Leicester, NC 28748

Phone: (828)-683-6900 * Fax: (828)-683-0303  * info@.
Sign up soon as space is limited!

*10% reduction for early registration for Course*
How to Become A Certified Hypnotist
A Rewarding and Profitable Career

Hypnosis Certification Training

The National Guild of Hypnotists has been preparing people for 40 years to successfully help others through Hypnotherapy –and also to have a very successful hypnotherapy business. This course will provide you with the skills you need to become a successful hypnotherapist and meet the 100-hour training requirements to receive the National Guild of Hypnotists’ Certification including 65 in-class hours, 10 hours home study and 25 practice sessions. This is an intensive and comprehensive training program that gives you everything you need to succeed in this career. All classes are conducted using the NGH’s core-curriculum and teaching materials providing you with a complete classical approach to hypnosis, which enables each participant to work with weight problems, smoking cessation and stress management for both individuals and groups.

The training at the CounselingCenter is based on twenty years of research, proven behavioral programs and the clinical approach of Sarah Gewanter, MSW, LCSW. The approach taken provides the opportunity for each participant to gain confidence by practicing with other students. The primary objective is for you to learn all aspects of hypnosis and its applications in as thorough, complete and scholarly a manner possible.

Course H 201Dates: TBA

100 hours

Fee: $ 2000.00

Materials fee:  $250.00

Sarah Gewanter, MSW, LCSW is the Clinical Director of The Counseling Center just outside Asheville, NC.  She is a practicing and licensed psychotherapist, social worker and hypnotherapist with over 25 years experience. She is certified and sponsored by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

See below for  application form:

Advanced Hypnosis Training: An Integrative Approach

This 25-30 hour course provides a program of integrating hypnosis and other therapeutic, metaphysical and spiritual approaches. We will review and practice advanced hypnotic techniques, learn how to handle special situations and incorporate meditation and clinical approaches. This course is open to those who have completed the NGH Hypnosis Certification Training course successfully. Please contact instructor for more details about the course and scheduling. Note, if you sign up and pay for the Advanced at the same time as the Basic Course receive a 20% reduction in the fee for the Advanced Course.

Course H 201 Advanced Level

Date:  To Be Scheduled

Fee: $ 1500.00

Private Instruction and/or Supervision also available

Private and confidential sessions are available for those who would like a more intensive one-to-one approach for the purpose of improving your skills, learning other advanced techniques or moving forward in your own personal growth process.

Fee: $100.00 per hour                   By appointment

Cut along dotted line and submit to: The Counseling Center: 690 Boyd Rd., Leicester, NC28748    Or Fax to: 828-683-0303

Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________

Course choice: (Please circle)                            Fee:

H101                                        $ 100.00

H 201   Basic                            $ 2,000.00

Materials for basic                     $  250.00

H201 Advanced                        $ 1,500.00

Both Basic & Advanced            $ 3,200.00

Private Instruction                    $ 125.00 per hr.

TOTAL =                     _____________

Payment method: (Please circle):

Check (make checks payable to Sarah Gewanter)

MasterCard / Visa

Acct # ______________________________________ Expiration date_____________

Sec code: (3 digit code on back of card): ______________

Name as it appears on card (if different from above): ____________________________



Flat Rock, NC (9/17/2013) – Flat Rock Playhouse presents the musical, Hank Williams: Lost Highway, from October 2 through November 3 at the Flat Rock Playhouse Mainstage. Hank Williams: Lost Highway is written by by Randal Myler and Mark Harelik. 

Hank Williams: Lost Highway is the spectacular musical biography of the legendary singer-songwriter frequently mentioned alongside Louis Armstrong, Robert Johnson, Duke Ellington, Elvis and Bob Dylan as one of the great innovators of American popular music. The play follows Williams’ rise from his beginnings on the Louisiana Hayride to his triumphs on the Grand Ole Opry to his eventual self-destruction at twenty-nine. Along the way, we are treated to indelible songs like “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” “Move It on Over” and “Hey, Good Lookin’,” which are given fresh and profound resonance set in the context of Williams’ life. 

The show is directed by Playhouse Artistic Director Vincent Marini. Marini recently directed Les Miserables at the Flat Rock Playhouse Mainstage. Choreography is by Jennifer Jancuska. Musical direction is by Eric Anthony. Set design is by Dennis C. Maulden. Lightning design is by Stephen Terry. Sound design is by Nick Kourtides.  

The cast will be Andy Christopher (Hank Williams), Sam Sherwood (Hoss), Preston Dyar (Fred), Jasper McGruder (Tee-Tot), Lilly Tobin (Audrey), Douglas Waterbury-Tieman (Leon), Gwendolyn F. Jones (Mama Lilly), Erin Mosher (Waitress), Mike Rosengarten (Jimmy) and Bill Altman (Shag).

The words and music of Hank Williams echo across the decades with a timelessness that transcends genre. He brought country music into the modern era, and his influence spilled over into the folk and rock arenas as well. Artists ranging from Gram Parsons and John Fogerty to the Georgia Satellites and Uncle Tupelo have adapted elements of Williams’ persona, especially the aura of emotional forthrightness and bruised idealism communicated in his songs. Some of Williams’ more upbeat country and blues-flavored numbers, on the other hand, anticipated the playful abandon of rockabilly. 

He was born Hiram Williams, in Mount Olive, Alabama, in 1923. Williams learned gospel music from his Baptist-church organist mother and blues and pop from a black street musician. By age 16, he’d formed the first version of his legendary Drifting Cowboys and was playing on a local radio station. The early Forties found him performing one-nighters at roadhouses across Alabama. He moved to Nashville in 1946, where he signed with the famed Acuff-Rose publishing company and landed a recording contract with MGM the following year. His initial MGM release, “Move It On Over,” was a rocking country blues made popular all over again in the Seventies by George Thorogood. In 1949, his “Lovesick Blues” topped the C&W chart and then remained in the Top 15 for ten months. His debut on the Grand Ol’ Opry that same year earned him six encores, and he became a regular cast member. “Lovesick Blues” was the first of 11 million-selling singles for Williams over the next four years. All totaled, Williams cracked the C&W Top Ten 36 times in the 1940s and 1950s. 

Williams was a prolific tunesmith, powerful singer and magnetic performer. His best-known songs – “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” “Hey, Good Lookin’,” “Cold, Cold Heart,” “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” – endure as American classics, speaking in eloquent vernacular to fans of country, blues, pop and rock and roll alike. Williams also recorded some gospel-style material pseudonymously as “Luke the Drifter.” At the height of his career, he virtually reinvented the country idiom, paving the way for a new breed of songwriter. The “outlaw” school of country singer-songwriters who followed in Williams’ wake – including Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and his own son, Hank Williams Jr. – would have been inconceivable without Williams’ rough-cut artistry. However, problems with drugs and alcohol led to Williams’ premature death by heart attack at age 29 while en route to a show. In 1961, Williams was the first artist elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame, a tribute indicative of his impact. 


Wells Fargo Wealth Advisors presents Hank Williams: Lost Highway at Playhouse Mainstage, October 2 – November 3.  Performances will be Wednesday through Saturday at 8:00 pm; matinees Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 pm.  All tickets are $40 and can be purchased by calling the Playhouse box office at 828-693-0731, toll-free at 866-732-8008 or online at  Discounts available for seniors, AAA members, military personnel, students and groups. Playhouse Mainstage is located at 2661 Greenville Hwy in Flat Rock, NC.


eBay Business Success SeriesTop rated eBay seller shares tricks for building online biz 
Asheville, NC – Back by popular demand, the Small Business Center at AB Tech kicks off it’s annual ebay business building series for budding internet entrepreneurs. The first of three fast-paced, interactive classes taught by certified ebay instructor and Top Rated Seller Nick Hawks kicks off Wednesday, October 2 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.  Students will learn all of the basic essentials for starting an ebay business from establishing an account and listing items in the first class, to marketing and branding an ebay store by the end of the series. Series highlights include instruction on how to:

  • Set up an ebay account, list items for sale, price items, accept payments, ship items. (Part 1)
  • Start and grow an ebay business, find merchandise to sell, market your business, manage feedback, protect your business. (Part 2)
  • Optimize your ebay store website, utilize newsletters, traffic reports, customization and search engine optimization tools to increase web traffic and ensure success. (Part 3)

Cost: Free. Space is limited, Register online today to secure a spot.

Location: A-B Tech Main Campus, Ferguson Auditorium
Part 1: eBay Your Way to Success

Date: Wednesday, October 2
Time: 6 PM – 9 PM
Part 2: eBay: Building Your Business on eBay
Date: Wednesday, October 9
Time: 6 PM – 9 PM
Part 3: eBay Stores
Date: Wednesday, October 16
Time: 6 PM – 9 PM

For more information contact:
Duane Adams AB Tech Logog
SBC Coordinator
A-B Tech Small Business Center
1465 Sand Hill Rd, Suite 1060
Candler, NC 28715
828-398-7951 (phone)
828-418-1002 (fax)

(5) Jeff Thompson at The Grey Eagle Tavern & Music Hall:BIRTHDAY SHOW AND EP RELEASE!!! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013 

8:00pm until 11:00pm


When Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show comes into town, Annie Oakley quickly falls in love with the show’s sharpshooter, Frank Butler. When Annie, an amazing sharpshooter herself, joins the show so she can win Frank, the “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” love story begins. Stone has reshaped the 1946 book to create a Wild West show-within-a-show that is classic Broadway musical theatre at its best: exciting, vibrant, and altogether a wonderful experience to be remembered and cherished for a lifetime.

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN is directed by Jerry Crouch with musical direction by Lenora Thom and choreography by Kathy Leiner. The cast of 40 includes Richard Blue, Brandon Kersey, Nana Hosmer, Alan Malpass, Tess Miller, Pasquale (Pat) LaCorte, Doug Hauschild, Mike Vaniman, Jacqueline Collison-Canney, Hannah Kepple, Julia Williams, Sophie Porter, Sarah Plaut, Hogan McLamb, Cas Cusic, Scott Cameron, Leslie Lang, Tim Bates, Lily Bates, Maggie Conner, Damian Davis, Jan Dixon, Jill Fine, Carson Riley Fox, Gabe Gibson, Mary Chamberlain Harlan, Lily Hertzberg, Lauren Hewer, Kelly Kristofferson, Emma Lenderman, Adam Marszalek, Italo Medelius, Karyn Panek, Hannah Plaut, Amy Rogers, Dale Russ, Lindsay Salvati, Jessica Savitt, Justin Woods, and Peyton Yearick.

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN runs September 20-October 13 with performances Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 pm and Sunday afternoons at 2:30 pm. Call 828-254-1320 for tickets or visit ACT online at

(7) Annual Runaway Circus and the Loose Cabooses Circus Show

We are trying something new, circus in the FALL!!For 7 years, Asheville’s own Runaway Circus & The Loose Cabooses has been delighting and inspiring thousands of fans, locally and afar, with their off-beat antics and a wide variety of astonishing skills that appeal to guests of all ages. This year, they’ll tip a 10-gallon hat to the old west, presenting High Noon… Go Ahead, Make My Circus! Tumbleweeds, covered wagons, and trains will become the backdrop for their distinctive take on the circus arts, which include aerials, acrobatics, juggling, clowning, and so much more. As always, a live band will provide musical accompaniment that’s so enjoyable, it would even make the outlaw Jesse James smile.The circus will be held  September 20-22 at the Toy Boat Community Art Space located at 101 Fairview Road. Show times will be 7pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 2pm on Sundays. Advance tickets are available on the website ( and will also be available at the door. It is a $10 suggested donation, but in line with the troupe’s belief of providing affordable, quality entertainment to the community, nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. However, shows fill up fast, so they recommend getting tickets early. Additionally, a portion of proceeds from the shows will go to support several local, non-profit organizations.So saddle up, buckaroos, and ride off into the sunset with the circus!

(8) “The Children’s Hour” a play by Lillian Hellman

Mars Hill Theatre Arts Department at Mars Hill University

Sept. 26-29 at 7:30 p.m.; Sept. 30 at 2:30 p.m.

Call 828.689.1239 for tickets.

(9) Mars Hill University’s Theatre Arts Department

To mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of Owen Theatre

And the inaugural production of Rivals by C. Robert Jones

By conducting a Theatre Alumni/Rivals reunion

This fall marks the 40th anniversary of the official opening of Owen Theatre and the world premiere of the musical Rivals, by C. Robert Jones. The Mars Hill University Theatre Arts Department is planning a Rivals and Theatre Alumni reunion to celebrate these momentous events. Many of the original cast and production crew will be returning to campus on Saturday, October 5th to present a concert version reading and singing of the musical in Owen Theatre as part of Homecoming 2013. There will not be an admission charge , but reservations are strongly encouraged as there is only one performance and seating is limited. Curtain is at 7:45 pm. You may reserve tickets by calling Neil St. Clair at 828 689-1462 and leaving a message.

This project is being headed by Neil St. Clair, Professor of Theatre Arts at Mars Hill University and who also created the role of Faulkland in the original 1973 production.  “ After realizing the fall 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of the show, I thought what fun it would be to try to get the original cast and crew back in Owen theatre to celebrate the show, Owen Theatre, and C. Robert Jones. Jones was a  long time theatre professor and department chair at Mars Hill and one of the founders of The Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre. “I don’t think many people realize how many plays and musicals C. Robert has written and how many have been performed in Owen theatre for the Theatre Arts Department and SART”, said St. Clair. Some of C. Robert’s  shows produced by the Theatre Arts department include The Clown, a children’s musical, Rivals, Treasures, a musical commissioned by the college for its sesquicentennial celebration in 2006 and a number of musical revues, readers theatre pieces and other productions.. Some of his shows performed at SART include, A Belonging Place, Mandy Lou and most recently, Taking a Chance On Love.  Coinciding with this reunion is the publishing of C. Robert’s new book, I Like It Here! .This book is filled with fascinating and unforgettable stories  of stars and show business luminaries with whom C. Robert  had the pleasure of working or seeing in performance. Also included are many heart-warming reminiscences involving his talented students, friends and colleagues over the years. 

Returning for the Rivals reunion will be most many of the original 1973 production staff including Jim Thomas, Julie Fortney, Dewitt Tipton and Jill Prior. Dr. Virgil Gray, the designer and technical director will be sending a personal greeting to the cast as he will not be able to attend. Returning performers include

David Covington, Pam Smith Linke, Pamela Polk Parker. Theresa Phillips Edsall, Earl Leininger, Neil St. Clair, Bill Gregg, Eileen Russell Goure and many more.

In order to broaden the celebration, a general Theatre Arts Alumni  reunion is  being conducted in conjunction with the production. “We would like all theatre arts alumni and past faculty and staff to return to campus to take part in this grand reunion”, remarked St. Clair. “We already have people returning from all decades from the 60s on.”  There will be two  special events for returning alumni. On Friday, October 4th, at 5:30 pm there will be an alumni dinner in the Redway Room of the Pittman Dining Hall. To reserve a place call Neil St. Clair at 828 689-1462. On Saturday October 5th, at 10:00am in Owen Theatre there will be an Alumni Coffee Reception.  This will be a great time to see old friends, share photographs and relive past theatrical glory on the Owen Theatre stage.

Don’t forget that if you want to attend the performance of Rivals on Saturday, October 5th,  at 7:45 pm, to be sure to call and make a reservation.


Section 12B, PA/NJ events


(2) Comedy Offer: $5 off for each member of your party as long as seats are available!

Offer good for:
Bucks County Friday or Saturday
South Jersey Saturday 9:15 only
Northeast Saturday

Just write ‘e-special’ in comments box to receive offer,
or if you call just say it when you make a phone reservation.

Thanks and we will see you laughing at the show!

(3) Tom Orr: Come join me at  Showtime Charities Presents “At the Hop”! LIVE at Katie O’Donnell’s on Sept 30.

(4) Introduction to the Music Business


With Music Executive,

Lindsay Rush



On Oct. 12 at 1 p.m., music executive Lindsay Rush will hold a special one hour seminar about how to break into the music industry in Morrisville, PA.

Lindsay is a former Actors’ NET performer and a former Summer Stars student. In her adulthood, she has blossomed as a singer/songwriter/recording artist. The former New Hope resident has been in the music business since 2005 — living in Los Angeles since 2009. She first worked as a recording artist, followed by a successful and exciting career in songwriting and working at record labels in A&R, and also in Artist Management and Artist Development.

As a recording artist, Lindsay had the honor of touring with Pat Benatar for four consecutive national tours. As a songwriter and on the business side, she’s worked at Sony Music/Epic Records and is currently working with several exciting established and emerging artists.

Lindsay recently contacted us at The NET to offer this seminar, fondly recalling her younger days with our company. When she offered to present this seminar, we jumped at the chance.

“I know from personal experience,” Lindsay explained, “how natural it is for someone interested in acting and/or dance to also be interested in pursuing a career as a recording artist. While there are many similarities between those industries, the music business has a personality and a set of ‘rules’ all its own. My goal with this workshop is to educate your students and parents about the basics of entering the exciting territory that is the music business!”

Cost of the seminar? $20 for adults and $10 for students.  Similar seminars cost hundreds of dollars, so this is an incredible offer.

You know how limited our seating is. Don’t miss this chance to get first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs of the music industry.  Just email or phone 215-295-3694 to reserve. Hear what Lindsay has to say and then pick her brain during the Q and A session.

Seating will be General Admission. Doors open at 12:30 p.m. for the 1 p.m. seminar.

CLICK HERE for a printable flyer with all the details about Lindsay’s seminar

(5) Natalie K. in PA: I am so excited to tell you about the first event I am producing since I started my own company five years ago.  I would love to share it with you and have attached the information about it.

Rogers and Hammerstein Sing!

at The James -Lorah Memorial Home

132 N. Main St., Doylestown, PA

Sunday, Oct. 6 at 2 p.m.

I want to share this with you for so many reasons, mostly because I know the energy generated will be amazing and I want to share that with you.  Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary is quoted as saying  “This moment belongs to us together.  That’s what singing together can do.”  Having experienced this energy that is created by people joining together in song, I wanted to offer this to everyone I know.

Jessie Barth is an extraordinary music teacher and expert on the subject of Rodgers and Hammerstein.  In 2009, she began leading popular Rodgers and Hammerstein sing-alongs at Highland Farm, the former home of Oscar Hammerstein II in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  She hosted “Lunch with Oscar and Anna” on the lawn of Highland Farm, leading a Rodgers and Hammerstein SING! with 200 attendees. I was there and it was fabulous.   In January 2013, she and pianist Lori Rosolowsky joined forces to lead a South Pacific SING! in Hammerstein’s former living room—where Hammerstein’s grandson, Will, sang along. More than anything, Oscar Hammerstein wanted world peace. The SING! events are a means to achieve that end.

This event combines my love of this music and my desire for peace.

If you would like to reserve seats, please contact me or send a check made payable to On Demand Programs and Events and mail to me at the address below.  I have a limited amount of seats reserved that you can purchase with no carrying charges.  Looking forward to this very special time with you.  P.S.  Please check out my new website below.

Natalie Joy Kaye

On Demand! Programs and Events

47 Gaylord Court

Newtown, PA  18940

Tel:  215-579-1836


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