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I don’t typically get too much into politics in BLAINESWORLD, but when a friend writes something, I do like to spread the word about it–especially when what he or she makes sense. And contains good news, too. Such was the case with this following piece that was written for FORBES, a very conservative publication.

Note: If any reader cares to voice an opposing viewpoint (especially one that has been published), I’ll attempt to run what they write in an upcoming issue. Just email it to me at Also, send a copy of your opinion to the author of this piece. You can find email address at the bottom of it.

Obamacare Is An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend
by Micah Solomon*

Here’s the simple, straight dope:

If we want more entrepreneurship in America, the fastest way to get there is via the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) that’s currently being held hostage in Washington.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire adult life, apart from breaks for sleeping. I’ve worked with other entrepreneurs, and would-be entrepreneurs, and should-be entrepreneurs, in organizations of varied sizes.

And I’m tired of the health insurance discussion being hijacked on supposed business grounds by propagandists from the chambers of commerce with their inherent conflict of interest as hawkers of insurance themselves.

And by the suddenly-so-concerned-about-healthcare-costs extremist critics. And by the primitive scare tactics of the people who think any kind of safety net (incl. social security) equates with socialism – whatever they picture “socialism” as.

These groups and individuals either don’t know, or have forgotten, or are willfully misrepresenting the realities of creating a business and working in one.

There are untold millions of would-be entrepreneurs in the U.S. hanging on, in quiet desperation, to deadening corporate jobs-because they can’t afford to leave.  Millions who understand the catastrophic consequences of boldly heading out to uncharted entrepreneurial territory… only to have someone in the family develop a chronic illness or life-threatening condition.

Or who already have – themselves, or their kid, or their spouse – developed an acute or chronic illness, and thus can’t afford to quit a corporate job without destroying their family’s savings within a few months.

(And talk about an “inheritance tax” in today’s landscape if you die without sufficient insurance: The vast majority of healthcare expenses occurring in the last few months of life, underinsurance has been frequently leaving middle class and even upper middle class families suddenly and utterly destitute.)

Imagine the creative and economic boon when all of this talent and energy is released from the corporate tethers that bind it.  It will be remarkable.


The US is the only developed Western nation without a functioning safety net.  And people are falling hard without one.

And one more thing:

Next time your kid is concussed on the soccer field, wouldn’t it be nice if she could get treated in an ER that is being used only as an ER, not a clinic of last resort filled with the uninsured?

And one more “one more thing”:

Next time you go out for dinner, wouldn’t it be comforting to know your sushi wasn’t prepared for you by someone whose hepatitis is undiagnosed, because they couldn’t afford to see a doctor?

These are the stakes, and they’re deadly serious.

* Reprinted with the gracious permission of Micah. He is a keynote speaker, bestselling author, as well as consultant on customer service, the customer experience and hospitality.  He can re reached directly at 484.343.5881, or at


Section 2, part 2

(1) Clay D. in NC: Every picture of you, you are pulling the Fonzi thumbs up. Even when you are lifting weights.

Response: Wow, you noticed. And it’s true. I am starting to do this in pictures, so look for more of them this way.

(2) Andrea S. in PA: Thank you for the book. I really appreciate it. Oh, and I agree with your disappointment in the discontinuation of iGoogle. I have yet to find anything as functional.

The most promising options are either myYahoo! Or

The neat thing about uStart, is they will import your iGoogle, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Good luck!

Response: Thanks, Andrea. Let me know if you’ve used either of the above and, if so, what do you think about them? Also, if anybody else is reading this, please let me know what you’re using as your start page when you first look at the Internet.

(3) Ryan P. in NC: Family Hosts 200 Homeless People for Dinner After Daughter’s Wedding Gets Called Off
(4) Gary G. in NC (agreeing with praise of a show mentioned last week): Ditto on the THE BOGEYMAN.
Response: See Section 1A in this week’s BLAINESWORLD  for more information on what Gary has mentioned–the play, STALKING THE BOGEYMAN, now at NC Stage.
(5) Liz S. in PA:  My photo “San Diego, CA” ranked in the Top 20 most voted percentile in the Skyline Panorama Photo Contest during week 1. Hopefully, it will continue to do well until the voting is closed and maybe even win. 
Note: If anyone would like to vote, you can create an account on It is free but you can also have a Premium account, which is what I have, or a Pro account. The Premium and Pro accounts do cost money but you should also ba able to vote with the free account. There are a lot of contests and others that I am involved in are in the voting stages as well. If you are interested in which, let me know and I’ll send you the information! Thanks.!
(6) Wes H. in NC: Here’s some exciting news . . . C. Robert’s new book, a beautifully illustrated retrospective of his long career in theater, is being published this week! If you come to see his musical, “Rivals” next Saturday night, you’ll have a chance to pick up a signed copy for the reduced price of $25 (with no added sales tax). If you like the cover, please let me know . . . I’m the guy who designed it.
Note: See Section 12A for more information about the aforementioned play.
Section 11, Thought for the day
Money Mantra  and for other things also, including when you are really stuck!
by Annemarie Brown*

Happy Awesome Autumn!!!
Autumn is my favorite season and one where I like to begin reflecting on my year, how to complete it and begin to reflect  how I want my next year to unfold….beginning to set the groundwork, at least energetically at this juncture.Here is a powerful process you can begin using to create your vision, dreams, goals.

Friday,  I reminded one of my coaching clients about this particular process and thought it could be useful for you to revisit or read it for the first time.  It is powerful when used with feeling, intention, commitment, and then inspired action.  Working from the Inside-Out.  It can be used for anything really and we were focusing more on money, prosperity, & abundance at the time.

Sometimes I use it when I am really stuck and cannot belief that something can change and my very analytical left brain will kick in and show me all the evidence of why I cannot change  or achieve something or when I doubt myself.  I usually use this daily in some form. When I say the “I don’t know how”  it truly shifts my energy and gives me relief from the uncertainty or disbelief.  It truly works.  And sometimes to shift our energy/vibration we simply need relief from the going down the dark hole feeling.  You KNOW what I mean….right?   You can use it for something less intense….like a squabble you have had with your loved one:   “I don’t know how I feel more loving toward my spouse or partner, kids, associates  in ways even more loving, more understanding than I can even imagine, I only know that I do right now and I am so grateful, etc…..  I usually use even more bold adjectives to get me into the feeling.

If you have any questions on how to use this for anything….email me, and I will help you structure the affirmation, intention for you.  There is a finesse’ in framing it properly.

The first part of any process, shift or transformation is what we discover in our coaching 101:  Awareness

Here goes, explanation first then the formula right after:

I don’t know how:   (the I don’t know how, gets the critical thinking mind occupied….because it will try and tell you why you can’t, if you just say….I am receiving it or have received it… will argue with you…..  It may say:  “You are not receiving it, you goof ball”…..The “I don’t know how”  or “I am in the process of” ….is believable because you don’t need to know how and you certainly can be in the process.  All of these processes help to create a better feeling, a higher vibration, a better mood, a hopeful outcome, using the brain science of Neuro-plasicity to begin changing the connections in the brain, which help to release a better feeling chemical throughout your body, which helps to overcome the addiction of not so good feelings that release the not good feeling chemicals and keeps you in the cycle of NOT getting what you want, be it health, money, relationships, fun, clarity, happiness, peace of mind….etc.

As with all change, when you have even a few extra moments, the power of all this comes by actually, intentionally connecting & aligning, with Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Spirit, Source. This can be done in a nano second….no need to go into deep meditation.   This is how we begin training our brain, our mind, our bodies, our consciousness, building the consciousness muscle,  to move toward and seek these better feelings, better thoughts first to create the feelings…..and then we begin changing our beliefs, which are simply thoughts repeated over time that we buy into….be it good or not so good….can be personal beliefs, or global, societal, etc……And of course, we become more magnetic for what we want instead of what we don’t want.

Other openings:

I am in the process of
I am creating
Won’t it be nice if/when
What will it take to
What would it be like to

Here is the “I don’t know how” and you can substitute the other phrases…..I use the I don’t know how the most, and sometimes  the others.

The underlined part is the formula and you follow/fill it in with your intention, dream, vision, goal:

I don’t know how:

(the following is an example of creating the feeling of money flowing in….you can use this different ways to create a certain amount also)   I have received and am receiving (large, amazing, vast, extraordinarily wonderful (or use your adjective)  amounts of money into my 3 bank accounts…..pouring in……(imagine checks going in, money being routed in via banks, credit cards, etc) feel it, be it…embody it. (What would it feel like knowing this is happening and you are experiencing it?) Wow, amazing, exhilarating, peace of mind, relief!

It is all about the feelings…… that from those feelings you take inspired action and become even more magnetic.


Multiple sources, expected and unexpected, on a consistent and continuous basis, in increasing quantities. In ways bigger and better than I could even imagine…Magical Ways!!!!  Checks coming to my office, my house, money being routed directed into my accounts……pouring in….wow….it is amazing, what fun, how awesome.  Yay!!!!  Love it, love it, love it.

Creating $_______ (whatever your money goals are)  or more in my savings account……etc, etc….

Financial Freedom Feelings!  Financial Prosperity!  I truly love this feeling….it is so awesome and liberating.

(What are the feelings you would have to have a financial cushion, a solid later in years plan, fun fund, magic money fund, being able to do whatever you choose, when you want it, the manner in which you want it….buying anything and everything you decide upon….contributions etc.?……how would that feel, if you could….and if you are already receiving financial prosperity, what else do you really want to create in your life…..better connected relationships, a more profitable company, peace of mind, empowering leadership skills…….WHAT?  There is always something!

I only know that I have right here and right now.  Woo Hoo, YES, YES, YES!

And I am feeling sooooo grateful, so joyful, so satisfied and have such a peace of mind.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… is so and it is done!!!!!

You can use this formula for anything.  Just make sure you say it like it has already happened and the feelings are important so you don’t read it off like a cooking recipe.  And get creative the way you formulate it.

I learned the “I don’t know how”  method from a book years ago, called “The One Command.”

Have a Fabulous Financially Free Fabulous Feeling weekend!

* Reprinted with the gracious permission of Annemarie Brown, a Master Success & Transformation Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. Call anytime: 505.490.0086; Office: 828.645.8602. Efax:  828.348.5052. Email:


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Peter S. in NC: Saw Sherlock Holmes Returns at Parkway Playhouse tonight. Loved it. A fun romp of a melodrama. Congrats to the cast and writer Jeff Messer.

Note: The show runs through October 5. For information and tickets, please click:


 2nd Annual Asheville Startup WeekendOctober 4 – 6, 2013 (CORRECTED YEAR)A-B Tech, Enka Site
If you’re still on the fence about joining Asheville Startup Weekend, scheduled for Oct 4-6, here’s a last minute special!Your friendly community organizers are offering you an $11 discount off of the entry fee with the special code listed below!As you already know, Startup Weekend (SW) is an awesome chance for you to launch a business in a weekend, figure out who your future collaborators are (sometimes called “founder dating”), learn new skills, do something outside your usual comfort zone, network with community leaders, and… new this year, work with superstars of the startup world like Rob Zazueta of Mashery!Although SW is a learning experience, over a third of Startup Weekend startups are still going strong after 3 months!  This could be you!!Want more convincing?  See the Asheville Startup Weekend blog. :)The discount code to use at our ticketing site is: ABTECHA final word: please don’t share outside of the  group.  This code is just for friends of A-B-Tech, and (this is important) you must use it before it expires at 11:59pm on Friday, September 27th.Hope to see you at Asheville Startup Weekend!Dear Friends of the A-B-Tech Small Business Center:

For more information contact:
Jill Sparks
Executive Director
Small Business Center and Business Incubation
1465 Sand Hill Road, Candler, NC 28715
828-398-7949 (phone)
828-418-1002 (fax)

(3) Children’s Hour at Mars Hill University has been postponed til Oct. 16-19th Wed.-Sat  (no Sun. due to cast conflicts).

Note: This is a production that features students in the Theatre Arts Department. It promises to be excellent.

(4) Mary C. in NC (on ANNIE GET YOUR GUN at ACT): Fabulous. Superb casting, directing. Lots of songs we recognize. Urge A’ville folks to go see it!!!!

Response: I’m looking forward to seeing it next week. For schedule and tickets, please click:

Homeward Bound Benefit Concert
Join us for a fantastic evening of song, OCT 4, 2013
“HELP SOMEBODY” – familiar songs from the 60’s thru present –
celebrating the power of friendship and community

Tickets: $18, from any Womansong member or

(6) Wes Heath in NC: Some exciting news . . . C. Robert’s wonderful musical comedy, “Rivals,” is celebrating its 40th anniversary at Mars Hill University next weekend with a staged reading and singing (not a full production) at Owen Theatre. The tickets are FREE, just call to make reservations!

Photo: Some exciting news . . . C. Robert's wonderful musical comedy, "Rivals," is celebrating its 40th anniversary at Mars Hill University next weekend with a staged reading and singing (not a full production) at Owen Theatre. The tickets are FREE, just call to make reservations!
(7) Alison Young in NC: Intense rehearsals have been underway for the past week, and next weekend the ALO presents two operas in one evening! Go to the Facebook site and check out the interviews and other inside info!Personally, I’m very excited about my first comprimario role. 🙂 Come see me wail across the stage as the very excitable Nursing Sister in “Suor Angelica!”

Tickets are on sale through the Diana Wortham Theatre box office, 828-257-4530.


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

(1) Amb. Andrew Young to Headline Nov. 10 Conference & Interfaith Service for Peace on Diplomacy, Not War in Iran in Princeton!

You can now reserve online for the Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) 34th Annual Conference and Interfaith Service for Peace on Sunday, November 10 in Princeton, NJ, headlined by Ambassador Andrew Young, a former top lieutenant to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.
Ambassador Young is a United Church of Christ minister, and has served as Mayor of Atlanta, a US Representative, and US Ambassador to the United Nations.
We have also confirmed three other outstanding speakers: Dr. Hillary Mann Leverett, co-author of Going to Tehran; Dr. Shibley Telhami, Chair of Peace & Development at University of Maryland; and Ambassador Seyed Hussein Mousavian, former spokesperson for Iran’s nuclear negotiation team.
Online reservations have just become available. Click here and use the Order Now button at the bottom. If you aren’t yet a CFPA member, or haven’t renewed for 2013, click here to be eligible for substantially reduced member registration rates.
(4) Pat Achilles in PA:

George has a cameo role Saturday night only in this comedy at Town & Country Players! Looking forward to it!
Note: Above play runs through October 13.
(5) Kevin Jameson in PA: ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT till Dementia Society’s “Dance Against Dementia!” & Alzheimer’s on Saturday October 12, 2013, 7PM- 10PM. Hear the story of a Bucks County man living with Young Onset Alzheimer’s; after dinner desserts; listen to Harry Prime sing, a 93-year old former big band singer with the likes of Tommy Dorsey; Beverages; Cash Bar; 50/50 with plenty of prizes; Dancing to 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Yeah Baby!! Get tickets NOW! Fun!! Education and all sorts of good stuff to win and bid on. Seen here is James McPhillips, Doylestown artist extraordinaire with his painting “Bucks County Coffee.” Bid to win this fine example of local talent and Dtown history. Go to
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  1. May autumn — which is now upon us — be a happy season for us all,
    and as beautiful as it always is, and give joy to our eyes.

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