Section 2, part 2

(1) Some of the feedback on the film GRAVITY follows. (See also Section 4.)

* Joyce S. in CA: Thanks for the review on Gravity. Seeing the bit parts on TV it gave me claustrophobia.

* Neil R. in VT: By the way, Janis & I totally agree with your “Gravity” review.

* Tom G. in NJ: Good review……you may have a calling ..waiting for you.

* Bettina Y. in NY: Funny I loved it but it did remind me of ‘Castaway’ and that is one of my favorite movies.

* Henry W. in NY: Do I sense some healthy competition in the movie review industry?

* Chuck T. in NC: Ouch.

* Lori H. in PA: Thanks Blaine. The trailer didn’t interest me, but was thinking of checking it out due to the hype. I trust your opinion. Gonna take a pass.

* Sally B. in NC: Loved Cast Away! And this film looks absolutely amazing. I’m gonna go with the professionals on this one.

* Doug H. in NC: That’s a surprise.

* Ted R. in NC: Wow! Well, when the wife says, “were goin'”, we’re goin’, so I’ll give you my review, after I see it.

* Kathy R. in CO: Sounds like Gravity might be one for me to wait and grab at a Redbox, These days it takes about a minute for movies to come out on DVD somewhere.

* David M. in NC: Blaine, you didnt like Castaway? I thought Hanks deserved an Oscar for that one.

* Verna C. in NJ: I’m with you Blaine on both movies – Castaway was like taking a tour through the insane asylum and Gravity just needs a real story line.

* Carol S. in FL: I didn’t see it. But it’s on my maybe list.

* Della S. in FL: Too stupid for words. Body banging around in space at horrific speeds and living through it, haha! I ashamed to think what our astronauts think of it.

* Maura R. in FL: We loved it,especially the special effects and the portrayal of Sandra Bullock’s character becoming a strong woman.

* Stephen F. in PA: Inane, your comment above, seems to best summarize my opinion, having only seen the trailers. I would never expect a trained astronaut to panic and say, “What do I do? What do I do?” in a life-and-death emergency. It’s like when they play the black box recordings from airline disasters, the pilots always seem so calm before their demise.

* Alyson M. in CO: Here’s our favorite from Boulder-based Ask the VC:

* Danny B. in NC: Ok, I have to disagree with your review of GRAVITY.   I think the root of disappointment is that this was expected to be an action movie, but it wasn’t.  It was something different.  It was like expecting beer, but you got wine.

What the movie was to me was an experience.  It was an emotional journey.  It was about the transformation of someone that had no love of life, to fight for life.  It was a transformation of a person and in all the imagery, it was the process of being reborn (remember the scene of Sandra Bullock in the fetal position after entering the ISS with the tether.  did it not remind you of a baby in the womb?) and then taking your first steps in a new life.  I could go on forever contemplating the philosophy of the movie.
I believe you went in with an expectation and was disappointed.  I believe that if you go into the movie without expectations, and an open mind, you may find something special.

(2) Arlene S. in PA: Beware of people bearing gifts.

(3) Suzie T. in NC: I have to ask you how long it takes you to put your weekly BlainesWorld together? It is a great source of local (and some not-so-local) information. I’ve enjoyed the weekly reads ever since getting onto your mailing list.

Response: I’d guess . . .maybe 5-10 hours/per week.

But it is something that is constantly on my mind, so it is hard to put an exact time limit on it.
Thanks for the kind words.

Suzie, part 2: Are you open to your readers sending you some info on local events for you to read about? There are a couple different things coming up here in town that I thought I would share—if that is OK?

Response, part 2:Please, especially if you’re “into” it and/or a supporter of the event.
Best format: Not attachments, but just a one paragraph blurb that I can use as is.
Include the blurbs in the body of the email.
Put in subject line: For BLAINESWORLD from your name or something to that effect.
(4) Lois H. in NC: Rise and shine: the daily routines of history’s most creative minds
(5) Neela M. in NC: I’m sad to hear the news that A-B Tech is cutting its Drama Program): Peter Carverand Laura Chaney are two of the most genuine and dedicated people you’ll ever meet. How very unfortunate. It is a loss to the theatre community. Should you want to write an email to diplomatically express the value of an education in the arts and/or your experiences with the Drama program at AB Tech, Joe Brumit is your man. His email: Please, pass this information on to those you think would like to add their voice into the mix. (Reminder: Being diplomatic, poignant, and concise is most valuable to the reader.) Thank you. 
Note: Mr. Brumit is a member of the AB Tech Board of Trustees and a big supporter of the arts.
(6) Sylvie D. in NC:  I enjoyed your newsletter and take your movie critics very seriously. Helps me with Netflix!!
Note: If any reader would like to get my latest listing of films that I’ve joyed, just send an email to: and put FAVORITES in the subject line.
(7) Howard D. in FL: Cashiers Trump Self-Checkout Machines at the Grocery Store
(8) DeWitt R. in NC: Try  New words and phrases galore!  Nicely featured and well-tended site, every listing an education, and in most cases advancing any literate person’s knowledge and appreciation of our growing language.
(9) Dominic A. in NC: So In Love Duet (With Hadley Combs)from Kiss Me Kate by Cole Porter at Trump Tower
(10) Lisa A. in PA: Vote for Tony Angelo and his car!
(11) Mary C. in NC: Nice edition this week, my friend. Good info on a variety of topics.
(12) Bob H. in NJ: Great issue. 
This [Google email] is a winner: 

(13) Micah S. in PA: You’re getting so old you’re repeating your jokes about being old!
(14) Bill L. in PA: Loved your photo of you in your Mardi Bra….what can I say other than your cup runneth over.  Or how are you going to keep them down on the farm once they’ve seen gay Paree?

Also, thanks for the review on Gravity.  I’m sure it was weighing heavily on you.  So the movie didn’t “SUIT” you well.
(15) Julien in MD: Hilarious…I laughed out loud [at picture of you in Mardi Bra]; thanks for a great posting.


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Asheville Vaudeville:  Saturday, October 26, 2013

7:30 and 10 p.m.

  • Featuring Madison J. Cripps from Cripps Puppets as Master of Ceremonies, and Special Guest, Burlesque Artist Memphis Muerte!Also featuring:
    Forty Fingers & a Missing Tooth (Juggling)
    The Asheville Magician (Magic)
    Sneaky McFly (Comedy/Magic)
    Polly Panic (Musician)
    Lalita and Luna (Dance)
    Jim Julien (Theatre/Comedy)
    & Belly Dance by Claire Dima & Company!
    and more!October 12th, 2013
    7:30pm $15.00
    10:00pm $12.00
    Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat Community Arts Space
    101 Fairview Road, Asheville18 and over, tickets available at the door

(2) This is your personal invitation
to spend an evening with
BJ Leiderman
In Concert at Perelandra Studio
Located in East Asheville, NC.

Friday night, Oct. 25th.
Reception @ 6:00 PM … Concert @ 7:00 PM.

Concert seats are $24 each.

To obtain reservations
please phone Song of the Wood
@ 828-669-7675.




Flat Rock, NC (10/08/2013) – Stage star Reva Rice will feature in the next ‘Music on the Rock’ series concert: Donna Summer & the Sound of the 70s opening on October 16th. Rice has been a star of shows on Broadway, the West End and Las Vegas. 

“I am ecstatic about coming back to Flat Rock,” said Rice. “I had such a great run there three years ago working with the wonderful Clint Holmes under the direction of the extraordinary Vincent Marino.

I’m honored to be asked to come back to perform the music of the Queen of Disco, Donna Summers. I won many a dance contest and roller-discoed all over this country to her music. That roller-disco skill is what helped me land my first Broadway show.”

Rice has the unique opportunity to be the first to perform songs written by famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber when she performed in the first production of Starlight Express.

“Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote ‘Make Up My Heart’ for Pearl on Broadway, where I originated the role, and ‘Next Time You Fall in Love’ for London’s West End where I originated the role in The New Starlight Express,” said Rice.

Reva Rice was born in Toledo, Ohio to Flute and Pearl Esterine Shields Rice. She began training in dance, theatre, and piano when she was five. She graduated from the Boston Conservatory of Music.

Her Broadway and international starring credits include Starlight Express, Fosse and Chicago. She has starred in the first national tours of Starlight Express, Smokey Joe’s Café, Fosse, Chicago and Just Off the Road from Oprah Winfrey’s The Color Purple. Rice has worked with such greats as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Patrick Swayze, Chaka Khan, Dolly Parton, Melissa Manchester, American Idol’s Fantasia and many more. She also performs and produces cabaret acts around the world. Reva Las Vegas is a 90-minute revue based on her journey back and forth from Broadway Babe to Vegas Vixen and her dance show band, The Jewelry Box.

Donna Summer was an American singer and songwriter who gained prominence during the disco era of music, earning the title “The Queen of Disco”. Summer was trained as a gospel singer before her introduction to the music industry and has always been known for her “powerhouse” vocal delivery.

Though she is most notable for her disco hits, Summer’s repertoire has expanded to include contemporary R&B, rock, pop, and gospel. Summer is one of the most successful recording artists of the 1970s and was the first artist to have three consecutive double albums hit number one on the Billboard charts. She also became the first female artist to have four number-one singles in a thirteen-month period. Summer’s website claims that she has sold more than 130 million records worldwide.

Songs will include Summer hits ‘Hot Stuff’, ‘Last Dance’, ‘Bad Girls’ and many other 70s songs such as ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’, ‘I Love the Nightlife’, ‘Respect’ and ‘I Will Survive’. 


Rug & Home presents Donna Summer & the Sounds of the 70s at Playhouse Downtown October 16-20 and 23-27. Performances will be Wednesday through Saturday at 8:00 pm each evening.  All tickets are $24 and can be purchased by calling the Playhouse box office at 828-693-0731, toll-free at 866-732 8008 or online at  Playhouse Downtown is located at 125 S. Main Street in Hendersonville NC.

(4) Advanced Hypnosis Training

Pain Management Seminar

Learn how to help those with pain issues. Different techniques that work with many conditions.

Sat Oct 26  9:30 – 12:00

First time special rate $60.00

Must have completed previous hypnosis training.

Call or email ASAP to save your place!

Sarah Gewanter, LCSW, CI

Hypnosis Division

The CounselingCenter

690 Boyd Rd.

Leicester, NC28748-9208


(5) Richard Shulman in concert at UR Light Center, 2190 NC HWY 9, Black Mountain, North Carolina

4:00 pm Saturday Oct. 12 on the Concert Grand Piano in the Geodesic Prayer Dome.


Section 12B, PA/NJ events


(get your friends together for these)

AMAZING COMEDY HYPNOSIS SHOW in South Jersey This Saturday! (not many seats left)

NEW YORK’S FUNNIEST LADY – Saturday Nov. 9th in Northeast Philly
COMEDY CLUB ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR – Nov. 1st/2nd in Bucks and 8th/9th  In JerseyOVER 20 TIMES ON THE TONIGHT SHOW – MITCH FATEL in Bucks County Sat. Nov. 9th

(2) 6th annual Women’s Scholarship Tea

    • 1:00pm until 3:00pm
  • (

  • On October 24, 2013, from 1pm to 3pm, the Bucks County Community College Foundation will host its 6th Annual Women’s Scholarship Tea. Over the past five years, the Tea has raised nearly $50,000 in support of female students who support at least one child while seeking a higher education at Bucks County Community College (BCCC). Due to reduced funding from the state and county, tuition at institutions of higher education continues to rise each semester. As a result, we expect our scholarship and grant applications to once again double this year as it has in the past. Your support will allow us to provide deserving students with needed scholarship funds. As one thankful recipient wrote, “With three children, working and going to school, it’s hard to make ends meet sometimes. With this scholarship, I will be able to put forth more time for school and hopefully work a little less so I can spend more time with my family.”The event will be held, once again, in historic Tyler Hall at BCCC. About seventy attendees will enjoy a light lunch of finger sandwiches, tea, and desserts in the beautiful Music Room. The program will include keynote speaker Dr. Stephanie Shanblatt, the new President of BCCC, as well as a prior scholarship recipient.
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