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Section 2, part 2

(1) Chris F. in PA: I haven’t yet been able to watch the Olympic Figure Farting clip in full yet, due to laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my face.  guess I’ll have to watch it a few more times to get the full effect.  Just thinking about it makes me giggle uncontrollably.

OK, so bathroom humor is even funny for us “old farts!”

(2) Janet S. in NJ: Great newsletter. Thanks for the links of the actors.

(3) Faith H. in NC: My son forwarded the Medicare piece about the importance of declaring an inpatient status when checking into a hospital/rehab facility.  Perfect timing, Blaine, as I’ll soon be getting a full hip replacement!  When interviewing a prospective surgeon yesterday, I pointedly broached this subject, and he understood and agreed.  You may be credited with saving me and others thousands!

As a new resident of Asheville, I look forward to further enlightenment on many issues.

(4) Vic A. in NC:  We went to see Cabaret this weekend.  The acting was great.  I especially enjoyed the singing of the actress playing Fraulein Schneider.

I never saw the play and it has been so long since I saw the movie that I really did not remember much about the show.  The theatre was sold out and the audience seemed to like the show.  I think everyone was surprised at the end because the cast took a bow,  then left the stage.  There was no standing ovation or prolonged applause as at most other shows.
Not one of my favorites, but again shows the abundance of talent in our home town of Asheville.  We are very lucky to live here.
Looking forward to Spamalot in June.  We saw this show on Broadway with David Hyde Pierce and Tim Curry.  It is a very funny show, especially if you like the humor of Monty Python.
Note: CABARET runs through March 2 at ACT. I recommend it highly. For tickets, please click:
(5) Candace M. in NC:  The best pickles ever. My favs Willy’s Dilly’s and the Sweet and Spicy. Found at our new way cool south side local Katuah Market!
(6) Natalie K. in PA. Got this [BLAZING SADDLES]  from Netflix.  Thought I’d find it funny like I did the first time.  Both Ivan and I were very disappointed.  We found it vapid and inane and not funny.  Oh well, just goes to show what the passage of years can do.


Section 12A, NC events 


Asheville-based Community Choreography Projects presents “Creating Your Legacy Through Movement and Story,” a 9-week movement theater workshop. People of all experience levels are invited to join Artistic Director Barrie Barton to discover and clarify their legacy — past, present and future. Participants will engage in expressive activities using movement, story, writing and art. The Legacy workshop culminates with a collaborative, community-based movement-theater piece to be performed for friends and family on Sunday, May 4.

Barrie states, “our lives are shaped by those who leave us as well as by those who stay. And we influence other’s lives in both subtle and life-altering ways.” The workshop invites participants to creatively engage with their rich ancestral history and present day influences.

Former cast member Karen Beijer says, participating in one of these workshops was “one of the most fulfilling, powerful, moving, touching, community-filled, fun, creative, experiences I have ever been involved in.”


  • Register now through March 3
  • 9-week workshop starts Monday, March 3.
  • Class meets at Jubilee! Community, 46 Wall St. in Asheville, from 6-8pm.
  • Course fee: $125. Participants can attend a sample first session for $15.
  • All experience levels welcome.
  • For information and to register: (828) 658-1217 or go to

(2) Meet the Beatles at White Horse Black Mountain



(5) Bring Hawaii to Your Hips & Aloha to Your Lips

    • 6:00pm until 7:00pm

  • Oportunity House Hendersonville N
  • WHY WE DANCE… To dance is to Pray… To Pray is to HEAL… To Heal is to GIVE… To Give is to LIVE… To Live is to LOVE… To Love is to Be~LOVED…Hula is generally thought of in the West as nothing more than the fast hip movement portrayed in many of today’s movies and TV shows that is actually Tahition. Traditional hula is very different.
    With its roots going back to prehistoric times, this graceful and flowing dance is ancient storytelling and the living history of the Hawaiian people, telling their myths and legends, stories and values through songs, chants and music accompanied by dance with descriptive hand gestures and rhythmic movement of feet and hips. It is the most important part of the Hawaiian culture.Hula is like a breath of life that is exquisitely embodied and expressed in patterns of movement and sound. It is appealing not only to the eyes but all the senses. It is structured in a way that enhances the sense of balance, harmony and dynamic. It is also an energy dance similar to the Chinese Tai Chi. The basic movements are simple and not stressful to the body; no dance experience is necessary; and each participant dances at the level that is comfortable for you, either standing or sitting.Hula can be characterized as a universal language. It is everything that makes up the universe, and is a vital expression of the Hawaiian culture that is now being studied and performed throughout the world.$35 for a package of four (4) classes for members & $40 for non-members. To register call the Opportunity House at: 828-692-0575Kaleo has studied with several traditional Hawaiian master teachers both in Hawai’i and on the mainland and has been teaching workshops and classes since the late 80’s. She is also a contributing author of the book, The Complete Guide to Acupressure and has a solo CD, Ulana, the Way of the Heart and is working on her own first book.For samples and more info, you can call Kaleo at 812-929-8898 or go

(6) Please consider either taking Living Health with Chronic Conditions at OLLI this spring or forwarding this to someone else who might benefit. Thanks. 

Nancy Bragg 

CRN: 20094

Course Dates: Mar. 28, Apr. 4, (no class on Apr. 11), 18, 25, May 2, 9, 2014

Course Times: 9-11:30 a.m. (we will dismiss in time for Fab Fridays)

Instructor: Nancy Bragg and Sue Lerner

Term: 2014 Spring

If you (or a loved one) live with chronic health conditions (e.g. heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, depression, asthma, or others), put fear, denial or passivity aside and engage in this course!  Learn and practice ways to manage physical/mental health concerns and partner with health care providers.  Class sessions include lectures, brainstorming, group problem solving, and individual action plans.  Build confidence in taking charge of your health and your life!   Materials fee: $30, to be paid to the instructors at the first class.

Nancy Bragg ( has had arthritis since age twenty-two. She enjoys yoga, NIA, and learning.  As an educator and lifecoach, Nancy supports people in taking action to enhance their lives.   Sue Lerner ( has a BSN from the University of Maryland, an MA degree in education from SetonHallUniversity, and national certification in wound care.  She has taught numerous classes and presented papers at national meetings.  Both Nancy and Sue have co-facilitated several sessions of Living Healthy with Chronic Conditions in the Asheville area.

(7)  Love to have you at my upcoming seminar:

Positioning & Marketing

This FREE seminar on Saturday, March 8 covers positioning and marketing your business. You’ve opened your doors. How do you position yourself in the market place and secure that piece of business that you need to survive?

Seating is limited, and we will not be accepting registrations at the door, so click the link on the bottom of this page to register.

Doors open at 8:30 AM.  The seminar begins at 9:00 AM SHARP. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to handle paperwork.

The presenter for this seminar is Blaine Greenfield

Blaine Greenfield is a former college professor of business who headed his own marketing firm that assisted small- and mid-sized businesses. Presently, he is a volunteer with SCORE and is active with several other community organizations. He also publishes an online newsletter, BLAINESWORLD, that can be obtained for free by emailing him at

This seminar is sponsored by

To register:

(8) Lessons in Leadership: Tuesday, Feb. 25, is the rescheduled date! The evening begins at 6:30 p.m., and Thomas Wolfe Auditorium is the location. Harry (the FISH guy) Paul will be the featured speaker. Keith Challenger will be the opening speaker. Tickets are just $20. For more information and/or to register, please click:


Section 12B, PA/NJ events


A true master with workshops  linking yoga and better health.

Princeton Center for
Yoga & Health

Classes Events Brochure


Princeton Yoga is excited to welcome back Dr. Jeff Migdow.
Saturday, April 12 & Sunday, April 13Register Now and save up to $35.Jeff Migdow, MD, combines his expertise in yoga with his background as a holistic physician and knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and many healing modalities to offer a truly complete approach to the ancient and profound discipline of yoga.Deepen your practice and learn safe and effective ways to practice yoga. These programs are suitable for all levels of practice as well as ideal for yoga teachers. All are welcome!Yoga for Thyroid and Adrenal Health
Revitalizing Ourselves with Prana Yoga Postures,
Breathing Practices and Mantra

Saturday, April 12, 10 am to 1 pm – Register Now this workshop we’ll explore yoga, breathing and lifestyle practices that will help us to recharge the adrenal gland and strengthen the thyroid. We’ll learn how to use chakra sounds to stimulate and balance the thyroid and adrenals and hara stimulating exercises to rejuvenate the glandular system. Jeff will also discuss lifestyle modifications including diet and specific exercises that along with the yogic practices will increase our vitality and strengthen our ability to respond to stress. – Learn More

Detoxifying Mind, Body and Emotions with Yoga, Diet and Breathing Techniques
Saturday, April 12, 2:30 to 5:30 pm – Register Now
We will explore yoga postures, pranayama techniques and diet modifications to purify our bodies and cells and detoxify the liver, kidney, digestive and lymph systems. We’ll learn how to detoxify our mind and emotions to help release depression, anxiety and negativity and allow us to feel more peace and joy. Jeff will also lead us in utilizing specific mantras that help to purify the physical and emotional bodies. – Learn MoreA Chakra Immersion: The Tibetan 5 Rites
Sunday, April 13 – 9:30 am to 12:30 pm –
Register Now

The Tibetan Five Rites are ancient yogic practices which were performed for thousands of years by monks in remote Himalayan monasteries and were considered magical because of their remarkable healing and rejuvenating effects. They work by speeding up and creating balance in the flow of energy through seven energy centers (chakras), thus normalizing hormonal and nerve imbalances. – Learn More

A Chakra Immersion: Vibrational Healing through the Chakras
with Prana Yoga, Sound and Mantra
Sunday, April 13, 2 to 5 pm, Register Now
Suitable for all levels – student through teacher

We will experience the chakras in terms of their vibrational qualities and their individual sound vibrations. Then explore how specific sounds, mantras and yoga postures stimulate and balance the chakra leading to physical and inner healing, rejuvenation and well-being. – Learn MoreWhole weekend: $190/$155 if paid by March 6 – Register Now
Saturday OR Sunday:
$110/$90 if paid by March 6 – please contact us to register with this pricing option
Individual Session: $60 – Register NowQualifies for Yoga Alliance CEUs
CEU Certificate will be issued for $10 if pre-ordered or $15 at door. If you need a certificate, please add CEU-Certificate to your order.

Private Sessions
Individual appointments available for Reiki & Flower Remedies
for General Health & Well-Being consultation

Appointments available April 12-14.

Jeff Migdow ReikiDuring these sessions with Jeff Migdow, MD we will explore ways to balance your energy and stimulating healing and vitality through reiki healing and the use of bach and california flower remedies and homeopathic remedies.
To schedule a session contact Jeff at 413-637-1513413-637-1513 or Email Jeff. We can also discuss setting up a session time during the workshop weekend.
Orchard Hill Center
88 Orchard Rd.
Skillman, NJ
Directions to Princeton Yoga

M = Moderate
C = Challenging
 Princeton Yoga
is looking for Yoga Teachers!
Great compensation and
flexible schedule!
Join our Front Desk
work exchange program.
We’ll thank you with free classes.Contact us at 609-924-7294609-924-7294 or


Princeton Yoga advertising,
website and graphic design
made just right by

Learn More
Princeton Yoga 200/500 hr yoga teacher training are certified with
the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Studio (RYS®).
School Registry # 52143 
Yoga Alliance

Read our PCYH Blog

Princeton Yoga welcomes Jeff Migdow, MD

Jeff Migdow, MD, and Reiki Master has been exploring and teaching about yoga, health, and consciousness since 1969 in places as varied as India, Nepal, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. As a member of the Kripalu ashram, he directed the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training programs. He developed and has directed Prana Yoga Teacher Training in New York City since 1997. A holistic physician since 1980, his practice in Lenox, Massachusetts, includes homeopathy, lifestyle counseling, and Reiki healing and attunements. He also gives Reiki sessions and attunements in NYC. He has written and taught widely about yoga, holistic health and medicine, including the Time-Life book Breathe-In, Breathe-Out and co-author of Goddess to the Core, with Sierra Bender. He combines his expertise in yoga with his knowledge of anatomy and physiology to offer us a truly complete approach to this ancient and profound discipline.
Subscribe to this FREE newsletter at

Please add to your email address book. View in a browser window.



               MORRISVILLE, PA –Tracy Letts’ Pulitzer Prize winning play August: Osage County dominates the Heritage Center stage in Morrisville for a month-long run, promising to shine light on this acclaimed tragi-comedy.

Performing weekends February 28 – March 23, August: Osage County is the memorable tale of the dysfunctional Weston family as they assemble during a family crisis.  They bring with them all the excess baggage of past grudges and grievances, airing all their dirty laundry amid barbs and often devastatingly funny, snide comments.

Despite movie mega-stars, the recently released film version  of Letts’ play garnered almost as much negative criticism as praise.   “Scripts often work best in the medium in which they were originally conceived,” explained NET General Manager Joe Doyle.   “When Hollywood takes a tale meant for the stage and expands it to the big screen, the intimacy and nuance are often lost.  Our Heritage Center Theatre is the perfect venue for presenting this work.  It’s ‘fly on the wall theatre’:  our audiences feel as if they’re present during a real family clash.  And director Delarme Landes has assembled an amazing cast to bring this ensemble show to life.”

Landes, a resident of Doylestown, describes the show as “a prickly piece of theater –equal parts profane and profound, ugly and beautiful, tragic and funny.  The language and themes are brutally, unflinchingly honest.  The things it has to say about us — as individuals, partners, parents, lovers, humans — are not always pleasant to contemplate.”

“The spectacle of smart people behaving badly is often entertaining and amusing, if not outright hilarious,” Landes observes, “but Mr. Letts elevates this theater of cruelty to something more elegant and beautiful than its language and tone might suggest …  Yet, even as Mr. Letts presses some very sore points, he offers a ray of hope, a suggestion that things could be different.  Some of these damaged people achieve a kind of happiness, maybe even peace.”

August: Osage County stars Susan Blair of Philadelphia as Violet Weston, the razor-tongued, pill-popping family matriarch; Giz Coughlin of Doylestown as Barbara Fordham, the strong-willed eldest daughter; Cathy Liebars of Langhorne as Ivy, the mousy daughter with an unexpected secret relationship; and Maryalice Rubins-Topoleski of Langhorne as Karen, the self-help platitude-spouting daughter who arrives late to the gathering with her oily businessman fiancé.

The cast also includes (alphabetically) Ken Ammerman of Morrisville; James Banar of Newtown; Matthew Cassidy of Morrisville; Linda Cunningham and Alexa Gutter of Yardley; Amanda Hinkle of Levittown; Marco Newton of Yardley; Tim Tolen of Doylestown and Wren Workman of Morrisville.  Cat Miller of Bristol is the show’s producer, assistant director, costume coordinator and fight choreographer.  Set design is by James, Joanne and Brielle Cordingley of Lawrenceville, NJ; Maryalice Rubins-Topoleski handles the lighting design.

Show times all four weeks are Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.  Admission is $20 for adults, $17 for seniors 62 and up, $15 for WHYY card members, and $10 for children age 12 and younger.   Parental discretion strongly advised due to adult language and themes. To reserve, phone 215-295-3694 or email   The company’s website is; its Facebook page is at and the Twitter name is @actorsnet.

The Heritage Center Theatre is located at 635 N. Delmorr Avenue (Route 32), Morrisville, near the Calhoun Street Bridge.   August: Osage County is presented through special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

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