BLAINESWORLD #922 (Please send any comments to:

Section 2, part 2

(1) Norm K. in FL: Congrats to HBO. ‘The Normal Heart’ is unfolding to be a realistic, compelling drama on origins of HIV. Try to see it. If you can bear it.

(2) Catherine O. in MA: Great Issue. Particularly enjoyed piece about dolphins and the one about birds. You always cull such interesting tidbits. Thanks.

(3) Ingrid S. in PA: Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. Our weather up here is beautiful making us forget the awful winter we came out of.

We sent to see Belle yesterday at the County Theater. I highly recommend seeing this movie if you have not yet had the chance. It is a wonderful film. Based on a true life story.
(4) Donna S. in AL: Love this newsletter.  Great picture of you at the beginning.  Happy M day.
(5) Colleen D. in PA: Do you and your beautiful bride ever eat at home?
Answer: Not all that often!
(6) Andy S. in PA: Thanks – U always have the best funny Pics!
(7) Rodney S. in NC: Patent Office Grants ‘Photography Against White Background’ Patent To Amazon

Note: This is not a joke. For more information on the topic, please also read:

(8) Maryalice R-T in PA: On Being Self Conscious and The “Top” diet

(9) Steve R. in NY (about the prize he won in a recent BLAINESWORLD contest): I finally finished WAIT TIlL NEXT YEAR by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Outstanding book and great writing. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

(10) Meta C. in NC:  Looking for a cabin or house to rent the weekend of June 27. Got a group of 14, one handicapped, and we need a clean, spacious place at a reasonable price (not more than $700 for the whole thing). Know anything?? If so, please reply to:


Story Medicine Asheville news: This begins as a volunteer opportunity, moves with training into certification, a business opportunity, and more!!! Anyone interested, email me: Thanks! We seek new leaders for our men’s and women’s components, able to be a healing example and with strength in these areas:

1. Strong writing skills
2. Emotional intelligence
3. Assists facilitators
4. Dependability
5. Focused on group’s needs
6. Shines a consistent program light in the community
7. Creative enthusiasm for the work

(11) Jim P. in NY: HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER (in N. Woodmere, NY)

Viewings by Appointment (516) 532-5646 or (516) 286-6283
Evenings by Appointment (516) 792-3196 or (516) 679-9460

612 Nutley Place, North Woodmere, NY 11581
Pre-Broker: $675,000.00
Town of Hempstead Make Offer Now!
Section 39 Block 600 Lot 0005 Year Built: 1960
School District: Lawrence (#15) Lot Size: 65 x 100
4 Bedrooms on 1 level 2.0 Baths Other: Central A/C
New Architectural Roof -2013 w/guarantee Central VAC System
Eat-in Kitchen Cement In-Ground
Living room w- Cathedral Ceiling Swimming Pool (16’ x 32’)
Formal Dining Room Taxes:
Family Room/Den w- ½ bath $7,400.00 (Has STAR)
Basement • 2 Car Garage Veterans Tax Discount


Section 12A, NC events


(2) Daniel [Hensley] and Friends in Concert

Saturday, May 31 at 6 p.m.
Abernethy UMC, 1418 Patton Ave., Asheville

Come hear PAL owner/operator sing his favorite songs from musical theatre, pop, and folk songs. He will be joined by a few friends.

Donation at the door for admission, all proceeds go to Abernethy UMC’s Youth summer mission trip and the Music Program’s fix our handbell fund.


(4) Walter Beals in NC: It’s not to early to mark your calendars! If you missed one of our performances of The Temps, or would just like to see it again, we will be performing the full length version of it on October 4th at 8pm and October 5th at 7:30pm at the White Horse Black Mountain !!

Note: I saw this show when it first ran. You’re in for a real treat if you catch it this next time around!

(5) Linda Hollinshead in NC: This invite is to those of you who care about Chuck and about me, and would like to learn more about the two worlds in which we live.  The Second Annual “Sacred Journey of Dementia Conference” promises just that.

I will be on a three-person panel discussing the challenges and rewards of being a care-partner, but the afternoon break-out sessions are really where you’ll get the “meat of the matter.”  The speakers will share their expertise and open a conversation to further a better understanding of this disease and reduce the stigma and scary parts upon which so many other conferences have focused.  A large gap exists for those are living with the diagnosis and those who aren’t.  Bridging this gap builds a community no longer afraid of the scarlet letter “A” (Alzheimer’s) word, nor in spending time with those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or any other type of dementia.

Second Annual Sacred Journey of Dementia Conference

First Baptist Church of Asheville, 5 Oak Street, Asheville, NC 28801
Saturday, June 7, 2014 Time: 8:30am-4:30pm
A conference for persons with dementia, care partners, family members, professionals and community members
Registration Fee includes light breakfast, lunch, and snacks
$30.00 per person postmarked before May 25
$40.00 after May 25 and at the door
Make Checks payable to: FBCA
Please write SJD on the Memo Line
Address: Sacred Journey of Dementia
c/o FBCA, 5 Oak Street, Asheville, NC 28801
For more information contact First Baptist Church Asheville @ 828-252-4781

2c. How to Cultivate Creative Qi: Leonardo DaVinci Qigong

Tuition: $495.00

Housing & Meals  Choose an option… NoneDouble room ( +$495 )Single room ( +$795 )Commuters ( +$100 facility fee )

Deposit Option Available: Pay $150.00 today and the rest later.

1. “Add to Cart” will appear after option is chosen
2. Continue Shopping to add more retreats.
3. Click on View Cart above to begin checkout process.
4. Create a login Account & choose a password.
5. During checkout, save money with Discount Coupon codes.
Questions? Call now to reserve your spot! 1-888-750-1773 in USA Or email:

Retreat Description

Retreat tuition is only $495. for entire week! Tax deductible 501c3

Week 2: June 27 –  July 2 (Friday dinner & class – Wed. lunch)

2c. How to Cultivate Creative Qi: Leonardo DaVinci Qigong


Michael Gelb, best-selling author of How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci; 30 year qigong enthusiast with a new book on How to use Qi to enhance your creativity coming in 2014.

Leonardo da Vinci is the greatest genius in human history, renowned for his unparalleled accomplishments in art and science. Leonardo is also renowned for his exceptional poise, power, and grace of movement. He was a unique conduit for Divine Qi.

Creativity is my passion. I’m especially passionate about helping people develop and express their creativity. It’s my profession, but it’s also my life. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping someone realize his or her creative potential. Whether it’s helping an aspiring author to write her first book, guiding a company to develop a more creative culture, or assisting a young friend in discovering his creative purpose, there’s nothing that pleases me more. I do this by teaching tools for creative thinking and by a transmission of creative energy. That’s what I want to do for you in this sretrat.

“What if” questions are classic keys to unleashing creativity, so consider:

• What if there is a source of creative energy that is inexhaustible, easily accessible, and free?

• What if the people we call geniuses, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Hildegard von Bingen, Nikola Tesla, and Marie Curie, had an intuitive understanding of how to connect with this source?

• What if this retreat could teach you to apply that wisdom to raise your baseline of creative energy and insight?

• What if we combined this practical wisdom on accessing creative energy with an exploration of the most powerful methods for understanding and applying the creative process in your life now?

The answers are: There is. They did. It will. And using my special Leonard Da Vinci Qigong, you will discover that you are more creative than you’ve ever imagined!

The international best seller How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci introduced 7 principles to help you learn to be more creative. More than any other figure in history, Leonardo da Vinci represents the fulfillment of all of our creative potential. He serves as what Jung would call an archetype of human potential. In Da Vinci Qigong you will embody the principles and align with them energetically so that you may bring them to life in a profoundly powerful way.

1. Curiosità -embrace infinite curiosity.

2. Dimostrazione-develop independent thinking.

3. Sensazione– sharpen the senses.

4. Sfumato -embrace ambiguity and change.

5. Arte/Scienza– integrate logic and imagination.

6. Corporalità – balance body, mind, and spirit.

7. Connessione – discover new connections.

A few years ago during an intensive qigong retreat, I realized that it would be possible to help people experience the power of the Da Vinci principles through a series of postures and movements that evoke and magnify this universal wisdom.  I’ve been evolving and refining this practice and it has become much more than the sum of it’s parts.

In this seminar, you will embody the principles and align with them energetically.  You will experience a profound awakening of your creative qi.  I will also share insights and methods from my experience as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, aikido, Wu style tai chi and qigong to help you enliven and enrich your practice.  The seminar is perfect for beginners, masters and everyone in between.

Based on a synthesis of 40 years of research into the creative process, the Alexander Technique, martial arts and Qigong this practice enhances creative energy dramatically. You will learn the seven movements of this form and how to share the form with others.

Seminar Benefits

• Raise your baseline of creative energy.

• Learn the 7 principles of genius and how to apply them in your life now.

• Apply the Alexander Technique to improve all of your Qigong and Tai Chi practice.

• Experience a creative breakthrough!

• Obtain certification to share this unique and powerful form.


Michael J. Gelb is the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development. Gelb is the author of 14 books on creativity and innovation including the international best seller How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day.

A fourth degree black belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido, Gelb is co-author with International Grandmaster Raymond Keene, of Samurai Chess: Mastering Strategic Thinking Through the Martial Art of the Mind. Michael Gelb is also a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, (the method taught at The Julliard School for cultivating commanding stage presence), and the author of the classic work: Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique.

Michael Gelb has been studying Qigong for more than 25 years. He is certified to teach by Sifu Robert Tangora.
His new book Mastering Creative Energy: The Real Secrets of Genius published by Sounds True debuts in August of 2014. This book includes a section by Michael Winn on using the Inner Smile meditation to activate one’s creative Qi flow.

Video of Michael Gelb’s juggling class for 800 people:


“I love Michael Gelb’s unique perspective on Qi. It’s genius! This great book is a treasure chest of ancient wisdom made accessible for the modern world.  As a teacher of Qigong, Michael’s charisma and creativity make traditional movements feel like exciting discoveries. His classes are engaging, inspiring and fun.” ~ Lorie Dechar, Senior clinical supervisor at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture and author of Five Spirits: Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Healing

“Michael Gelb embodies the archetype of the Creative.  Through his immensely popular seminars and writings he transmits state of the art knowledge of the nature of genius, the working of the brain, and the quickening of creative energy. A master of the art of creative thinking, Michael will guide you in an exploration of your mind’s potential that is uniquely entertaining and illuminating. “ ~ Jean Houston, Ph.D. Author of The Possible Human

“Michael Gelb has taught on seminars I’ve organized since 1979. He is the real deal!  An innovator in the field of mindfulness in movement, Michael has an uncanny ability to synthesize and bring to life the essence of Qigong, Aikido, and the Alexander Technique. My students consistently give his classes rave reviews.  It is always an honor to study with him and an opportunity not to be missed.” ~ Michael D. Frederick, Director Alexander Technique Workshops International

Before your seminar, I thought that the world was divided into “creative” people and the rest of us. As a reluctant former engineer and accidental marketing professor, I considered myself firmly in the latter camp – a terminally left-brain-dominated automaton to whom the world of inspired creativity would forever remain a mystery.  You led me to a revelation. For the first time in my life, I realized that I had unique gifts to give, and that my life and work could rise above merely making a living to actually making a difference. Looking back, I mark this as the beginning of my own personal renaissance, a joyful journey of growth and self-discovery. – Professor Raj Sisodia author of Firms of Endearment and Conscious Capitalism

Michael Gelb is a man of infinite energy, bursting creativity and huge enthusiasm for life. He is a model, in short, of everything he celebrates and teaches. — Tony Schwartz author of The Power of Full Engagement

Michael Gelb is an astounding individual whose skills span a surprising and wide array of disciplines.  All journeys of innovation must begin with – and include throughout – the skills and principles that he espouses. I can think of no one better qualified than him to advise us in this space. – Jim Karkanias, Senior Director (Partner), Microsoft

Those who have watched Gelb in action know him as a master practitioner of many disciplines.- Ted Hughes, former Poet Laureate of Great Britain

Creativity on Demand is the result of a lifetime devoted to facilitating creativity in people and organizations. Whether your own interest is in cultivating the creative potential of other people or connecting more deeply with your personal talents and possibilities, it offers not only the inspiration, but also the practical guidance to help you make it happen. ~  Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D. from the Foreword

Michael Gelb has a special gift for making complex, challenging subjects simple and accessible without compromising the essence of the topics he explores.  In previous works he has provided original insight into the genius of DaVinci, Edison and other great minds, revealed the secrets of strategy through the metaphors of martial arts and chess, and taught us how to juggle, enjoy wine and improve our minds as we age. Now, in this, his most compelling work, he demystifies the ancient wisdom of China and shows us how to apply it to bring more verve and creativity to our lives. Brilliant   ~Grandmaster Raymond Keene, OBE, Chess columnist of the Times of London

“Do you want to know how to fill your cup with sparkling, juicy creative energy every day? Then read and rejoice- Creativity On Demand is a unique, practical, transformational resource for all who are passionate about living a great creative life!”  ~SARK Author, Artist, Succulent Wild Woman

“Are you hoping to make creativity a daily practice, but feel that what you’re doing just isn’t working? In his latest book, Michael Gelb shows us how to tap into a creative energy that’s been recognized and cultivated for millennia.  With examples drawn from a rich array of sources, both contemporary and ancient, this book might be the something different you’ve been looking for.”  — Daniel H. Pink, author of  To Sell is Human and Drive

Creativity on Demand is a highly original mixture of inspiration and executive coaching that will help you claim the creativity that is your birthright. Michael J. Gelb has generated an outstanding wellspring for creative thinking and practical problem-solving – you’ll find yourself reading it again and again to discover success and satisfaction in everything you do. And you’ll be thrilled with the results!  ~ Marshall Goldsmith, a Thinkers 50 Top Ten Global Business Thinker and top ranked executive coach.

Michael Gelb embodies the creative principles of the internal martial arts at the highest level.  He is an ideal role model for all who wish to balance body, heart, mind and spirit.  In this invigorating book he provides inspiring, practical guidance for anyone who wants to experience more poise, energy and creative potency. ~Tony Buzan, creator of Mind Mapping

I really love the way this book is written. It is clear, simple and very meaningful. The teachings are conveyed with remarkable precision and understanding. This work is wonderful! – Master Robert Peng, author of The Master Key

In this unique synthesis of Eastern and Western wisdom, Michael Gelb applies his expertise in the field of creative thinking to make ancient Chinese energy arts more accessible. At the same time, he shows how these ancient arts can help you become more creative.  – Sifu Robert Tangora, author of The Inner Structure of Cloud Hands

“This wonderful book is at once delightful, compelling, practical, funny and informative.  Reading it creates a feeling of excitement and possibility.   Rich with helpful historical references, stories and inspiration, you will also find detailed practical exercises that give you the ‘how’ of living more creatively and embodying your full potential.” ~Wendy Palmer, Aikido Sensei and author of Leadership Embodiment

“Michael Gelb’s ability to inspire creative thinking and esprit de corps is unparalleled.  In this unique and extremely valuable book he explains how he does it, and how you can too.” – Gerry Kirk, former Managing Director of Merck Sharp & Dohme Central America

“In a field cluttered with misinformation, Michael Gelb is an authentic source of practical wisdom for those who seek to develop their creative powers.” ~Murray Gell-Mann. Nobel Laureate, Physics

“In this unique synthesis of Eastern and Western wisdom, Michael Gelb applies his expertise in the field of creative thinking to make ancient Chinese energy arts more accessible. At the same time, he shows how these ancient arts can help you become more creative.”  — Sifu Robert Tangora, author of The Inner Structure of Cloud Hands

(8) Sunday, June 8

Asheville, NC
at Isis Restaurant and Music Hall

Earth & Sky with Richard Shulman – piano, Mike Holstein – bass, & Sonny Thornton – drums performing in the upstairs room at Isis from 6-8 pm

Tickets: $5.00 cover charge
18+ or w/ adult

Full Details:

(9) “Good Grief” Talk (presented by Barbara Brady)
Sunday, June 8at 11:00am – 12:15pm
Unity Church of Asheville, 130 Shelburne Rd., Asheville

Discover how you can live more fully through the pain of loss! I will talk about various types of loss; grief’s opportunities and myths; the purpose of pain and how to feel and release it without getting stuck; 11 gifts of grief and 10 things you can do move through and release grief in healthy ways.

(10)  The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown

May 29 – June 22
Flat Rock Playhouse DowntownBuy Tickets

This powerful and intimate musical by Jason Robert Brown follows the trajectory of a five-year relationship between Jamie and Cathy. We follow Jamie’s life from the past to the present and Cathy’s from the present to the past in this two-person musical about the complexities of love and marriage. Soon to be a major motion picture, The Last Five Years is an emotional journey perfect for our Downtown Playhouse.

For tickets, please click:

Note: I just saw this show. (More information next week.) It has fine performances and a great band.


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

(1) Tasting for Tyler Party
(2013 event raised $42,000. Thank You!)
June 6, 2014
6:00 – 9:30 p.m.
Tyler Mansion Newtown, PA

Join us for the Tasting for Tyler Party, the College’s premier food and wine tasting event. The event attracts more than 400 people every year to historic Tyler Hall, the French-Norman style mansion on the National Register of Historic Places and cornerstone of the Newtown Campus. Proceeds benefit students enrolled in Bucks’ Historic Preservation Program, and the preservation and restoration of one of Bucks County’s most beautiful buildings. For more information about this highly anticipated event or to become a sponsor, call 215-968-8224 or e-mail


(3) Comedy Cabaret:

Hey Sports Fans!!  Former Football Coach will make you Laugh @ Bucks County.  Friday is soldout already but seats available Sat! CLICK HERE2 Funny women on the same show with Star Search Champ, ventriloquest Taylor Mason – Friday in South Jersey  C LICK HEREOther shows


Written by Ken Ludwig
May 30 – Jun 15, 2014

ActorsNET, AKA Actors’ NET of Bucks County
635 N. Delmorr Ave., Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Fading husband-and-wife stage stars hope to impress a famed Hollywood director to reclaim their fame and fortune, but, as fate would have it, everything that can go wrong does go wrong! Of course, it doesn’t help that the couple is on the verge of splitting up because the husband has had a dalliance with the production company’s young ingénue. Sight gags and frenzied hilarity about. Directed by Joe Doyle.

George Hartpence as George Hay
Carol Thompson as Charlotte Hay
Co-Starring (alphabetically)
Tess Ammerman
John Bergeron
James Cordingley
Cheryl Doyle
Andrew James Gordon
Liz Rzasa

Director: Joe Doyle


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