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Section 2, part 2

(1) Zuzu W. in NC:  Blaine, every picture I have ever seen of you, you have a thumbs up attitude. You cheer me up daily with that picture pose.

Response: I was a bit peeved the other day, Zuzu, when I got my license renewed–and they wouldn’t let me use my thumbs up pose!

(2) Carol S. in FL: I enjoy your newsletters. I like the jokes, videos, encouragements and useful information.

(3) Natalie K. in PA: Saw J. Edgar Hoover [on DVD] with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Loved it.

(4) Lee Y. in NC: Please note that I have traded my home from At&t to Magic Jack. So far so good. It runs about$20/yr + $3/mo for a gov’t tax that every one pays. There’s also voice mail and e-mail. It’s also a cinch to set up and the sound is excellent.

(5) Powerhouse Fruits and Veggies

(6) Berta D. in NJ: This directly affects us. Tom worked for over 35 years for NJ & they r NOT upholding his contract. And they are illegally taking $$ from his pension fund. PLEZ SIGN!!!

(7) 7 Social Media Tricks You Haven’t Heard Before

(8) Marcie F. in PA: I grew up in an era where we pledged allegiance to the flag and sang the star spangled banner, out load, every day in school. We went to the Phillies game this week, and I was one of a handful who sang along with the evening’s playing of the anthem. At what point did we stop forgetting that this is our country’s “theme song”? And the question…”Oh, say can you see….” is for our pride in our country, not a delay in the start of the game !!!

(9) Sandy B. in PA: Especially good newsletter this week!  Have a great time in M.B.
(10) Scott P. in PA: Refer a Friend/Colleague to Become a KFS Professional
Do you know of any Special Ed Teachers, SLPs, OTs and PTs who are interested in rewarding and challenging positions where they can impact the lives of children with disabilities?
If so, refer them to KFS and earn $1000.00.Here’s how it works:Reach out to your professional community and identify colleagues who excel in school-based therapy or early interventionIf the therapist joins KFS Edu and works full time for 90 days, you earn $1000.00
Available only for those professional types listed above
Call SCOTT PATRICK – (484) 381-3169 and mention that you heard about it from me.Note: By chance, if anybody does this, let me know. Also, fyi: I’ll then donate the $1,000 to a charity!
(11) Pat L. in CA: Hi!  I know you said you’d be away, and this would be a shorter issue — but I thought it was especially good!  From the dogs named Mercedes and Beamer, to your “doubles” mention [when I was a little girl, at Knott’s Berry Farm, I was riding a burro and my father took a picture of ANOTHER little girl — I saw her, and yes, she looked EXACTLY like me!!!  Yes…. my dad DOES know what I look like!!] to your kitties “pose” to Mark Twain etc.!!   Thanks!!  I know you will enjoy Myrtle Beach!!
(12) Eric M. in NC: Hey everyone, please help us win the Camp Bow Wow contest! Please click on the photo below and Like the Photo. We need all the Likes we can get. Thanks in advance!

Eric and Griffin Martinez! — with Eric Martinez.
Photo: Eric and Griffin Martinez!
To “like,” please click link below:
(13) Jobs That May Be Slipping Away – And Those That Are Here To Stay
(14) Jeff T. in NC: It’s time to get all of these new songs properly recorded! With a full band! This costs money, though. Help me out. Let’s do it!

It’s been FOURTEEN YEARS since I released a really properly done studio album.  Needless to say, I’ve written a lot of songs since then, and grown a lot as an artist and as a person.  It’s high time to record another album.  I’ve got a great team of musicians I’m working with, and we’ve already got full band arrangements of these songs.  I’ve got fantastic resources as far as producers and studio space to help me realize these songs in the richly textured format they deserve.  All I really need is your help with funding it!  Making a record costs money.  I want you to be involved.  I want you to be able to say you helped me do this!
It doesn’t take much to be a part of it.  Even a dollar helps! There are rewards all along the way for different levels of support. For more information, please click:

(15) Paul K. in NC: 4 Factors Every Business Plan Should Address

Note: Clicking the above will get you a summary of a longer piece that you can also get for free by clicking:

(Then go to Google Preview.)

(16) Nelson S. in NC: Have You Been Using These Everyday Phrases All Wrong?

(17) Bruce K. in PA: World’s top museums

(18) Helping kids with homework


Section 4, Reviews

A. I had seen JERSEY BOYS, the show about The Four Seasons, and loved it. The movie with the same title is every bit as good. John Lloyd Young was good as Frankie Valli, but I thought Vincent Piazza as Tommy DeVito was outstanding. Christopher Walken was also watchable in his every scene. Director Clint Eastwood should be commended for the look of the film; it appeared very real. And the thing I liked most was the music. (Make sure you stay for the ending credits.) Rated R.
Note: I just added the above to my list of favorite films. If you’d like to get a copy of this list, please send an email to: and put FAVORITES in the subject line.
B. WINTER’S TALE is now out on DVD . . . my review from BLAINESWORLD #910 follows:WINTER’S TALE is the convoluted story of two lovers, spanning more than a century. It’s also about miracles, as well as the age-old battle between good and evil. Colin Farrell, as always, is watchable, as is Jessica Brown Findley (from TV’s DOWNTON ABBEY). Overall, though, I thought it was too long, and I wouldn’t rush out to see it. Rated PG-13.

A much better rental would be ROBOT & FRANK, a touching comedy about an aging cat burglar whose son gets him a walking, talking humanoid report for companionship to improve his physical and mental health. Frank Fangella is superb in the leading role. There are some funny spots in the film, but I especially enjoyed how it get me to think about the again process. Rated PG-13.

C. THE GIFTED: HOW TO LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS (Daphne Michaels Books) by Daphne Michaels is a short, but powerful book about the nine gifts we are all born with: Awareness, Potential, Stillness, Disharmony, Harmony, Ease, Clarity, Freedom and Engagement.The author, a speaker and licensed therapist, shows how our lives can be transformed if we just use the above.

For example: “When people first experience the exhilaration of ease, they often describe it, not surprisingly, as being ‘reborn.’ Everything about them is suddenly fresh and new. They approach life itself with excitement and eagerness to accomplish what is truly important to them. They pursue their goals with a captivating nimbleness of spirit and reach those goals with much less effort than the could have imagined.”

This book launches both Daphne Michaels Books and The Gifted series, whose goal is share the principles that guide the Daphne Michaels Institute. It has me looking forward to what’s coming next.

D. Heard THE TAILGATE: AN ORIGINAL SHORT STORY (Hachette Audio), written by Elin Hilderbrand and narrated by Erin Bennett.It’s the tale about young lovers at separate colleges that held my attention; i.e., until the very end. That’s when I found out there was no real resolution . . . rather, to find you more, I’m going to have to read  the author’s forthcoming novel, THE MATCHMAKER.

I am now so hooked on the characters that I will do just that. However, I had wished that Hilderbrand had made TAILGATE something that could have stood alone just by itself.


Section 12A, NC events


BJ Leiderman – Totally Unhinged
This is your invitation to the
one-of-a-kind experience ofBJ LeidermanIn Concert at Perelandra Studio
Located in East Asheville, NC.Saturday night, July 5th.
Complimentary Reception… 5:45 – 6:45 PM
Concert… 7:00 PM.Concert seats are $26 each.To obtain reservations
please phone Song of the Wood
@ 828-669-7675.
***** IMPORTANT *****
Saturday, July 5 is sold out. If you want me to add a Sunday afternoon show, please contact here:SHOWROOM@SONGOFTHEWOOD.COM
(828) 669-7675

(2) Mark Jones returns as Buddy Holly in this special event to benefit HART’s building fund. Recreating the Dance Parties of the 1950’s your ticket includes a hamburger and hot dog buffet. Set outside under the Big Tent, complete with dance floor, join Buddy and fellow legends Patsy Cline, the Big Bopper and Richie Valens and rock the summer away.

Buddy Holly : Mark Jones
Big Bopper: Strother Stingly
Patsy Cline: Tabitha Judy
Ritchie Valens: James Hendley

Friday, August 8, 2014 6:30 PM
Saturday, August 9, 2014 6:30 PM
Sunday, August 10, 2014 2:00 PM

Haywood Arts Regional Theatre
250 Pigeon St, Waynesville NC

Tickets for this event are $25
Call Box office for tickets. 828-456-6322

(3) Vic A. in NC: Saw Spamalot today [at ACT] and it was excellent.  Have you seen it yet?  Several members of the cast performed at SART.  Looked like a sold out house and everyone seemed to enjoy the show.

Response: I’m looking forward to seeing it on Sunday, June 29, with a bunch of friends.

Note: For tickets, others can click:

(4) Alison A. in NC: I had the pleasure of seeing this play [SHUNNED]  last night with Chelsey. Check it out, theater-mongers!

Bravo Chris and Patrick (Iain Alexander in review) and special thanks to my box office darlings, Steven and Jennifer!

Tickets available at

Note: For review of show, please click:

(5) Biro helps business leaders engage disaffected workers

Whether your business is in widgets or real estate, transportation or software, ultimately every business is about people and how to engage them, according to motivational speaker and coach Brian Biro


Most companies have high-sounding mission and vision statements, promising wonderful customer service and being the best ever in their particular industry. But most workers aren’t buying into the mission.

A 2013 Gallup poll on “The State of the American Workplace” showed that only 76 percent of workers are somewhat or not at all engaged in their company’s business mission.

Given a particular task or challenge at work, only 24 percent say “oh yeah, let’s do it.” Another 49 percent will say “OK, we’ll do it because it’s our job,” and 27 percent will have the mantra “Oh no!” according to motivational speaker and business coach Brian Biro.

“We’ve got the most educated, most experienced yet most unengaged people working in companies today,” he marvels.

Biro makes it his business to help move those workers out of negativity and companies into increased productivity and profits. The Asheville resident is usually on the road, having led more than 1,400 events for Fortune 100 firms and other top companies.

This summer, Biro gets to talk on his home turf, offering his “Breakthrough to Engagement” training in two different series through the new Asheville Center for Professional Studies at A-B Tech’s Business Acceleration Site or BASE in Enka.

About people

Whether your business is in widgets or real estate, transportation or software, ultimately every business is about people, Biro said this week at a reception for area executives at the Enka campus.

“Leadership is about letting the people you lead know that they are important. It’s about how to get everybody closer to their potential,” Biro said. “Engagement is not only possible. It’s plannable.”

The payoff is not just a feel-good solution for companies, but directly affects their bottom line. Biro points to a 22 percent increase in profits and a 21 percent jump in productivity for companies that can get all their employees on board with the basic vision.

But leadership is more than squeezing more cash out of customers. Biro’s message goes to family, community, personal values and career satisfaction. Along the way, he tries to redefine success for his audience. “We have to look at success as peace of mind. You control your controllables rather than trying to control outside circumstances. It’s about your effort, energy and attitude. If you can change the way you look at people, the people you look at will change.”

Motivational speaking is a third career for the personable Biro. He first learned about leadership and coaxing high performance from people, working as a U.S. swimming coach in Southern California. From athletics, he went into corporate culture, helping turn around a failing transportation company.

For the past 25 years, he’s married those passions for coaching and business building into a career as a top motivational speaker.

Helping locals

Terri King, for one, believes in Biro’s methods to build teamwork in the office. The president and CEO of Coldwell Banker King in Asheville and Hendersonville, she was able to keep her company alive during the worst of the Great Recession when the housing market nearly collapsed.

She’s been able to build her realty business to a staff of 62. “Coming from an athletic background, I liked the association that Brian makes with business and athletes and sports.”

Flexibility and focusing on a vision have been key concepts she took from Biro’s first book “Beyond Success” with a foreword from the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden. “It’s a foundational part of my business library,” King said.

Biro’s classes are just part of the local leadership and training courses offered through the Asheville Center of Professional Studies. “We want to be the training center for Western North Carolina,” director Katherine Morosani said. “We want to keep those training dollars here so that companies don’t have to send their employees down to Atlanta or Raleigh.”

The center is offering specialized training in landscape mapping for civil engineers or coding for information technology types as well as broader business planning with Bob Dunn, a consultant formerly with Mountain BizWorks.

Morosani sees the training opportunities as yet another cog in the area’s economic engine, drawing professionals from elsewhere to train and enjoy Asheville. “We can become a professional development destination for the mid-Atlantic region.”


This is the opinion of Dale Neal. Reach him at or 232-5970 or @dale_neal.

Brian Biro

Brian Biro will offer his Breakthrough to Engagement Training at the Asheville Center for Professional Studies at BASE – Small Business Center, 1465 Sand Hill Road, Candler.

A one-day immersion class for chief executives and critical leadership staff will be 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. June 28.

A four-week training for company teams and management teams will be 8-10 a.m. July 8, 15, 22 and 29.

Cost is $495 per person and $450 for members of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce. Companies bringing a team of five or more can get a discount at $415 per person.

For more information, go to or contact


Where: Hendersonville Little Theatre, 229 S. Washington St.

When: Friday through June 29. Performances at 7:30 p.m. Thursday-Saturday and 2 p.m. Sundays

Tickets: Adult, $20; students (18-25), $15; youth (17 and younger) $10

Info: Call 692-1082 or visit

For a review of the show, please click:

Note: I’ve already seen the above. It’s excellent. More information in next week’s issue.

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