BLAINESWORLD #932 (Please send any comments to:

Section 1

The A-B Tech Small Business Center at the BASE (Base Acceleration Site in Enka), in conjunction with its community partner, Asheville SCORE, cordially invites you to the following free seminar:

Maximizing Your Mobile Marketing (including email & social)

Tuesday Aug. 19, 2014 from 2-4:30 p.m.

Asheville-Buncombe Technical College, 1459 Sand Hill Rd (Enka Campus), Room 2046 in the Small Business Center, Candler, NC

Today, tons of consumers are using mobile devices for engagement marketing . . . to find what they need, to assess their options, to make decisions, and to make purchase, and most of all, to decide what they “think” about YOU!

Small businesses and nonprofits who embrace mobile marketing trends now will be able to compete. Let us help you understand this mobile transition, so you don’t get left behind.

Throughout the session you’ll be given opportunities to capture your own ideas and build out the framework of your own “next great campaign.” So join us and start to build a plan that will help you grow your business by eliciting the responses you want from your customers or supporters.

The seminar will be conducted by Constant Contact Local Expert Presenter Aaron Wesley Means.

Aaron is a Communication Specialist, Internet Marketing Specialist, and the CEO of ACTIVATE Business Solutions. He is a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert and provides Best Practices seminars in the Carolinas and surrounding region as well as appearing nationally to present marketing topics to a diverse audience.

The seminar is hosted by Blaine Greenfield, Social Media/Marketing Consultant for the Small Business Center at ABTech, and Asheville SCORE mentor. Blaine also publishes an informative newsletter, BLAINESWORLD, that you can receive for Free by clicking:

To register:
Seating is limited, so please register in advance by clicking the link below or:

For more information:
Contact Aaron Wesley Means
ACTIVATE Business Solutions


Section 2, part 2

(1) 7 Steps to a Cheaper Hotel Room

(2) Clear Link Found Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Alzheimer’s Disease

(3) Janeen R. in PA: I found this in the Jewish Exponent and made it last week. However, it is not really just for Passover and no special ingredients are needed! Since there are so many people who have allergies to gluten, it reminded me of a mushroom onion quiche since no crust is actually formed–but it is shaped firmly in a pie plate! PS. I made l/2 the amount, and it came out perfect.

Mushroom Kugel

2 large red onion,(must use red onion) I cut onion in 1/2 then sliced 3 tab. oil 2 lbs. mushrooms, peeled & sliced 3 eggs (if you 1/2 recipe use 2 eggs) l/4 cup mayo 2 tab. potato starch (2 tab. corn starch is the same) 2 tab. onion soup mix l/4 tsp. garlic powder, ground pepper for taste.

Spray with cooking spray a 9 inch round pie plate preheat oven to 350 degrees Heat oil in skillet & saute onions til soft about 8 minutes. Add mushrooms & saute additional 2 minutes. In a large bowl, combine onion – mushroom mixture with remaining ingredients. Stir well to combine. Pour mixture into the prepared pan. bake for 45-60 minutes til top is browned. serves 10

(4) Sunny R. in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): The 22 year old daughter of one of my best friends in Spain is coming tomorrow night, for 3 weeks, to experience American life and culture, and practice her English. Carole and Brian will have her at their home part of the time, since I will have to work my normal schedule, and I am looking for ideas for things to do and places to go, and if you have any young people in your circle of friends/family that might be able to spend some time with her. Her name is Ainhara, just graduated from college in Barcelona, and will be happy doing anything while here. I believe Carole talked to Marcy about spending a day at Kilwin’s and shadowing someone there. Thanks for any assistance and ideas! Respond to:

(5) Jane B. in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): As you know, I work for a homeless shelter and Soup Kitchen in Wilmington where we feed, shelter and more importantly rehouse our neighbors in crisis. We are having a fundraiser this fall (September 20) called The Flavor of NC as a way to remind us that we share a Carolina home. The event will feature foods, drink and music from 3 regions: the mountains, the Piedmont and the Coast. Since you are so connected in the mountains, I’m wondering if you know anyone who would be willing to donate a weekend in the mountains–a home, a bed and breakfast, a resort. Anything that we could use in our auction to help raise money. Let me know if you know anyone I can contact. Really appreciate your help and support. If you can help out, please contact Jane at 910-763-4424 x110 or

(6) David W. in NC: Was my first read of the newsletter and liked it…many thanks.

(7) Janet W. in NC: I know you have been musing how there are no decent diners in Asheville. I wondered if you have tried “The Local Joint” in Fairview. We have stopped there a time or two on our way back from our cabin in Lake Lure. We have found it to be quite delicious. As so typical in Asheville it uses local a lot of local produce and meat, cheese, etc- the chalkboard has all the vendors listed. We haven’t been there for breakfast, but want to try that too. You should check it out. Maybe it’s what you’ve been looking for!

(8) Sandy B. in PA:  Great issue Blaine! First of all I LOVED the bobblehead of you and MBB Cynthia – but $238?  Holy crap?  How much of a coupon did you have and how big is this ‘statue”?  LOL

also loved the OBIT  on Ginny Jameson and when I went to read more of the obit, I discovered the BC Herald.  WOW – loved it.  Will be reading that now instead of the Courier Times.

also loved the shadow fun pic and the love-hate pic you included.  So all in all this was quite entertaining and enjoyable on a Sunday morning!  Thanks buddy!

Response: I think I got $75 off with the Groupon. The statue was a bit on the smallish side.

(9) Michael F. in NV: Nice bobble head piece.

(10) Donna S. in AL: The weeks pass fast these days. I turn around and another newsletter has come.  I enjoy them so much.


Section 12A, NC events

(1) 40 Years of Starting Conversations: Our VOICE’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Thursday, September 4 at 6:00pm Diana Wortham Theatre 2 S Pack Sq, Asheville, North Carolina One of the biggest challenges we face in ending sexual violence is silence. For forty years, Our VOICE has been committed to breaking that silence by starting conversations with many people and many community partners. We do this because we know that once we’re all talking about sexual violence, we can end it. Join us for our 40th Anniversary Celebration, 40 Years of Starting Conversations on September 4th at the Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville, NC, featuring keynote speaker Anita Hill, Brandeis University Law Professor. You may purchase tickets online at or at the Our VOICE agency office located at 44 Merrimon Avenue, at Malaprops Bookstore, or at aSHEville Museum on Wall Street.


Need more information? Download a flyer.
Session 1: Find Your Niche
What will it take to earn your competitor’s business and why will a customer choose you over other options that exist? Learn how to be relevant in your market by researching your competitors and community, and strategically deciding how you will fit in and compete.
Session 2: Hit the Bulls Eye
Who are your customers and where can you find them? Learn how to use online resources to get demographic and census data about your target market.
Session 3: Spread the Word
What’s the difference between branding, advertising and promotion? Learn the importance of effective advertising and branding. Develop promotional strategies that your customers can relate to.
Session 4: Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse
Learn the art of selling your product, your service and yourself! Gain valuable skills on how to listen to your customers and communicate clearly the benefits of what you have to offer.
Wednesday, Sept 3rd
9:00 – 1:00pm ET
A-B Tech SBC, BASE Room 2046
$50 (includes lunch)
Presenter: Tonya Snider, tenBiz
Wednesday, Oct 1st
9:00 – 1:00pm ET
A-B Tech SBC, BASE Room 2046
$50 (includes lunch)
Presenter: Tonya Snider, tenBiz
Wednesday, Nov 5th
9:00 – 1:00 pm ET
A-B Tech, BASE
Room 2046
$50 (includes lunch)
Presenter: Tonya Snider, tenBiz
Wednesday, Dec 3rd
9:00 – 1:00 pm ET
Room 2046
$50 (includes lunch)
Presenter: Tonya Snider, tenBiz
SBC Marketing Event Registration
Meet the Speaker
Tonya Wilson Snider has served in the economicdevelopment arena in Western North Carolina since 1998. She holds an MBA from Western Carolina University and has held various roles ranging from management and leadership, to lending and consulting. She has also trained educators throughout the state in an active-style entrepreneurship curriculum. Through  her company tenBiz, Tonya continues to work with both the private and public sectors, focusing her efforts on helping businesses realize their full potential.  For more info on Tonya and tenBiz visit her website
This event sponsored by:
A-B Tech Small Business Center

1465 Sand Hill Road Candler, NC 28715

The Small Business Center (SBC) is part of a statewide Small Business Center Network (SBCN), a community college-funded initiative with a vision to foster and support entrepreneurship, small business, and economic development in local communities across the state.  The Small Business Center at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College is a valuable resource for small businesses in Buncombe and Madison Counties.


The Art of Forgiving Workshop
Aloha,I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful and relaxing summer!With Fall on the horizon, I am so excited to share what has been happening for me and what I will be doing in the Fall here locally in the Asheville area as well as long distance – with both my music and the Hawaiian Healing Arts under a new Name and Brand.  It has been a long journey over the last number of years, with a lot of moving around and going through a number of relationships to bring me to where I am here now in returning to Asheville.  I feel I have come full circle in many ways.I have spent the summer exploring and playing with all the pieces – like the pieces of a puzzle – to see how they now all fit together.  It has actually taken the full 9 months since I have been back in Asheville to bring it all together.  And this baby is definitely ready to finally “be birthed”.I am now officially introducing Bring Hawai’i to Your Hips and Aloha to Your Lips to help Women to Let your Inner Self Flow.  I will be sharing this as a Hawaiian Musical Storytellerand through the Hawaiian Flow Transformation System for Women, a spirit/body/mind integration system using the Sacred Knowledge and Ancient Healing Arts of Hawai’i.For those of you who are not familiar with these ancient arts, they are grounded in what the Hawaiians calls “Living the Aloha Spirit” or “the Way of the Heart” and have tremendous roots and history. In going back to them, we can learn how to go forward by looking deep within to our spiritual understanding and empowerment of ourselves – to our own Inner Flow. They are a precious resource in our modern world that is punctuated by so much stress, chaos and uncertainty by helping us to maintain harmonious relations with our spirit/body/mind, the sacred land and the human family so we can co-create the world and the life we want.Hawaiian Musical Storytelling I am continuing to do Programs at the Senior Residences around the Asheville/Hendersonville area.I have a Concert scheduled on September 6 at the Fletcher Branch of the Henderson County Public Library from 11:00am to 12 noon.  It is open and free to the Public.   I am in the process of getting one set up at one of the Buncombe County Librairies.I have also become a member of the Asheville Storytelling Circle and will be doing much more storytelling around the area. I also am planning another Kaleo & Friends Concert at the Masonic Temple for some time later in the fall.The two Hawaiian Flow Trainings that I will be offering, starting in September are: The Sacred Art of Hula – a new weekly class in Asheville Would you like to experience a flowing and sacred dancing meditation to gracefully move more easily and freely with the flow of Nature – the “aina?   Would you like to experience the fun and joy of living as the radiant and empowered goddess that you are? Come experience this Sacred Art & Ancient Storytelling, that is similar to the Chinese Tai Chi with its slow and fluid movements, There is an Introductory Class on Monday, August 25 from 6:30-7:30pm in West Asheville.   Call to reserve a space, and you will receive a 50% discount on the fee. The new Sacred Art of Hula class will begin on Monday, September 8 from 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm. I am also continuing to share hula with several of my students in Bloomington – over Skype.  Who would have thought that would be possible???  It is!  And I am speaking with some of the senior residences locally here about offering  classes to their residents, and at the libraries as well.  I am so pleased to see that there is such an interest in women wanting to learn this beautiful dance. The Art of Forgiving through the Kupono Process, a System of Conflict Resolution Would you like to change your relationship to the world so your experience of the world will become more grounded in love and harmony?  Would you like to become realigned with your spirit/body/mind and your past, present/future? The Kupono Process is a more traditional version of Ho’oponopono, different from the modern form so popular today on the Mainland.  Ho’oponopono is one of the most sacred values and practices of the Hawaiian tradition for conflict resolution. This version uses simple and practical techniques for both groups and individuals, and it includes your relationships to the physical, financial and environmental conditions in addition to your family, business organization, circle of friends and couples. A 7-week training on the Art of Forgiving and Conflict Resolution will begin on Thursday, September 11 for 7 consecutive Thursdays from 6:30 pm– 8:30 pm. Private Mentoring Sessions are also available A 20 minute complimentary Aloha Session is also available during the month of August by phone or Skype. Call and schedule a time to see how the Hawaiian Flow Transformation System can be of help to you. And, last but not least, I have a whole new look for my website.  Check it out at:, and let me know what you like about it.  You can find more info and a schedule of all the events there as well. I would enjoy hearing how your life is going.  If you have a moment, drop me a note or give me a call for a little “talk story”. Me ke aloha pumehana, Kaleo


 “Smoke on The Mountain- Homecoming”

Join Us for the Final Show of the 2014 Season at SART

and Save $5 per ticket
Enjoy this popular play
“Smoke on the Mountain”
Runs only 1 week, August 6-10
“Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming”

What a terrific 40th season we’ve enjoyed at SART. We’re now about to wrap it up with a sure winner as we open our final show of the season, “Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming”, with a limited run of only one week (August  6-10).

Be sure to make your reservations by ordering your tickets now.

Tickets for this excellent show are going fast, ESPECIALLY WITH $5 OFF THE REGULAR TICKET PRICE FOR ALL TICKETS.  SART extends this special $5 off our ticket price to all of our audience members as our way of saying thanks for helping make this 40th anniversary season a memorable and exciting one for all of us.

Call now as tickets are selling fast for this popular second edition of “Smoke on the Mountain”.  You must phone in your order to receive the $5 discount. Call 828-689-1239.

For more information on available seats, and to buy tickets at full price check our website by clicking on the link below.

There’s not a bad seat in the house at the historic Owen Theater.
Box office hours run 12-5 weekdays, Sunday 1-5, 12-8 on performance days, and closed on Mondays.  Order your tickets now.
Patrons requiring handicapped seating and/or wheelchair accessible seating please call the SART Box Office at 828-689-1239.
sart163 owen theatre picture
SART grows for the sake of our loyal audience members, and new SART goers as well.
We have wonderful news!  Mars Hill University has scheduled Owen Theater for final renovation and capital improvements beginning September, 2014, at the end of our 40th season.  This includes plans for a new black box theater, restrooms, and a new Box Office.
Soon, we’ll be announcing locations in Asheville and the region where we’ll produce our 2015 season.
Note: I’ve already seen SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN HOMECOMING. It’s excellent. You’ll enjoy it, too, if you can catch a performance before it closes.
(5) Vocal Blast Benefit Concert: The Performing Arts Laboratory, a production company, home of Vocal Blast, and a voice/acting studio, is proud to announce their upcoming benefit concert ‘Live in Living Color’ Sunday August 10, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.  The Performing Arts Laboratory is celebrating FIVE YEARS of being a working voice studio that has morphed into a full performing arts production and education center.This is a one night only concert with no tickets, just a donation at the door for admission. Held at Abernethy UMC on Patton Ave. (Patton’s Pumpkin Church)Vocal Blast is a community -all volunteer- show choir started in 2012. Our mission is to raise awareness and funds for performing arts through performance and scholarship programs such as the JPW Schierhorn Education Fund for Asheville City Schools. In two years we have held 8 benefits donating thousands of dollars to performing arts in our local school programs.This benefit is split between the JPW Schierhorn Educational Fund and the Abernethy UMC’s music programs, specifically the need to repair some instruments we own to continue growing our music programs.The ‘Live in Living Color’ Benefit Concert is a collection of songs from musicals that have been adapted from a film. This means a film must have been adapted to make a musical, and not the other way around. You will hear songs from ‘Catch Me if You Can’, ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’, ‘9 to 5’, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’, and ‘Shrek’. Vocal Blast’s ‘Live in Living Color’ Sunday August 10, 2014. For more information about the Performing Arts Laboratory please reach out by phone or email.
(6) Vic A. in NC: Saw the play Sisters this evening.  It is a show that opens your eyes to racial issues that many of us never think about. Are you planning to attend? Response: I am going to try to make it. The group putting it on, Different Strokes, always does good work. The show runs through Aug. 24. For tickets, please click:
(7)   “Smoke & Cinders.” Tales around the Campfire with David Novak. Gates open at 6:30 PM Meet & mingle till 7 PM when the stories start with professional storyteller David Novak.  Get to know David at www. Space is limited.    RSVP to reserve a ticket at  or  call  828-658-4151 Suggested compensation for the artist – $10 pp.      Cash at the door. BYOCB  –  Bring Your Own Chair and Beverage Directions:  36 Benfield Road, Weaverville, NC       828-658-4151 From I-26 West to New Stock Exit 21.  Right at the stop sign.  Left at first light Weaverville Blvd.  Right at next light- Reems Creek.  Drive 4.5 miles.  Right at Ox Creek Rd. for 1.3 miles.   Left at Ballard Branch which is dirt for .5 mile.  Right fork at Benfield Rd.  Drive .3 miles to #36.  Sharp left into gravel driveway.  Stay right around curve. Space is limited   –    RESERVE today    Rain or Shine!
(8) Join us Wednesday, August 20th, at Yao Buffet Sushi Grill for our Lunch & Learn series! Tina FireWolf’s Topic is Communication from Chaos to LOVE. She will give a light hearted look at some Tools, Tips and Tales that help illustrate what skills are needed to communicate from a compassionate place. Tina FireWolf was a Middle School Science Educator for 8 years in California where she quickly learned that public school was her Ashram and her students were her Gurus. During the teaching of Genetics and Chemistry she realized what her students really wanted to know was what she was currently learning about herself – she called it “The Science of Self” and began to weave this into her curriculum – until one day students and teachers alike began to encourage her with words of “You really need to be on stage.”  She took that seriously and retired a few years later. Tina FireWolf grew up on a 30 acre farm where summers were often spent in snorkel gear floating in the stock tank observing the goldfish she asked to dad to stock for her. She has a love affair with the Ocean world and began her career at 15 working in a local pet store. As a SCUBA instructor she has dove with sharks of various species on purpose, experienced underwater caves and shipwrecks and spent several years assisting in research on Clownfish and Southern Flounder. The world of Science took her from Aquariums to Zoos and she stills spends endless hours in nature watching life unfold. All are welcome to come and bring a friend! The agenda for the luncheon is as follows: we will be having lunch from 12:00 – 12:30 pm, FireWolf’s presentation from 12:30 – 1:00 pm, and a networking opportunity from 1:00 – 1:30 pm. The meeting will be held at Yao Buffet Sushi Grill, 153 Smokey Park Highway, Asheville, NC 28806. If you get lost call Yao at (828) 667-041.


Section 12B. PA/NJ events

LAUGHING AT COMEDY CABARET! Get some friends together and Come out for some BIG LAUGHS! 2 Comedy Club Headliners on the shows this weekend.

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