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Section 2, part 2

(1) There’s more to estate planning than just the will

(2) Mike M. in NC: THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY ***1/2

A delightful entertaining film that once again proves Helen Mirren can do anything and make it brilliant. This movie will be in my top 10 favorite movies of the year. I was having trouble putting words together for this review, so what follows was taken off IMDB. There are several great messages in this film. One, you can move someplace that is a totally different county and fit in and become part of that country and a stubborn old nasty woman can realize she has a heart and makes a total change.

The family of talented cook, Hassan Kadam, has a life filled with both culinary delights and profound loss. Drifting through Europe after fleeing political violence in India that killed the family restaurant business and their mother, the Kadams arrive in France. Once there, a chance auto accident and the kindness of a young woman, Marguerite, in the village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val inspires Papa Kadam to set up a Indian restaurant there. Unfortunately, this puts the Kadams in direct competition with the snobbish Madame Mallory’s acclaimed haute cuisine establishment across the street where Marguerite also works as a sous-chef. The resulting rivalry eventually escalates in personal intensity until it goes too far. In response, there is a bridging of sides initiated by Hassan, Marguerite and Madame Mallory herself, both professional and personal, that encourages an understanding that will change both sides forever.

(3) Tom S. in NY:  I really enjoyed reading “Blaine’s World.” I like the layout and the jokes.

(4) Maria A. in PA: I enjoy your newsletters very much. I am glad you had a chance to see Natalie and Ivan. You all look great in the picture.

(5) Neil R. in VT:

Know how to grab attention in the subject line of an e-mail? Use these words: “Your new book.”It’s surprising to discover how many people are thinking about, are writing, or have written a book. Many of us have a romantic vision of sitting in a garret at 2 a.m. with a cup of coffee, a cigarette, some jazz music in the background, pounding out the next big novel, maybe even on an old-fashioned Remington typewriter.Maybe it’s not a novel you’re writing. Instead, you’re thinking about publishing a book to enhance your business credentials. Throw out your business cards! Handing out your new book is much more likely to get your foot in the door.Some of us are faced with the task of raising money for a local school. Aha! A cookbook could be a great fund-raiser. And we know lots of people who are ready to write a memoir. Isn’t your life fascinating?There are millions of reasons to write a book, and millions of authors who want to write those books. Many of those authors dream of untold riches from book sales. People revel in the glory of being a “published author.”I think most authors understand that becoming a best-selling author is like becoming a pro basketball star: there are a lot of wannabes, but not much room at the top. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play the game.We have just started a new division of Brigantine Media to help authors who are ready to self-publish their books. It’s called YOUR NEW BOOK. Having spent the past thirty years publishing books, first as part of Raphel Marketing and now as a stand-alone unit publishing business, education, and fiction, we think we can help aspiring authors through the choppy waters of self-publishing.There are other companies that offer self-publishing services. But we try to be different from the rest by:

  • Consulting for free for a half-hour with authors thinking of self-publishing—no strings attached
  • Offering complete book solutions at affordable prices for specific categories of books—fiction, nonfiction, business, memoirs, children’s books, and more—or a la carte services for exactly what they need
  • Helping authors publish and sell their books online and through bookstores
  • Letting authors keep 100% of their sales—and they own their print-ready and e-book-ready files, too

We’ve created a website for our new business called (I bet you’ve already guessed this): We’re not opening the website to the public until Sept. 8. But please explore it in the meantime and tell the authors you know about it.

And we’d appreciate any thoughts you have about our website or our self-publishing program.

And, finally, we’d love to help you publish your new book.

Copyright © 2014 Raphel Marketing, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you subscribed to our list or you are a Raphel Marketing customer.Our mailing address is:

Raphel Marketing

211 North Ave.

St Johnsbury, Vt 05819

(6) Ellen P. in NC: Gotta say I love reading your blog, the reviews and photos.
(7) Marty S. in PA: Gallant rendition [of “You Gotta Have Heart”] BG.

(8) Marilynne H. in NC: Volunteers Needed to Collect Petition Signatures for Dystonia Awareness

The DMRF supports the efforts of volunteers across the country who have created a petition asking the White House to recognize Dystonia Awareness Month in September. If the online petition collects 100,000 names between September 1 – 30, the White House will issue a response. To read the petition and add your name, click here.

For more information visit or “Make September Dystonia Awareness Month” on Facebook, and follow @DystoniaAware on Twitter.

Below is a video tutorial that demonstrates how easy it is to add your name to the petition.

Accelerating Research & Inspiring Hope

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) has served the dystonia community since 1976. Join us in our global effort to find a cure.
(9) Michelle B. in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): Your efforts have helped! So far, the campaign [for THE CANOE] is 28% funded.
I am asking my inner circle to share this information with their network to let them know the progress of the campaign. Every posted update encourages and reminds people to help keep the momentum.
Here is the link again. If you are comfortable, please share this and be sure to add that the campaign is 28% within the first week 😀
Thank you for your support and encouragement!
(10) Toni F. in PA: Love it [BLAINESWORLD #936] . . . .especially the Joan Rivers schtick.  I watched her on QVC all the time.  (I am wearing one of her tops now.)  She shouldn’t have died.


Section 11, Thought for the day

The Path Towards Excellence
by Harry Paul*To move towards excellence in every aspect your life you must first have a clear understanding of what it is-a definition.  Excellence is giving and being your best, period! If you are not doing this you are not moving towards excellence; you are moving away from it in a headlong rush towards average. Do some self-examination.  Think about a time when you were giving your best. Conversely, can you identify what kept you from giving and being your best in the past? I’m talking not just about at work, but also in your personal life.  You can’t have excellence in one without the other. Especially in today’s technology focused world within which we live. Why? Technology tethers us to work twenty-four seven. We all are just one email, text or voicemail from the office.It is also important to remember that excellence is an inside out proposition. If there is something keeping you from excellence it is almost always staring back at you when you are looking in the mirror. Realize you are the one that keeps you from excellence and mired in average where you accept good enough as good enough.When measuring your excellence-it is your excellence you are measuring, not against mine, or a colleague or friend. It’s your personal best.  And if you look at attaining and maintaining excellence in your life as a race-good news, you are the only one racing. There is no one else in the race. You get to win and there is no second place.Now with a better understanding of what excellence is you can start to ELEVATE yourself on a journey towards excellence and banish average forever from your life.Examine Yourself
It is easy for Average to insidiously slip into your life and before you know it your Excellence has been kidnapped. List the areas in your life you desire to attain ExcellenceLive with Passion
Create that zest inside you for life that causes you to smile even when circumstances are against you, to go that extra mile and to see your life and work as an opportunity, not something you have to ‘get through’

Equip Yourself
It’s not just important in the technical aspects of your work and lives but is also important in your relationships with one another

Verify and Clarify
Perception is everything and perception is created by effective Communication. Communication respects that there is a delicate balance between listening and talking

Accept Change
The only thing that remains constant is that everything changes. Flexibility understands this and helps everyone deal with and manage these changes in a practical and professional manner

Take Ownership
Ownership is a personal value and competency that promotes the knowledge that you have power and influence when you accept your responsibilities. Even in the face of constraints and barriers, you have the choice to operate using your judgment

Excel In All You Do
Do not accept average in your life. Begin your journey towards Excellence-to give and be your best!

* Reprinted with the gracious permission of Harry Paul, aka Harry the Fish Guy,  is an internationally sought-after speaker who delivers informative presentations that are upbeat, fun and make a difference.  Harry is the co-author of seven business books including FISH! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, one of the best-selling business books of all time. His latest book is Who Kidnapped Excellence? What’s Stopping Us From Giving and Being Our Best. Contact him at or visit his website at:


Section 12A, NC events


Full September-October Free Family Friendly Event Calendar!!!


Yamuna Body Rolling

Ann-Lee-290-213From the first time I tried Yamuna Body Rolling(YBR®) taught by my friend Kate Dunne back in 2003 in the Cayman Islands, my home country, I was sold! As the balls rolled away tension, tightness and stress, they were also educating me in being more aware of not just the gross sensations, like pain or discomfort, I was unaware of but the most subtlest of ways I could heal myself and heighten and increase my sense of wellbeing. When I walked out of class I felt loose as a goose. I don’t know if that is even a real saying but it sounds like how I felt and still feel today after rolling. In the Caribbean we would describe it as “easy”. I felt completely relaxed, my body felt light and easy to move around in. When you are in pain your body can feel like carrying rocks because of the energetic weight of pain. The pain/discomfort dominates your mental and physical being until it is released.


The other part I loved was the independence. I could self-fix instead of having to make an appointment with a bodyworker because my shoulders were burning suddenly, or my neck felt tight or my lower back was aching. All I had to do was get a ball and roll it out and if it didn’t unwind with ball work then I knew I might need something more. I could maintain my body’s wellbeing anytime, anywhere. Over the years I have used the balls for sore muscles, for relaxation but also to increase energetic flow in my body whether the constriction was due to mental or physical stress or tiredness. It was and still is, my self-help tool.

Every day life uses

When I travel on a plane I take a pair of the black balls and my foot Savers. While sitting I work my back from hips to shoulders, both sides of my neck and my skull. I work my legs from hips to the back of the knees. My foot savers keep my feet happy and reduce swelling due to altitude and long hours of sitting. When I travel by car because I have sciatica issues I put a black ball between my thighs engaging my adductors and lower abs. I also use the balls on my back as I’m driving. The most spectacular part is when I arrive at my destination I am painfree, relaxed and energetic.

Rolling, rolling, rolling!!

Yamuna Zake, the creator of YBR®, wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to fix most structural problems with her hands-on therapy called Yamuna®Body Logic. But she also realized there would never be enough trained practitioners leaving only a small percentage of people worldwide who would benefit. So she took all the basic theories and practice and made the ball the hands of the therapist leaving the person’s body weight to create the traction, movement and release on the ball. As your body weight sinks into the ball, your body elongates creating traction that allows a deep release giving you the benefits of a full body fitness workout, yoga, massage and healing — all rolled into one. YBR® is a natural complement to yoga because their goals are the same – to free the body of restrictions, eliminate stress and tension; creating calm and balance. Ann-Lee-310#226In group class or a private session, you learn specific techniques to release each part of your body; you are given balls of various sizes, depending on what parts of the body are being worked. YBR® will actually increase your vitality freeing connective tissue (myofascial release), re-educating muscles and tendons to let go, de-code negative holding patterns, open your breath, stimulate bones to reverse the impact sustained from repetitive activities so you can achieve a more beneficial structural alignment, giving your body a sense of freedom. We’ve all accepted the belief that as you get older you will get stiffer and lose mobility and won’t be able to do the things we used to do. That belief system is not part of Yamuna’s belief system. She believes everyone should be able to achieve his personal best at every age. Come to class and experience the freedom.

  • Class Schedule

    Foot fitness @11:00-11:30
    Body rolling @ 5:30-6:30

    Body rolling @ 10:15-11:15
    Foot fitness @ 11:30-12:00

    Foot fitness @ 5:30-6:00

    Foot fitness @ 9:30-10:00
    Saturday, September 13th class cancelled due to travel.

    Foot fitness classes are $7 and one hour body rolling classes are $12.

Hi, it’s Cheryl Sullivan, Founder of the Inception Point Institute here.If you’ve experienced any of my work or you have been receiving my emails for a while, you probably know that it’s a passion of mine to utilize Inception PointTherapy® in everything I do.As the developer of Inception Point Therapy®, there’s one thing I’m more passionate about than anything else.And that’s YOU having as much fun, making more money, having vibrant health and having a huge, positive impact on others…by opening your mind and heart to effortless change and inspired living through Inception Point Therapy.And that’s how you can fully move forward with your life’s path.Supporting you to do the work you’re called to do is my purpose…and my sincere desire.So I’ve taken 20 years of my personal experiences with hypnotherapy, NLP and energy work and combined it with material I have channeled to create an emotional breakthrough process to heal the body and mind.In my upcoming 3-day intensive workshop I will personally guide you to overcome your greatest obstacles and challenges, make the changes you need and want in your emotional and physical body, plus expand your intuitive abilities.And after showing you how to remove old pesky programming (and there’s always some!), I’m going to lead you through all the basics of becoming an Inception Point Practitioner and how to guide yourself and others through positive changes.I’m going to ensure that you experience the joy of working on yourself AND ensure you’re confident in your ability to guide others there.Are you ready for such a profound tool in your life and business?So whether you’re a practitioner or simply wish to receive healing, this is a weekend you’ll enjoy.It’s happening this October 5-7 in beautiful Asheville, NC.

Inception Point Therapy®, Level 1

Help Your Clients Get Better, Faster Results

Create a Business You Love

Heal Yourself or those You Love

—Join me for Inception Point Therapy

I’m really excited that we’ve already had several people sign up for the event from my inner circle of students, energy healers, and spiritual beings seeking to improve their human experience.

There are a few spaces remaining, and I would like one of those spots to be filled by you!

This is the first email announcement that I’m sending to my full list, so you expect the event to sell out well in advance.

Plus, I’m offering a special “Early Bird” Discount pricing that’s good for 7 more days, as a special for my friends, colleagues and subscribers.

Secure your spot here: Register Now!

There is nothing I have invited you to that can compare with the experience of this 3-day event. I’ve dedicated my life to sharing Inception Point with everyone I can.  I know it changes lives-I’ve seen it in my clients and students.  This is your opportunity to command this powerful tool and start using it right away.

I know you want to help people and help yourself.  I can show you how to truly make a difference-and love every moment you’re doing it.


Find out more here

To your health, wellness, and life purpose,

~ Cheryl

Read more about Inception Point Therapy

I’m looking forward to personally seeing you at the event!

Cheryl Sullivan
Book a Session
With Cheryl Sullivan
Relationships  *  Career  *  Health

(4) Two actors take on numerous characters and even more costume changes in this hilarious satire of theatrical and literary genres. The Mystery of Irma Vep satirizes all that is ridiculous in Gothic horror, Victorian melodrama, classic film, and conventional theater.

At Flat Rock Playhouse through Sunday, 9.14.14.

Note: I’ve already seen the above. Both Preston Dyar and Scott Treadway are great in this comedy will leave you breathless as you watch them switch between characters and costume changes.


We are so confident that you will love our current production,Pericles Prince of Tyre, we are offering a money back guarantee!
Shhh…don’t tell our bookkeeper!

The inter webs have been lighting up like a Christmas Tree with responses from audiences who have seen Pericles.  Maybe you’ve even seen the comments on Facebook or Twitter feeds or read the Citizen-Times review that said of Pericles, “It’s simply theatre of the highest order.”

But perhaps you’re still a little wary that you’ll actually like this one.
We get it.  It’s time and money for something you don’t know if you’ll like. Kinda like that food you now love that someone had to convince you to try in the first place.

To take some of the risk off your plate, we’re offering a money back guarantee for the next 10 performances.  We want to remove any barriers that you have from seeing this show.

How does it work? On the honor system.  If you attend a performance and do not like the show, simply send us an email to within 48 hours of attending the performance to let us know why.

This is a risk on our part as well. We ask that you stay for the entire performance. If you did not enjoy the performance, tell us why the production did not appeal to you via email. This offer is only good for full price tickets- previously discounted tickets are not eligible for refunds.

What have you got to lose?

Check out what the cast has to say about Pericles!
Watch this video to see some sneak peek footage and hear about the cast’s favorite character to play!


Transformative Storytelling

Saturday, September 20 * 7:30 pm

We are eager to announce the inaugural performance of Story For Life, an ongoing series conceived by Elisabeth Gray and New Umbrella. Asheville Community Theatre is proud to partner with New Umbrella on this first performance of this exciting new endeavor.

Professional playwrights are working with local seniors to transform their stories into short plays and monologues. Tales range from a Tennessee man fighting on the Pacific front in WWII to a local African-American woman recounting her first positive experience of integration in the 1960s. Those short pieces are then performed by some of the area’s best actors: Flat Rock veteran Ralph Redpath, UNCA professor Laura Bond, Janet Oliver, Maria Mason, John Hall, Dusty McKeelan, Emma Lenderman, and many more.

Isn’t that neat? We think so – and we hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a wonderful evening!

Buy Tickets Now!

The Addams Family: Oct 3-26

October 3-26, 2014
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm; Sundays at 2:30 pm

We’re in the midst of rehearsals for The Addams Family, the musical that will open our 2014-15 season! We know that you see the finished product, but it’s always interesting to see the beginnings of the process, too. In the top right corner is a portion of the scenic model built by Jill Summers, our Technical Director who’s also an amazing designer (she designed Spamalot, Cabaret, and Annie Get Your Gun last season). The picture at the bottom is our Addams Family at a recent rehearsal. The poster image in the top left is in finished-product-mode – look for it on the side of the Blomberg or on a postcard in your mailbox – and was designed by Dena Rutter, our terrific graphic designer!

Remember how hard it was to get a ticket to Spamalot those last weekends? We bring that up only because we love you, dear e-newsletter reader, and we want you to have the best seats to The Addams Family. And since we’re the first in this region to do this show, you might want to…

Buy Tickets Now!
The Addams Family is sponsored with generous support from:


Kaleo Wheeler
Bring Hawai’i to Your Hips & Aloha to Your Lips
Let Your Inner Self  Flow

We will be starting a new Monday night weekly Sacred Art of Hula class again at the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism.

We took off the month of August and now will be starting the fall classes with a new hula, called Ka Wai Lehua. It is a beautiful hula about the cycles of life. The music is also very powerful. A doctor who had 4th stage cancer believed that listening to this song over and over helped the cancer he had to go into remission. So this music and dance can be used for healing for yourself and for anyone you know who you would like to send love and support to.

The class will be from 6:45pm to 8;15pm.
The Apalachia School of Holistic Herbalism
2 Westwood Place, West Asheville

The fee is normally $15 for a single class, but there is a September special of half price or $7.50 for the first class. There is then a package of $45 for 4 consecutive classes.

Watch my teacher, Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, dancing
Ka Wai Lehua with his students:  Loea

E Komo Mai – Come join us and experience this flowing & sacred dance.Call 812-929-8898 to reserve a place
Master card and Visa are acceptedFor more info, go to: ke aloha pumehana,Kaleo

Lean Six Sigma Training For
Mid-size Manufacturers
Starts Sept. 22

Doug Jones headshotAs manufacturing makes its comeback, more and more industry leaders are looking to make sure they maximize their productivity – and profitability.  To help Western North Carolina companies get and keep their competitive edge, the Asheville Center for Professional Studies is pleased to welcome one of the country’s leading Six Sigma educators for a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Class.  The first week of the 3-week class starts on Monday, September 22, with follow up classes November 3 – 7 and December 1 – 4.

While Lean Six Sigma has become protocol for major firms since the late ’90’s, many small and mid-size companies may have not had the opportunity to integrate into their production processes.  Our Fall  Lean Six Sigma Lean Green Belt and Winter Six Sigma Black Belt series are designed to specifically serve this market: participants will be engaging with manufacturers from non-competing firms, benefiting from collaborative in-person discussions, and because a project is included in the curriculum, no outside project is needed for the certification.

Results prove companies that employ a Lean Six Sigma process to their production have faster cycle times, higher efficiency and leaner inventories, all lead to increased profitability.  Kristopher Hinz, Corporate Process Improvement Manager, Global Operations for SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY GROUP – a mid-size manufacturer in Henderson County, saw an immediate impact on his company. “Our annualized cost savings for one project were estimated to be $270,000, nearly 100x the training investment for our 3 Green Belt candidates  I am also elated to report that since the project was closed, the product defects tracked via customer complaints and internal scrap/DPPM have dropped to nearly ZERO.  These were real and significant savings that impacted the bottom-line profitability of SMARTRAC!”

Hinz was equally impressed with Doug Jones ability to deliver the content in an engaging format. “Doug Jones is clearly a subject matter expert with Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.  His experience in project coaching is valuable for any team, but especially so for a “rookie” group who may be new to these tools & techniques.  His classroom experience is engaging, dynamic, and supremely effective.  Sign up now for Doug’s training and coaching… before he decides to retire full-time!!”

We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to take your manufacturing firm to a world-class level.

Doug Jones 

Doug is a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Master Black Belt with 24 years experience as a trainer/coach, working with some of the world’s largest firms. 

To register or for more information, please call Katherine Morosani, Director, Asheville Center for Professional Studies, at 828.398.7100 or sign up at this link


Legal and Risk Management seminar
When: Saturday September 13, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDTWhereAB-Tech Enka Campus
1459 Sand Hill Rd
Small Business Center
Room 2046
Candler, NCThis FREE seminar covers legal issues, employment policies and other laws that affect your business.Ask the attorney and insurance agent. Discuss entity types, name searches and legal issues.  Discuss how to minimize your loss potential with proper business insurance.New this semester:  The Affordable Care Act and health insurance issues for small businesses.Seating is limited, and we will not be accepting registrations at the door, so click the button on the bottom of this page to register.Doors open at 8:30 AM.  The seminar begins at 9:00 AM SHARP. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to handle paperwork.To register, please click:


Playing Soon: A Midsummer Night’s DreamSaturday September 20th at 7:30pm(Stay after the show and celebrate opening night with the cast and crew.)
Sunday September 21st at 3:00pm (Join us for a post show discussion immediately following the show.)Friday September 26th at 7:30pm
Saturday September 27th at 7:30pm
Sunday September 28th at 3:00pmFall under the spell of Shakespeare’s most joyful and popular comedy.  Filled with magic, humor, music and spectacle, the merriment unfolds in an enchanted forest where fairies play tricks on unsuspecting lovers and bumbling actors are transformed beyond their wildest dreams.  With a magic potion that grants love at first sight, anything can, and does, happen!

School Performance: A Midsummer Night’s DreamParkway Playhouse is offering an exclusive performance for classrooms on:Friday September 26th at 11:30amIf you have a class that is interested in attending the performance, please contact Kristen Livengood at

(11) The PINK LADY GROUP is an all female parody of the famous Blue Man Group. It combines music, dance, comedy, magic, and multimedia to produce a totally unique form of entertainment. A blissful party atmosphere is the setting, as well as assortments of zany audience participation. The show is fun for all ages, energetic, and often employs thought-provoking satire on modern life.

Created by Rock Eblen in 2009, the popular event will be remounted this year for two nights only at 8PM Sept 12-13th in the Toy Boat Community Art Space. The new cast includes Errin Erinn Hartley, Kim Alma Hartley, and Kelsey Anne Carter. Benefit for the EBLEN CHARITIES and in memory of Margie Eblen. Kids age 8-15 FREE! Tickets (no fee) are $10 online or $12 day of show at

(12) Asheville Quilt Show

September 26-28, 2014 (Fri-Sun).
9-5 Fri & Sat;10-4:30 Sun at the WNC Ag Center
Over 300 quilts! $10,000+ in prize money 100+ Ribbons.


Section 12B, PA/NJ events


ARE YOU FUNNY? A couple times a year we do ‘New Comic Night” to give you the opportunity to make people laugh. We still have a couple spots left for Friday Sept. 19th in Bucks County and Saturday Sept 20th in South Jersey. Please email for availabilities. Best of luck!!!click for a great night out so much for laughing with us and we will see you at the show!

(2) You are Invited – Eric Mintel on Sept. 19 and Keith Spencer on Oct. 18
On Demand! is pleased to present two must-see musical events this fall
The Eric Mintel Quartet:
Returning to the Bucks County Playhouse
8 p.m. Friday, September 19

Order tickets today at (215) 862-2121 or online at
The Eric Mintel Quartet — featured twice at the White House and at the Kennedy Center over 10 times — brings their dynamic, thoroughly entertaining evening of jazz back to New Hope. They packed the Playhouse last time, so be sure to get your tickets today!
TICKETS NOW ON SALE:We Shall Not Be Moved!
Keith Spencer sings at the Mercer Museum
3 p.m. Saturday, October 18

Just $15 per ticket including museum admission
Call 215-348-9461 to reserve your spot!
Click here for more info
In conjunction with the nationally touring Civil Rights exhibition For All the World to See, join showstopping vocalist and actor Keith Spencer for a rousing theatrical concert, with poignant readings and popular songs from the Civil Rights era including “Oh, Freedom!,” “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” and many others.
Looking for unforgettable talent for an upcoming program or event? Contact us today!
Now booking for the holiday season, African American History Month, and Women’s History Month
About On Demand! Programs and Events
Natalie Kaye founded On Demand! Programs and Events to merge her passion for public service with her wealth of experience in event planning, programming, talent booking, and fundraising. In her work with On Demand!, Natalie produces unforgettable programs and events that inspire, enrich, entertain, and promote positive change.


The Plumstead Historical Society will hold its monthly meeting, Monday, September 15th, 2014 at 7 PM

Program: Program –Doreen and Judy Stratton will talk about the underground railroad.

Place to meet: Plumstead Township Municipal Building, 5186 Stump Road, Plumsteadville, PA 18949

October 20, 2014Future Speaker programCarol Orleman will speak about the Canal

Make an investment in local history!! … Join the Plumstead Historical Society!

$10 for individuals or $15 for family mail to the P.O. Box 172, Plumsteadville, PA 18949.

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