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Section 2, part 2B

(1) Nancy W. in NC: Looks like another great week in the life of Blaine!  Uplifting as always!  Don’t have as much time as I would like right now to peruse through this , but always enjoy seeing it!  Thanks!

(2) Kevin J. in PA: The problem with positive thinking

(3) Carole B. in NC: 50 ways to reuse your yoga or fitness mat

(4) Marilynne H. in NC: Please “like” Ask Your Mom on Facebook to share this wonderful idea:

(5) Ed B. in NC: Nightcrawler, just saw it.

I wrote this down half way through it.

“A brilliant depiction of the narcissistic underbelly of the Spectacle of the Real.”

It is brilliant, troubling and operates on several different levels.
One is the nature of the news business. If it bleeds, it leads.
The second and more insight is how a child raised on the self-esteem, self-development ideology can grow up not just to be a narcissist, but also a psychopath.
And, thirdly, how the world of news and entertainment is an ideal place for these types to find a home.

Jake Gyllenhaal is fantastic. I kept thinking that this would be a perfect pairing with his film, Zodiac.

This film kept me guessing throughout. Very entertaining.

(6) Mike M. in NC [on same film]: NIGHTCRAWLER ***1/2

Excellent performance by Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom a man driven by desire to hit the top at all cost. Lou breaks into the nightcrawler business after witnessing a highway wreck and watching a film crew filming it to be sold to the highest bidder for a news story. The lucky or maybe not so lucky TV is producer is Nina played by Rene Russo who is desperate to make it at the station she is working at. Rick Garcia who actually plays Rick Garcia in the movie is Lou’s broke apprentice who he hires to help him to the news scenes. Bill Paxon plays Lou’s rival who is as ruthless. As the movie goes along you realize that Lou is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The film is very suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times. A definite must see.

(7) Sandy B. in PA: Loved this newsletter and your jokes and cartoons were hilarious!  I stole the CHER Turn back time for my FB page. Thanks Blaine!  Lotsa smiles this morning!  Have a great weekend.

(8) Holiday C. in NC: Thanks Blaine!! This looks great! Can’t wait to read this . I hope you are having a good snow day!

(9) Margie Z. in NC: I love Cher!

(10) Terry B. in FL: As always, Blaine…enjoying your world!!! So, will you be a President? or not?

Response: I still have a few months to decide, but methinks I’ll first wait to see if Warren throws her hat into the ring! Sanders would also be an interesting candidate.

Section 12A, NC events

(1) Maggie B’s Presents – Pop You​r Cork​
​Disney Institute Master Storyteller
David Novak – Storyteller​

Whether you like it sweet or dry, hoppy or bitter, though​t provoking
or just plain wacky
grab a bite to eat, swirl a glass of wine or beer and
listen as David decants stories with legs that stand up to
the best vintage around.

“In him, The Brothers Grimm and Carl Jung meet Monty Python.” Houston Storytelling Fest​ival​

Thursday – November 13 – FREE
6 – 6:30 PM: Meet & Mingle
Time to order Maggie B’s delicious food
a glass of wine or beer to enjoy.

6:30 – 7:30 PM: Stories

It all happens in the rear of the store at 10 S. Main Street – Weaverville, NC. or



Wednesday, December 10, 2014 – 9:00am to 7:00pm


Blue Ridge Food Ventures (located on the A-B Tech Enka campus)


1461 Sand Hill Rd, Candler NC

Holiday Marketplace logo

One of the season’s most popular shopping traditions is back: the Holiday Marketplace at Blue Ridge Food Ventures.

Take care of all your shoppping needs at this event, held annually at Blue Ridge Food Ventures, located just three miles from Exit 44 off I-40, on the A-B Tech Enka Campus, at 1461 Sand Hill Rd. in Candler, with plenty of free and convenient parking.

Meet local food artisans and sample their handcrafted goodies – gourmet jams, hot sauces, organic chocolates and spicy herb blends. Enjoy a taste of some of the newest products made at Blue Ridge Food Ventures.

And don’t forget the soothing skin creams, balms, and other natural products made at the Blue Ridge Food Ventures Natural Products Manufacturing Facility: they make great stocking stuffers and a thoughtful something-special for your Secret Santa.

Also available: A last-minute chance to purchase a share in Winter Sun Farms, the CSA (community supported agriculture program) operated by Blue Ridge Food Ventures, offering healthy, locally grown, recipe-ready produce from area farms through the winter (or get gift certificates for friends and neighbors for a deliciously healthy gift idea).

From tasty hostess gifts and treats for the office party to unique thank-you presents for clients, holiday shopping is simple at the Holiday Marketplace at Blue Ridge Food Ventures.


(4) Mike M. in NC: GOD OF CARNAGE ***1/2

Attic Salt Theatre Company co founders Marci Appelbaum Bernstein and Jeff Catanese have given Asheville Community Theatre another hit.

Opening night was sold out as I expect most of the engagement will be.
Carnage is a comedy about two sets of parents who meet to discuss the fight their 11 year old sons had. What starts out as a cordial evening turns into a hilarious evening of a variety of loaded topics and at times insults. The show is brilliantly directed by Jeff Catanese( who gave us last seasons big hit Spamalot) and acted with great chemistry and timing by Dan Clancy, Chelsey Lee Gaddy,Christy Montesdeoca and Mike Yow.
The show runs through Nov 23 at ACT’s intimate little theater 35 Below. So, take a break from life and go see the show that’s considered a comedy of manners with out the manner.

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