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Section 2, part 2

(1) Sugar Season. It’s Everywhere, and Addictive.

(2) Margie Z. in NC: We ate at the Korean House Sunday night.  Yummy and a great crowd.

(3) Chuck F. in NC: Thanks, me friend, for nearly top billing in Blainesworld.

(4) Sandy B. in NC:  Great issue Blaine!  Enjoyed the jokes and cartoons and the Santa website!  I appreciate all the work you put into

this very creative newsletter.  I sure do look forward to it and I have much more time on a Sunday to take my time and read it through.

Happy Holidays to you and MBB Cynthia! 

(5) John M. in PA: I knew Hal Lefcourt from his many meanderings in this world: An NBA referee, a sometimes active Democrat, and, of course, his eternal claim that Levittown would be the second largest city in PA it it were a single municipality. (It’s made up of all or part of four municipalities in Lower Bucks County.)

His last best political story was about the day he met President Clinton and Clinton convinced Hal to switch neckties with him.  He displayed the tie, proudly for years in his office/home.
Enjoy all yer holidays.
(6) Mike M. in NC: INTO THE WOODS ***Good stage to screen adaptation of the loved Stephen Sondheim musical based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. The story focuses on a baker(excellent performance by James Cordon) and his wife who are unable to have a child because of a curse put on by the evil witch next door.Meryl Streep as always is brilliant as the evil witch who send the baker and his wife on a journey through the woods to bring her back a white cow, a red cape, a golden slipper and a strand of golden hair. In their quest for the items which will break the spell put on by the witch and will transform the witch back to a normal person, they encounter Little Red riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella, Jack and Beanstalk and Rapunzel.
I thought the special effects were great as is the score. What I didn’t like and found to be annoying is Lila Crawford performance as Little Red Riding Hood. Honestly if Johnny Depp would have eaten her from the start of the movie I would have been very happy LOL
The movie is good and will do well at the box office, but as far as an award winning movie, that it is not. I would be very surprised if it gets a best picture nomination for the Oscars. As good as the cast is, they are defiantly were not strong enough as an ensemble which is why it didn’t get a SAG nomination for cast ensemble.
(7) Mark J. in NC: My review of INTO THE WOODS. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it an 8. It is a beautiful film from start to finish. The music is glorious, and well sung by the cast! Meryl Streep is amazing in this film, although, some of the witches funny moments from the stage production are missing in the new script. Her version of “Last Midnight” is the best I have seen this number performed. The rest of the cast are perfect for their roles, except Johnny Depp. I felt his costuming ruined the role. Especially in a film that was going for “realism”, because he looked like a man in a silly wolf costume. This costume might have worked in a stage production, but not here. Thank goodness he’s only there a short time. There are some things that work better on stage, including most of the jokes. That left me longing for JoAnna Gleason’s award winning performance, and her comic timing. But there are also a few things that work better on film, including the arrival of the Giants, and the settings and woods. I would recommend this movie for a good family film, and I think it will please the theater fans. I don’t think anyone could have made a better film version of this musical!
(8) Gary J. in NC: The movie [INTO THE WOODS], by the way is fantastic. Meryl Streep is phenomenal and James Corton, he new Late Show host in January may end up with a best supporting actor Oscar. Cast is first rate and the lack of CGI (except when absolutely needed) was a treat. Shot in a real forest!
(9) Ruth P. in NC: Just watched Usual Suspects. We gave it 2 thumbs up.

(10) The Sydney Awards, Part 1 (great list of articles to read, compiled by THE NEW YORK TIMES’ David Brooks)
(11) Dee M. in PA: Thank you so very much for all the time spent on sending out your email each time. It always is informative and fun. I truly appreciate all your efforts.
May 2015 find you healthy and happy.


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Major M. in NC: YOU are cordially invited to:


3 hours of highly focused creative time – 3 Sundays per month. 2-5pm beginning Jan. 11th/18th/25th.

What IS a Charette? “Charette is a term describing a period of intense design activity, often immediately preceding a deadline.” In other words – you will get shit done!

“The thing is, so many people see their art as THE ESSENTIAL thing they must do to be happy. So many people see it as a priority. Their art is PRECIOUS – and yet – they don’t get to it!”

The goal of Charette Sundays is to help artists move toward their creative dreams by providing consistent work space, and to help create a vibrant and supportive community among artists in Asheville. We’ll do a few warm-ups and then you’re off on your own. 15 minutes at the end for people who want to share. You are welcome to write, draw, or knit. 🙂 (You know, quiet activities that don’t make too much of a mess.) And we encourage you to FOCUS on a specific project, (though of course it’s up to you!) Facilitated by KaizenMuse Creativity Coach Nina Hart.
The January sessions are a test run, so feedback is encouraged. (The intention is to have monthly Charettes!) For your input, you’ll get $25 off a membership, or $10 off single sessions. Membership – 3 sessions is $90/month or only $65 in January! Single sessions $35 – only $25 in January.

**Included in the membership you get an (optional) 10 min creativity coaching session in order to clarify your goals. And each week that follows you will get a 5-10 minute check-in re. your project – if you need it.

Location: The office of Clarity Acupuncture – 138 Charlotte St., 28801 – Suite 200 – in the UBS building – same side of the st. as Fuddruckers. **Cafes down the street for food and coffee breaks!

To join a Charette, contact Nina at 828-254-3586 Max. 15 artists, and it’s filling up fast! There is power in numbers and think of joining as a way to not only support yourself, but also your fellow artists – who are in need of this structure.

Happy happy holidays – and give yourself the gift of focussed creative time in this new year. And remember, as Groucho Marx says – “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.” 🙂





Monday, January 5 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Where:Yao 153 Smoky Park Highway, Asheville, NC
Bring in the New Year with a speed networking event where each of us will be able to tell the group something of ourselves. Blaine Greenfield will kick off the event by giving us some of his experiences in how to maximize our Networking efforts. Use this opportunity to increase your contacts for a productive 2015.
As usual, enjoy the sumptuous buffet at Yao at a charge of $13, but if you’re not hungry, just join us for this occasion.
Note: You don’t have to be Jewish to attend this event!
To register, please email Blaine at and put AJBF in the subject line.


Section 12B, PA/NJ events


At: 1444 rt 73, Pennsauken, NJ

(2) Hero Percy Jackson Takes on Greeks Gods in “The Lightning Thief” at MCCC’s Kelsey Theatre Jan. 17

West Windsor, N.J. – Young Percy Jackson is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime as he tries to set things right in the mythological world of the Greek gods.  Young audiences will thrill to the new musical adaptation of “The Lightning Thief,” to be presented by Theatreworks USA at Mercer County Community College’s Kelsey Theatre Saturday, Jan. 17 at 2 and 4 p.m. Kelsey Theatre is located on the college’s West Windsor campus, 1200 Old Trenton Road.

Adapted from the book by Rick Riordan, “The Lightning Thief” stars Percy Jackson, a young man whose irrepressible spirit and newly discovered powers have gotten him into hot water at his boarding school…again. But that’s the least of Percy’s troubles. Lately, mythological monsters and Greek gods seem to be walking straight out of his textbook and into his life.  Zeus’s master lightning bolt has been stolen and Percy is the chief suspect. He has just ten days to find and return Zeus’s stolen property and bring peace to a warring Mount Olympus.

Recommended for ages 8 and up, the show has earned glowing reviews.  “The Lightning Thief is an action-packed musical with heroic battles and mythological beasties,” wrote Elizabeth Vincentelli of the New York Post.  “Everyone enjoyed the loud, funny, fast-paced, wonderfully imaginative musical.  This show is a true family-pleaser,” wrote Theatermania’s Pete Hempstead.

Based in New York City, Theatreworks USA is America’s largest and most prolific professional not-for-profit theater company for youth and family audiences.  Since 1961, the company has enlightened, entertained and instructed more than 90 million people in 49 states and Canada.  It is the only children’s theatre to receive both a Drama Desk and a Lucille Lortel Award.

Tickets are $10 for children and seniors, and $12 for adults. Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling the Kelsey Theatre Box Office at 609-570-3333.  Free parking is available next to the theatre.  Kelsey Theatre is wheelchair accessible and provides assisted listening devices upon request.  For a complete listing of adult and children’s events, visit the Kelsey website or call the box office for a brochure.

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