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Section 2, part 2

(1) Christopher Bursk in PA: Trying to start a blog. Check it out:

Note: Chris, a longtime colleague of mine at Bucks County County Community College, has always been a very accomplished poet. By clicking the above, you can get to see his work–hopefully, on a regular basis.

(2) Mike Y. in NC: Great stuff, Blaine! And, yes, you were right: No. 11 is especially poignant right now.

(3) Deb. D. in NJ: I just read and reviewed The Canoe [at].  Yes, I enjoyed it!  See below.  Her personal story is fascinating, too.  Sounds like a terrific person.  I’m glad I won the book!

(4) Elaine B. in PA: I guess you lived there so long you’re always in NC mode. But, I’m from PA. Happy New Year.

Response: I still think about PA/NJ area often, having lots of friends there. And my daughter. Plus, I’m still an Eagles fan.

(5) Henry W. in NY: Went to see “Two Days, One Night,” starring Marion Cotillard as, Sondra, a Belgian factory worker, who is attempting to retain her job after suffering a bout of depression. Management has offered her 16 co-workers – mostly working-class people with little, if any, spare income – a choice – vote to decline a 1,000 euro bonus and Sondra will keep her job. A first vote was overwhelmingly in favor accepting the bonus and letting Sondra go, but she is allowed the weekend to try to persuade her co-workers to change their minds. Going door-to-door to enlist her colleagues’ support, Sondra comes face-to-face with unexpected generosity and some harsh realities. A well-acted movie whose tension builds until the very end. Would you “Take the Euros and Run” or vote to save Sondra’s job?

(6) Jason S. in NC: Nike, JCrew, Under Armour, Brooks Brothers and more coming to Asheville Outlets

(7) Carole B. in NC: Elizabeth Gilbert: Thoughts on writing


Section 12, NC events



(2) SHINING CITY at Haywood Arts Regional Theatre

For tickets:   -or- -or- call the box office at 828-456-6322

Show Date Show Time Venue
Friday, January 30, 2015 7:30 PM The Feichter Studio
Saturday, January 31, 2015 7:30 PM The Feichter Studio
Sunday, February 1, 2015 3:00 PM The Feichter Studio
Ticket Prices: Adults $10 Students $6
Author(s): Connor McPherson
Director(s): Andrew Gall
Show Rating: Mature Possible hold over dates Feb. 6,7,8
Description: Set in Dublin, this play was first performed in London’s West End at the Royal Court Theatre in June 2004. It is a ghost story based around the visits of a widower to a therapist, claiming he has seen his dead wife in their house. The therapist has his own problems and the play charts the parallel trajectories of the two men in their struggle to understand what’s happening. Nominated as Best Play, the New York Times called it “Glorious.”
Roles Played By Description
* Eric Martinez
* Hanni Muerdter
* Jeff Messer
* Scott Keel



Total Body Workshop January 31st

Hi everyone,

Just a note to remind you registration closes on January 27th to allow time for the equipment to arrive.

And we have changed our location to Weaverville Yoga in downtown Weaverville at 7 Florida Ave. The date: January 31st and time 12-2pm are still the same however.

It’s a really nice studio with a good energy.  Parking is in the back on the paved section only, do not park in the lot with gravel or the owner will call the tow truck on you. 🙂 Give yourself enough time to find adequate parking in the event the lot in the back of the studio is filled.

You won’t believe how good you will feel rolling, stretching and strengthening the entire body!

Ann-Lee Waite

Bodyrolling and Foot Fitness Instructor
(828) 395-0250


(5) 8452 ajbf meeting


Section 12B, PA/NJ event


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