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Section 2, part 2

(1) $3 Tip on a $4 Cup of Coffee? Gratuities Grow, Automatically

(2) Michelle M. in NC: Social Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits

(3) Bill L. in PA: Just curious…I was desperately looking for something to watch the other night so Diane would not make me watch the Batchelor. I stumbled upon a 1998 quirky British film starring Michael Caine called Little Voice. Have you ever seen it? It wasn’t bad.

Response: Yes, I did see it and recall liking it. What channel did you see it on? I’m now going to have to revisit it with Cynthia. Thanks!

(4) The Amazing Village in The Netherlands Just for People with Dementia

(5) Natalie K. in PA: I couldn’t remember the name of the movie you told me about but went to IMDB to search under J.K. Simmons, the actor who was in it and I found it.  It was “The Music Never Stopped”.  I remember how moved I was by the acting and the story.  I’m so glad that J.K. Simmons is nominated for an Oscar this year.  I’ve always enjoyed his performances, but never more than in this movie.
Response: That was the movie! I also enjoyed it and, like you, have always enjoyed Simmons. In particular, I wanted to see WHIPLAST (that’s what he got the Oscar nomination for), but unfortunately, it was in and out of the theatres in Asheville within a week.
Simmons was in a TV show this past season, GROWING UP FISHER, that got canceled. Too bad. It was something else starring him that I enjoyed.


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Rarely Theatre presents SEMINAR

February 12 – March 1, Thursday – Sunday. All shows at 7:30 P.M. at the BeBe Theatre (20 Commerce St. Asheville, NC).

Tickets available at

This up-and-coming theatre takes off with their second production ever: a witty, sexual, and very honest play called Seminar by the unbelievably talented Theresa Rebeck. It presents itself as five writers who are too clever, and too miserable, for their own good, sitting in an apartment delivering some of the finest dialogue you are like to hear from a modern writer. The all-star cast pulls from a myriad of companies and backgrounds. The two resident actors of Rarely Theatre, Trinity Smith and Dwight Chiles, lead this hilarious play, joined by Patrick Ian Hackney and Mary-Katherine O’Donnell; rounding out the cast is Andrew Gall, the Artistic Director of Parkway Playhouse. Scott Keel continues as the Artistic Director of Rarely Theatre and guides this formidable cast with his usual stamp of manifesting reality as closely as possible on the stage.

“This play is fundamentally about truth. It calls truth to the forefront and shows us how everyone deals with it (or frankly, refuses to deal with it),” Keel says. “People love and hate the truth, but in either case, they generally have trouble accepting it for what it is.”

Chiles takes on his usual dual-role as set designer with the company and creates a minimalist upper-class New York apartment. As always, it is complemented and enriched by Abby Auman’s skillful lighting, and resident costumer Victoria Smith creates a cohesive modern fashion that pulls no focus but never leaves you doubting where you are.

Come join us for a good laugh, some shock value, and a good dose of embracing the truth.


The following review from my friend, Mike M. in NC, has me really looking forward to this show (though I’m going to have to wait until Feb. 22 when we have tickets):


One singular sensation is in Ashville. A Chorus Line which opened tonight at Asheville Community Theatre is everything you would expect in a musical. Winner if the Pulitzer Prize and swept the Tony Awards in 1975 A Chorus Line is exactly that a group of actors and actresses trying to a part on Broadway in the chorus.
The show has never been done in this area before and would not have worked as well as it does without the brilliant directing of Chanda Calentineand Tina Pisano-Foor choreography. Add to that a talented cast who can dance there ass off and you have another hit at this theater. I must start out by saying that my dear friend Alexandra Likens making her ACT debut blew me away as Sheila. This beautiful and talented girl who hopefully will return to the ACT is heading for the big lights this summer. Alex was accepted to acting and dance school. All of the cast did a great job. Hats off to aal the cast but especially my friends Bradshaw Call Marcos Cunha Andi Espenshade Corey Link Badi Mirheli and Jacob Lawrence Walas who got more flowers then the whole cast put together.
A Chorus Line will be playing through March 1. Opening weekend is sold out so call or go online to get your tickets before they are gone.


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