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Section 2, part 2

(1) At Grammys  Charity Event, Bob Dylan Speech Steals the Show

(2) Stressed by Money? Get on the Couch

(3) Mike A. in PA: I wanted to share a tip that no one else will tell you. If you are an American and you are traveling abroad alone or with your family, whether it be business or pleasure, DO NOT overtly identify yourself as an American. Don’t wear lapel pins, hats, shirts, jackets showing your patriotism. I’m not saying don’t be proud to be an American or patriotic, i’m saying don’t make yourself an obvious target. Any item of clothing, (hats, jackets, shirts, bandanas, luggage tags, etc.) They are looking for obvious targets. Help protect you and your family from possible danger. Thanks!

(4) Seeking a beautiful death

(5) Neil Raphel: Authors must be marketers
(6) BJL in NC: What I’d Tell Brian Williams
(7) Mike M. in NC: WHIPLASH *** 1/2Well deserved best picture nominee, Whiplash is the story of a young drummer Andrew Nieman (Miles Teller) who wants to be a great drummer and enrolls in Shaffer Conservatory of Music. His biggest obstacle is Terrence Fletcher (J.K Simmons) a rude nasty bully band leader who pushes students beyond what is human. So you have an aggressive band leader and a determined student who really make the sparks fly.
J.K Simmons who has already won the Golden Globes SAG-AFTRA BAFTA and every award for best supporting actor will clearly be adding Oscar to his mantle. Hos performance as the angry nasty bully will make you cringe and makes Jack Nicholson in The Shinning look like Mary Poppins. It is one of the films from 2014 not to miss.


Section 12A, NC event

(1) Upcoming free seminars from Asheville SCORE:

A. Simple Steps for Starting a Business: Introduction

Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

A-B Tech Enka Campus

1459 Sand Hill Rd., Small Bus. Center (Room 2046), Candler, NC

The Asheville  chapter of  SCORE has announced a new

SCORE Simple Steps for Starting Your Business

™ Workshop Series developed to provide valuable information  to help those considering starting a new business.

The Simple Steps for Starting A Business™ Workshop Series provides five; three-hour workshops that help the participant turn their idea into action with tools, templates and personalized advice.

This first workshop is free, and focuses on the basics of testing your business idea and identifying the key factors that influence start-up success. It provides you with an overview of the skills and tools you need when deciding to start a business. In this session, you learn about: the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business, the most profitable form for your business, and the fundamentals of formation, organization, marketing, cash flow and funding sources.

Download the study materials for this semester by following the instructions at this link: 

This seminar is a pre-requsite for the rest of the Simple Steps for Starting a Business series. For more information on the rest of the series, please click: 

Doors open at 8:30 AM.  The seminar begins at 9:00 AM SHARP. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to handle paperwork.

To register for this seminar, please click:

B. Starting a Business 2
Monday, February 23, 2015 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST
AB-Tech Madison Campus
4646 US Hwy 25-70
Marshall, NC 28753
Starting a Business 2
Continuing from Starting a Business (Part 1), this FREE seminar provides an overview of the various structural elements and issues that every business must face: the Business Plan, Record Keeping (for tax/inventory/accounting), Legal Structure, Financing the business and Risk Management via Insurance (workers’ comp and liability)
Seating is limited, and we will not be accepting registrations at the door, so click the button at the bottom of this page to register.
Doors open at 5:00 PM. The seminar begins at 5:30 PM SHARP. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to handle paperwork.

Starting a Business 2


 ajbf4 march meeting



Cheryl Sullivan’s

Inception Point Therapy® 


“My intention is to use some part of this material every day to help me stay clear…physically and emotionally, so I can manifest what I desire, and create a better, happier, and more fulfilling life.”    Sherry Ellis

Join Cheryl & Wes this Winter
Cheryl Sullivan has brought her background in hypnotherapy and past life regression together with a decade of practicing energy work, creating an emotional breakthrough process to heal the body and mind.
If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, meet great people, and reconnect to Source, join her and Wes Beach (a gifted energy worker) for a weekend of healing and fun.
Conveniently located in beautiful Asheville during the winter season, these workshops will feed your soul – and your senses.

What is Inception Point Therapy®?

Cheryl Sullivan developer of Inception Point Therapy® technique for healing the body and mind.
Cheryl Sullivan developer of Inception Point Therapy® technique for healing the body and mind.
The Process
Based on our ever-present connection to Source, IPT attunes your body to this energy and shows you how to use it to resolve old emotional patterns in an entirely new and delightfully thorough way. Learn more.

The Workshop
Over the course of the weekend, you’ll experience deep meditation to reconnect you to Source, processes to heal your emotional and physical body, and the opportunity to enhance your intuitive abilities.
And whether you’re a practitioner or simply wish to receive healing, this is a weekend you’ll enjoy. Join us!
IPT is the most comprehensive technique for clearing every level of a problem, including those you didn’t know existed!
If you feel the greatness within but haven’t yet realized it in your life, then learning IPT may be for you. Maybe you have a feeling of “I have something to offer” – but you’re not seeing it yet. My intent is to inspire you to change and to give you the tools to safely and easily make those changes.
While truly anyone will benefit from these workshops, our common students are:
  • Bodyworkers that want to continue their healing practice even after their bodies get tired
  • Therapists with a holistic approach
  • Intuitives and sensitives seeking greater control and expansion of their abilities
  • Healers still dealing with “money issues”
  • Those seeking their soul’s true path
  • Those with “spiritually unfulfilling” relationships
  • Those looking to build their self-worth
  • Anyone seeking to feel more powerful in manifesting their ideal lives.
Many of our students are in the midst of their life transition- or want to be. They tend to be spiritual beings seeking to improve their human experience.

The Trainer 

If you haven’t yet experienced her revolutionary work, learn more about Cheryl now.Or, schedule an Inception Point Therapy® session to find out what it’s all about.

(4)  The Asheville Choral Society Presents

“A Life in Song: Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Robert Keener” 

Artistic Director Dr. Melodie Galloway and the Asheville Choral Society will perform “A Life in Song” in honor of founding Director Dr. Bob Keener on Friday, February 20th at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, February 21st at 4:00 p.m. Both performances will be at Central United Methodist Church in downtown Asheville. “I’ve always appreciated Dr. Keener’s thoroughness, his thoughtfulness, and his incredible musicianship,” says Dr. Melodie Galloway. “Bringing out the beauty in the choral voices has always been his craft. I’ve always admired that about him.”

Dr. Keener founded the Asheville Choral Society in 1977. He directed the chorus for 23 years while on the faculty of Warren Wilson College. “A Life in Song” celebrates the life and spirit of this wonderful conductor and the rich legacy he has created. “Dr. Bob Keener has made such an impact on music in the city of Asheville,” Dr. Galloway explains. “When he first started the Asheville Choral Society it really was something new. There was not a community chorus, certainly not a professional community chorus, in Asheville so he really gave us a gift.”

Because Dr. Keener worked diligently to start a “new thing” in Asheville, Dr. Galloway has matched his selections with contemporary works of beauty and expression.  Our tribute to Dr. Keener shines through in the music of J. S. Bach, Johannes Brahms, Jerome Kern, and in the stunning Serenade to Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Dr. Galloway has specifically chosen Pater Noster, by Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks, for its composition of minimalist textures and Romantic sonorities. Written for chorus and strings, the piece’s sustained harmonies are a perfect representation of the lasting affect Dr. Keener has had on the Asheville Choral Society.

Tickets for “A Life in Song” can be purchased on the Asheville Choral Society website at or by calling (828) 232-2060. They are $25 for adults and $10 for students.
This is the second concert in the 38th season of the Asheville Choral Society, which concludes with “Stage and Screen: Music of Struggle and Triumph” on May 1-2 at First Presbyterian Church, in downtown Asheville.

(5) Cappy T. in NC:  Hi there,  Just wanted to share something interesting coming up next week on the 19th here in Asheville.  An opportunity to see the new Julianne Moore film, Still Alice, at the Fine Arts Theatre.  We will have information on local resources for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s and their caregivers and families….along with a short presentation onstage before the film.

I’ll be there for the 1pm and 7pm showing……wearing purple and helping open up the conversation about memory loss.  We are so fortunate here in the area to have such dedicated individuals providing support groups, memory cafes, workshops and more.

Another note –  looking forward to the workshop with improvisation next week on the 20th caregiving:  Dementia: Embracing the Moment.   

It’s not always easy talking about dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, but we’re here to open up the conversation.  I think this movie is going to touch a lot of individual’s lives.

Hope to see you at the Fine Arts Theatre on the 19th!!


Special Showing of Still Alice at Fine Arts Theatre

Community Awareness & Opening Up the Conversation

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease 

Asheville, NC – It’s time to wear purple, the official color of the Alzheimer’s movement, Go Purple, and view the newly released film, Still Alice, based on the bestselling novel by Lisa Genova, starring Julianne Moore in the role of Alice, a Columbia linguistics professor at 50 years of age diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease: Thursday, February 19, 2015 at the Fine Arts Theatre, 36 Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville.

Moore’s performance has earned rave reviews including wins for a Golden Globe for Best Actress – Drama, a Critics’ Choice Movie Award, A SAG Award, and a BAFTA Award (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) with a pending nomination for an Academy Award, among other nominations and accolades.

There will be three showings of the film on the 19th at 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm at a reduced fee of $5.00 per ticket at the theatre.   Still Alice opens February 12 for a usual run of two to three weeks at regular rates. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about local resources and chat with professionals and individuals in the field of memory loss, raising community awareness and opening up the conversation about dementia and Alzheimer ’s disease. Discover more about what’s available for support and help for those with memory loss and their caregivers here in Buncombe County.

Still Alice opens on February 12th for a regular run of two to three weeks at the regular rates – theatre schedule:  For more information on the special showing of the film and community resources on dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, contact Mary Donnelly: Network Coordinator at MemoryCare in Asheville.     (828)   230-4143

(6)  Health Insurance Awareness Day

Thursday, 2/19

Health Insurance Awareness Day

Dr. Wesley Grant, Sr Southside Center

12:00pm – 1:30pm

Call or email Andi Block for additional information:

828-667-1119 or

Visit our website

At the above, members of Western North Carolina Association of Health Underwriters will help educate the community at large regarding the vital role of the health insurance agent. It is essential that consumers fully understand that other health insurance coverage exist beyond the Affordable Care Act and the importance of securing them.

The members of Western North Carolina Association of Health Underwriters are part of North Carolina Association of Health Underwriters as well as National Association of Health Underwriters. They are licensed professionals whose entire careers are based on helping consumers with health insurance issues.

Light refreshments will be available.


6pm doors, 7pm show. $10 ADV, $15 day of show. ALL AGES. Limited seating available.

This annual event is a very exciting contest (similar to America’s Got Talent and X Factor) bringing together a wonderful diversity of many unique local acts—songwriters, singers, dancers, and much more, all getting great regional exposure by showcasing their abilities. Cash prizes awarded: $500 for first place, $300 for second place, and $200 for third place, plus $50 gift certificates for 4th, 5th and 6th places. The event is a benefit for Eblen Charities. CLICK “BIOFLYER” LINK ABOVE TO SUBMIT AND FOR MORE INFO.

(8) Ann-Lee Waite in NC: For our upcoming February 21st workshop at Weaverville Yoga, Nicole does not feel she can contribute at the level she would like to, for the present, to the workshops due to her schedule and her desire to focus on completing her pilates certification requirements.  And because my relationship with her is more important than our professional collaboration, I am supporting her decision wholeheartedly.

I propose to continue the monthly 2-hour workshops refocusing solely on release work using body rolling and foot fitness. This month’s shoulder workshop will incorporate working the feet with the Foot Wakers, using the black balls to release the entire shoulder girdle to regain mobility and movement, then returning to the Foot Wakers to strengthen the hands, wrists and arms.  We will then finish the workshop rolling out the spine and neck with the black balls.
The cost of the workshop will be slightly lower at $35 with equipment cost of $90 for the Foot Wakers and set of black balls, if you don’t already have them in your self-care tools.
There are still some spaces available. Deadline to register is the afternoon of Tuesday the 17th to allow time for the equipment to arrive.
Happy Love Week!! 🙂

Ann-Lee Waite

Bodyrolling and Foot Fitness Instructor

(9)  Submission Guidelines: How to Get Your Work Published in Literary Journals & Magazines by Jennifer McGaha (Great Smokies Writing Program faculty)Saturday, February 28, 2-4pm at UNC AshevilleSo you’ve written something—a story, a poem, an essay—and you think this particular piece is pretty good, really good, in fact. You have shown it to your dog, to your mother, to your writing group, and they all agree: This piece is ready to share with a larger audience. Now, how do you find magazines, literary journals, and other publications that are appropriate for your work? How do you create a cover letter? How do you keep track of your submissions? Can you submit a piece to more than one publication at a time? When is it okay to follow up with an editor if he/she has not responded to your submission? How do you deal with and learn from rejection? This workshop will focus on strategies you can use to publish single works of fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, humor, and poetry as you make the leap from private writing into the wild and sometimes confounding world of publishing.Jennifer McGaha is an Appalachian writer, teacher, and humorist whose creative nonfiction work has appeared in dozens of magazines and literary journals. For the past 15 years, Jennifer has taught composition and creative writing in a variety of settings, including the Great Smokies Writing Program, Brevard College, and Western Illinois University.Registration fee: $35.  Contact Jordan Dolfi to register: or (828) 250-2399.  Sponsored by the Great Smokies Writing Program.

(10) Vic A. in NC: Saw the show [Annapurna] tonight and really enjoyed it. … The scene when trying to remember what was done to their son, and also reading the poem at the end.

Note: Readers are in luck, in that this fine play runs through Feb. 22 at NC Stage.


February 12 – March 1, Thursday – Sunday. All shows at 7:30 P.M. at the BeBe Theatre (20 Commerce St. Asheville, NC).

Tickets available at

This up-and-coming theatre takes off with their second production ever: a witty, sexual, and very honest play called Seminar by the unbelievably talented Theresa Rebeck. It presents itself as five writers who are too clever, and too miserable, for their own good, sitting in an apartment delivering some of the finest dialogue you are like to hear from a modern writer. The all-star cast pulls from a myriad of companies and backgrounds. The two resident actors of Rarely Theatre, Trinity Smith and Dwight Chiles, lead this hilarious play, joined by Patrick Ian Hackney and Mary-Katherine O’Donnell; rounding out the cast is Andrew Gall, the Artistic Director of Parkway Playhouse. Scott Keel continues as the Artistic Director of Rarely Theatre and guides this formidable cast with his usual stamp of manifesting reality as closely as possible on the stage.

“This play is fundamentally about truth. It calls truth to the forefront and shows us how everyone deals with it (or frankly, refuses to deal with it),” Keel says. “People love and hate the truth, but in either case, they generally have trouble accepting it for what it is.”

Chiles takes on his usual dual-role as set designer with the company and creates a minimalist upper-class New York apartment. As always, it is complemented and enriched by Abby Auman’s skillful lighting, and resident costumer Victoria Smith creates a cohesive modern fashion that pulls no focus but never leaves you doubting where you are.

Come join us for a good laugh, some shock value, and a good dose of embracing the truth.

Note: Readers are also in luck, in that I have already seen and enjoyed this play–and you will, too. See next week’s issue for more information and a picture.


Haywood Arts Regional Theatre
250 Pigeon St, Waynesville, North Carolina 28786
Set in a South American country which has just had a revolution overturning a vicious regime, the story concerns a woman who has survived imprisonment and torture, only to be confronted with her possible assailant.
Featuring: Julie Kinter, Charles Mills and Steve Lloyd

February 13, 14 at 7:30 pm
February 15 at 3:00 pm
February 20, 21 at 7:30 pm
February 22 at 3:00 pm

Adults $10, Students $6
Contains adult language and subject matter.

(13) Any Wednesday

By Muriel Resnick

Directed by Walter Goodrich

Friday, February 27 and Saturday, February 28, 2015 in 35below
Sunday, March 1, 2015 at the Reuter Center on UNCA’s campus

“A happy comedy with the giddy bubble of champagne”, in the words of one reviewer, this presents a quartet of contentious characters: a wealthy businessman who cheats on his wife, his loyal wife who’s kept in the dark, the husband’s young mistress who longs to finally get married, and a client who first assumes that the mistress must be a general offering for all those who do business with the firm. All characters get their just rewards as the plot rolls merrily to its end.




Section 12B, PA/NJ events

February 2015
In honor of African American History Month,
On Demand! is pleased to present


Join us!
777 Ferry Road, Doylestown, PA

1:30 p.m. February 17
“Love is in the Air” with Jeff Dershin, pianist/singer
So, is love all it’s cracked up to be? Is it really “S’Wonderful” as George and Ira Gershwin wrote in 1927, or is it “…the root of all midnight blues” as Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg wrote in 1937?
Pianist and educator Jeff Dershin offers a lively program featuring songs by Gershwin, Cole Porter, Rodgers & Hart, and many more.

1:30 p.m. March 31
“Women Soliders and Spies of the Civil War” with Trish Chambers, historical performer
This fascinating presentation addresses those women who chose to become soldiers and spies during the Civil War. Learn why they selected the path they did and how they were able to function effectively as soldiers and influence history as spies.

1:30 p.m. May 12
“Songs My Mother Taught Me” with Jeff Dershin, pianist/singer
Mothers have, for decades, been a subject of popular songs, whether we sing about her in Italian (like Connie Francis), Yiddish (like Sophie Tucker), or English (like Al Jolson). Explore the subject of motherhood with Jeff Dershin, in a program that is sometimes sentimental, sometimes humorous, and always entertaining.

(2) Glenn B. in PA: The Plumstead Historical Society will hold its monthly meeting, Monday, February 16th, 2015 at 7 PM

ProgramDavid Steward will cover “Genealogy 101” How to trace family or property history

Future Speaker program  March16th 2015~ Bucks County Bag Lady – collection of Feed Bags
***Meetings are held t the Plumstead Township Office***
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