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Section 2, part 2

(1) Jean D. in PA: Harley birthday! 89-year old NJ woman still easy riding


Section 4, Reviews (C and D)


This is a comprehensive overview of what business is all about, ranging from such topics as starting and growing the business to production and postproduction.

It comes alive the use of such quotes as the following from Seth Godin, a US entrepreneur:
“The only thing worse than starting something and failing … is not starting something.”

And I also liked the inclusion of mini-profiles about such individuals as Jeff Bezos, Abraham Maslow, John Paul Getty and Peter Drucker, among others.

What I found particularly interesting was the fact that you can pick almost any topic covered on any of the fast-reading 352 pages,, and you’ll find something interesting about it. I did this with AIDA, an acronym I frequently taught my students:
The website [of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT] grabbed attention and continued to gain interest as more video clips and audio files were added. The buzz around the “myth” of the Blair Witch grew, creating further desire to see the movie. The call to action came in the form of a very limited release; moviegoers were urgent to buy tickets before those few showings sold out.

If you have little business background or you want a comprehensive review before beginning an MBA program, THE BUSINESS BOOK is for you. My only regret is that it wasn’t available when I taught Introduction to Business at the college level. I would have wanted to consider using it as the text for the course.

D. Heard SOMETIMES YOU WIN–SOMETIMES YOU LEARN FOR TEENS: HOW TO TURN A LOSS INTO A WIN (Hachette Audio), written by John Maxwell and narrated by Chris Sorenson.

Maxwell has long been one of my favorite authors and motivational speakers. This book has been adapted from another book he wrote with a similar title that was geared to adults.

Maxwell attempts to show that any setback can be seen as a step forward when teens have the right tools to turn that loss into a gain of knowledge. His many personal examples then showed how that was possible. In particular, I got a kick out of the one story he told about when he lost all the pages of a manuscript he had once written. What he learned: Always have a backup.

In addition, I enjoyed the tales of real-life figures who overcame adversity early in their lives, including entrepreneur Steve Jobs, Olympic Gold Medalists Gabby Douglas and Mikaela Shiffrin, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Malala Yousafzai.

I wish such a book had been available when I was younger.

My only criticism: I only wish that somebody else had done the narration; e.g., somebody with a more youthful-sounding voice and/or who had more enthusiasm.


Section 11, Thought for the day

Thank you letter to each and    every angel that helped me the day of the accident…those I mentioned….those I might have forgotten….and all of our invisible angels that watch over all of us….

Seems important to document what happened to me on Monday at about 4:30.  Even more important to document all of the kind angels that showed up to help me through it.  When I think of that day, kindness is what showed up over and over…… Anytime I think that I am alone, I need to remember that day.  And the days afterward.  This is to document all of the people that were so kind….so kind …it makes me get teary.  Whenever you think that small (or bigger) acts of kindness make a difference, now you know that they do!!

I was standing on the bed to put up my cat’s subcutaneous fluids, when I fell backwards onto the scratching post whacking my lower back quite violently.  I lay there not knowing what to do.  Knowing I had hurt myself quite badly, I just lay there.  After about 15 minutes, I decided to try to get up and that was not possible because of the pain.  So, I called my husband and left a message on his phone and text.  Next, I called my sister (who lives in NJ!!!!) What I think she could do, I do not know…but I do know that if my mother were around, she would have been who I would have called.  And my sister, my closest family member, I knew would care about what happened to me in a way that is different from others…in a deeper way…I just knew she would love me and say something to me that would tell me what to do next.  Like a mother would.  (I am the youngest in the family….I need sometimes  to be told what to do next!!)

Next, I called my neighbors next door….Dan and Anne….they came over immediately with an ice bag.  They were calm, supportive, and just present for me helping me to decide what to do next.  They stayed with me for a really long time…They called an ambulance and by that time, I had reached my dear, dear, dearest husband who is my biggest angel of all.  I told him what happened and he was on his way (like Superman which is what he is for me!!  A Super Man!!!!)  My man Blaine is always there for me in a supportive way that goes beyond normal.  He is THE KINDEST man I know in my life.

While I was waiting alone at the beginning, I called a friend Ahn Lee….who told me “All is well” That made me take a breath… and relax …..Even with pain….just keep in your mind….”All is well.  All is as it is supposed to be and all is well.  Accept what is and all is well!!!”

The ambulance arrived, and a young man by the name of Will, (who looked like a 12  year old Superman)  came to the rescue!!!  How adorable was he!!  And kind….very kind….Kindness….just a simple act with a little more love than normal….a little more attention than normal…a little more time than normal.  Just a tiny bit…is enough to make a difference!!

This young man with my husband and neighbors helped me decide to not take the ambulance…but go in the car to Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care.

When I arrived, the people there were very nice–constantly checking on me and putting us in a private room to wait.  The nurse, the woman who did the x-ray….the doctor … they were all very kind. How they deal with severe pain every day, I cannot imagine.  Because when I am in pain, I am not a kind person….my unhappy nature comes out….methinks others may be like that as well.

My husband…he must be mentioned again, silently put up with my behavior…helping….always helping…his motto is “Service is the rent you pay to live on this earth” and he indeed lives it.

I called Sunny who is a physical therapist and she proceeded to call others in our framily (friends who have become like family here in Asheville)

Carole then called me and told me she would do a healing with me over the phone (since she did not have a car to come to me)  She is in the middle  of quite a crisis of her own that has taken a lot of emotional energy from her.  But, she made herself available to me.  Right in the emergency room, she gave me 25 minutes and did a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique  And a healing ….bringing in the universal energy to relax and heal me.

Marcy, who is one of the very kindest friends that I know in the world, a woman that I have found to be so special…so very special to me in Asheville ……found out a little later….and I felt bad I did not include her in the beginning because of her importance to me (Marcy is  like a woman’s version of Blaine….Kindness being actually who she IS!!  She definitely pays her rent to live on this earth as she is the definition of service and love!)   …..Even though her life is fuller than anyone can imagine….she always finds time for me and a bunch of others. She touches my heart.

Annamarie called me and she told me that she was available in any way I needed.  She has always been there for me at other times as well….Just there for me… kind is that.  She calls numerous times to check on me.  When my cat died, she was there for me like no one else was…understanding and supporting me….Just present…always simply present for me.   What is better than that?

Then, Susan contacted me …..asking what she could do. Could she come over, bring me anything, do my laundry, empty my garbage, or clean my cat litter?!  Anything that was needed was what she was available for.  Susan is a special person who listens carefully to what is needed and wanted, and then simply provides it. She surprises me with her kindness and awareness of what is needed in the moment. How special is she. She came over to my house even though her plate was full to overflowing.

Sunny, the physical therapist framily member came over to my house after her own physical stuff happening ….gave me advice on how to move after the fact and guided me to go to a great physical therapist instead of the one the doctor recommended.

Calling my neighbor Harry, I asked if he had a second walker he could lend to me, and Harry and Rusty, his helper, called me back immediately worried about me and brought the walker over to our house so we could use it for as long as needed.

Marvin, Annamarie’s husband, another kind, kind, man ….funny too….called me to see how I was doing…..

Kenny, Blaine’s brother, helped us out with getting a full credit for airplane tickets that needed to be canceled due to my fall.  Kenny is someone who is so helpful in that way.  When Blaine and I got married, we told Kenny he was in charge of planning the whole wedding and he did it perfectly.  How great is that to have someone in your life you can ask to help out with such details.

Last, but not least, is the one being in this world that absolutely is love for me and kindness and company and simply my heart.  She happens to be wrapped in fur….her own fur…, her nickname is “Love-in-Fur”

Her true name is Tiger and she is my 18 year old cat. And all of my hours spent in bed resting, she came to me.  She did not have to come to me….there were a lot of other places for her to go.  But, she chose to sit by me, purr, and simply be present.  Makes my heart swell!  Right as I am writing this, she is meowing, saying, I am sure, “Get off that computer, come lay down with me and let us keep company!”  A good reminder that presence may be all we really need when hurting.

Sometimes, I get lonely in my life.  My mind, my fear mind says I am alone…all alone.

Well, maybe this happened as a way of God telling me that I am wrong.

I am not alone.

People do matter.

We all do matter.

Every single act of kindness matters.

It matters to the person receiving it.

And I am imagining to the person giving it as well.

We are all angels with only one wing, and we can only fly holding onto each other.

Thank you….all of the angels that were there for me.  All the ones I mentioned and all the ones I forgot to mention.

Please know that you matter.

And the kindness was just too sweet to bear.

Thank you.


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure Neck & Shoulder Release Workshop

Monday, March 23 at 6:30pm

Western North Carolina School of Massage
131 McDowell St, Suite 302, Asheville, North Carolina 28801

A unique synthesis of:
-a traditional Japanese acupressure technique
-classic Chinese acupuncture and acupressure 5-Element theory
-Taoist philosophy and Qigong (breathing and exercise techniques), and
-modern Reichian segmental theory

Explore the power of touch, as you learn and experience this unique art of energy re-balancing and deep (yet gentle) release of muscular tension and armoring. Jin Shin Do is a body-mind release method using gentle, direct pressure on the Chinese acu-points to release stress and muscular tension, reduce pain and discomfort, increase self-awareness, and re-establish energic balance in the mind and body. In its most basic form, it is simple and easy for anyone to learn and use. In the hands of a skilled and sensitive practitioner, it can be a powerful, profoundly effective and transformative tool. Its versatility is also unsurpassed in incorporating it with any other modality.

Learn the Jin Shin Do neck and shoulder release pattern using 6 pairs of primary trigger points that you can take and use with yourself and/or your clients. (2) NCBTMB CE’s given for massage therapists.

To register, call the WNC Massage School at 828-761-1553.

For more info, contact Kaleo Wheeler at 812-929-8898 or visit:

Kaleo will be teaching a 2-day workshop on the Fundamentals of Acupressure June 21 & 22.


(3) Lab Ratz is a brand-spanking-new improv comedy troupe, specializing in short-form improvisation and insanely mad-funny sketches. Produced by the Performing Arts Laboratory, Lab Ratz features some of Asheville’s best comedic (and dramatic) talent. Premiering April 10th at Toy Boat, the Lab Ratz improv troupe will open their “season” with Whose Line Is It, Asheville?, a raucous format made famous by the renowned television show by a similar name. Tickets are only $12 online or $15 at the door. Show starts at 8:00 PM and will run 1.5 to 2 hours in length. See you there!


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

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