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Section 2, part 2

(1) Herb S. in NJ: Saw the Umbrellas [of Cherbourg] last month. It is MY MOST FAVORITE  movie. Joan had never seen it. Michelle Le Grande music OMG

(2) Terry B. in FL: Enjoyed your Blainesworld, as usual!!! I recommend you try to see a movie most likely will not play in your area or town…”The Gett”!!!  Excellent!
(3) Bill K. in CA: Thanks Blaine. Once again, your newsletter has proven to be worth reading, which, in this age of information overload and inundation, is quite the deserved compliment. I guess that Winslow cop took the “DD drive-thru” sign literally. and, thanks for the Bieber roast reminder — just in time, should be good for at least one good chuckle or two!
(4) Maria P. in PA: Just wanted you to know, your newsletter is so wonderful!  Your gusto of life and living it is so inspiring.  Thank you.
(5) Cappy T. in NC: As always, your newsletter is such fun to read.  Thanks so much!!!!!

(6) Chris F. in PA: Emily Debrayda Phillips Writes Her Own Obituary, And It’s Both Funny And Moving

(7) Measure for Measure, Index Funds Rule

(8) Tom S. in NY: Great human interest items in this newsletter,  as always. Thank you for the “Black or White” recommendation.

You and I were discussing “Saving Babe Ruth” awhile back on facebook. It was a crazy time for me and I don’t think I fully explained what was going on. I made a trailer concerning the recent events  surrounding the book that might be of interest to you and, perhaps, your readers.

(9) Barbara F. in PA: Great newsletter, as usual!  Also, really great picture of you “Fishing”!  I never knew you were a fisherman.

OK, down to business……..  Verizon price cut is for the “More Everything Plan” only!  The “Loyalty Plan”?  No!!  The plan without a contract?  No!

Also, a really good movie you never commented on………  “This is where I leave you”!  Really entertaining.  A little of everything!!  Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and Jane Fonda are excellent!
Let me know if you saw this movie yet and your opinion.
Response: Overall, I like Verizon. Best reception, by far–or at least here. I also liked that movie, but thought that Fey was wasted in her role. (She had little to do.)
(10) Richard S. in NC: Joke No. 1 was the “funniest thing I ever hoid!”
(11) Len E. in NC: Saw American Sniper too and thought it went over the top in violence and really wasn’t much of a story. The sniper went back to Iraq on 4 tours and it seemed he was on the same roof each time. I tried to get a message out of it but found the movie mostly ambivalent. Did the fact that he went back 4 times and seemed to be at the same place shooting at the same people an indication that war accomplished nothing. If it did then I am OK with the movie. Also with all his great marksmanship GI’s were getting slaughtered anyway and was this an anti-war statement. The problem is that this all comes from Clint Eastwood and all I can think of is “Go ahead make my day.”
(12) Berta D. in NJ: 21 Weird Vintage Vending Machines That You Never Knew Existed, And Need In Your Life Right NOW


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Marilynne Herbert in NC: Please join us to help support the Fore family at the Be The Match donor registry drive in honor of Melanie Fore on Friday, April 17th from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Biltmore Lake Clubhouse, 80 Lake Drive, Biltmore Lake.

Melanie was recently diagnosed with acute leukemia. For the past several weeks she has been a patient at Mission Hospital. Within the coming days she will be going to UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine where she will receive a stem cell transplant. The Fore Family has partnered with Be The Match in hopes that their story will inspire others to join the registry and provide hope for all patients who need a matching donor to make a transplant possible.

Melanie’s friends, neighbors and colleagues have organized this event. A representative of Be The Match will be present to conduct a cheek swab donor screening. In addition, a spaghetti dinner provided by The Chefs Kitchen at Ingles will be served. The price is $10 per person. Music by bands from The Rock Academy will perform on the Pavilion (weather permitting, bring lawn chairs), and a silent auction will take place, featuring works by noted local artisans, gift certificates from popular local restaurants, among other items of value.

Volunteers can join Be The Match Registry – the world’s largest and most diverse listing of potential marrow donors and donated cord blood units — as well as contribute financially to the Be The Match Foundation, or give their time. Donations of any amount can be made directly to Melanie’s team

Donations may also be made directly to Melanie to help cover her medical expenses:

Please email me directly if you have any questions:

Let’s show our support for Melanie, Jason and Isabella Fore during their time of need.

A user's photo.


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

(1) Excellent program not located too far away (Queens, NY):

  “FOOD & RITUALS AS MEDICINE” WITH VILASI VENKATACHALAMEvent to be held at the following time, date, and location:

  Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 1:00 PM to4:00 PM (EDT)New Haven Ministries
130-05 101st Ave
South Richmond Hill, NY 11419View Map
“Food & Rituals as Medicine”
A Seminar on Everyday Foods, Rhythms, Rituals that Heal & TransformKnowing this will change everything…   –~ 10 Things You Should Know about Your Body, Your Daily Rituals & Food as Medicine–~ 6 S’s – Secrets from people around the world who live the longest, happiest and healthiest lives –Sunlight, Stress, Sleep and how they impact the way we look, feel & heal.~ Wisdom of “healing foods” & “healing traditions” around the world.~ Your perfect rhythm & Your Vitality Blueprint
Please share this event with your interested community on Facebook andTwitter

We hope to see you there.
To your health & healing…
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions & Vilasi Venkatachalam
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