BLAINESWORLD #972 (Please send any comments to:

Section 2, part 2

(1) More consensus on coffee’s benefits than you might think

(2) See what researchers found when they tested a bottle of Fiji Water against a glass of tap water.

(3) B Vitamin Is Found to Help People Prone to Some Types of Skin Cancer

(4) Steve R. in NY: I’m really getting into those two shows. They’re probably a bit too Hollywood but – “That’s Hollywood.”

Old Testament (Mostly)
From Adam and Eve (and the days before) until New Testament. 10 Episodes now on DVD

New Testament (Mostly)

(5) Corinne G. in PA: History caught on camera

(6) A 2-minute walk may counter the harms of sitting

(7) When Doctors Help a Patient Die


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Mukti returns to Asheville!
An Evening Satsang and Silent Retreat Day with Mukti
May 22–23, 2015

Satsang Friday May 22 7-9pm $15

Silent Retreat Day Saturday May 23 9:30am-5pm $85
@ the Embodiment Studio
60 Caledonia Road #B
(the carriage house behind the Kenilworth Inn Apartments)


Mukti is married to Adyashanti and is a very special spiritual teacher in her own right whose presence is a transmission itself. She is truly the embodiment of non-resistance, and a role model for walking one’s walk. Hope you can make it, for either Friday or Saturday or for both!
Love, Lisa

Lisa Stendig
Embodiment Instructor/Intuitive Healer
828.505-2856 studio
212.360-6595 cell

(2) Crest Mountain presents
Wednesday, June 3 – 7:00PM
$25 tickets at Crest Mountain in Asheville,NC 828-252-2637
Broadway show tunes sung by FORTE;
Liz Aiello, Carol Duermit, Katherine Sandoval
Taylor & Beverly Todd

(3) Asheville Jewish Film Festival continues at the Fine Arts …

Once in a Lifetime

May 21st. 7:00pm
May 22nd. 1:00pm
All Tickets $8.50

A teacher with 20 years of experience, Anne Gueguen is determined to give the best education she can to her underprivileged inner-city pupils. Overcoming their apathy, however, is proving to be more difficult than expected. Frustrated but undaunted, Anne tests her multicultural classroom with a unique assignment: a national competition on the theme of child victims of the Nazi concentration camps. The project is initially met with extreme resistance, until a face-to-face encounter with a Holocaust survivor changes the class’s attitude dramatically. Despite their long-shot odds of winning, these once-rebellious teens soon begin to see one another – and themselves – in a whole new light.
A potent and moving antidote to the devaluation of education in an age of ignorance, ONCE IN A LIFETIME demonstrates the enduring impact of the Holocaust in transforming future generations.

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