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Section 2, part 2

(1) How to find your place in the world after graduation

(2) Ellen P. in NC: LOVE the blog.  But you already know that.

(3) Berta D. in NJ: How much Yiddish do you know?

(4) Carol S. in PA: Best free photo editing software

Response: Personally, I use and like Fotor. It’s very easy to use–and works great, too!

(5) Barbara B. in NC: The Single-arity: Rise of the Solo Citizen

(6) Me, Myself and Mx.


Section 12A, NC events

(1) The West End Bakery‘s West End Reading Series will conclude their Spring events on Saturday, June 13th at 7pm. Bring your friends and family to this wonderful family friendly literary event while supporting an excellent cast of local writers.
June’s event will feature the following writers:
David Novak
Katherine Soniat(Bonnie)
Luke Hankins
and our very own hostess and curator Lockie Hunter.

Grab a drink, a decadent dessert and settle in for another wonderful evening of Poetry and Prose! Join us!



Here’s what my friend Mike M. in NC has to say about it:

Set in Starke Florida at the “Armadillo Acres” trailer park THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK now playing at Asheville Community Theatreis a hilarious musical comedy that had the audience howling and laughing until they cried.
The show opens in with Betty the park manager played by the hilarious brilliant Delina Hensley (aka Earline Hooch La Zoom Tours), Pickles who is going through a hysterical pregnancy played by just as hilarious Kristen Hipps and Lin who is
played by the funny Reeni Lindblom are sunning themselves in front of the park. We also meet tenants Jeannie who for some reason is unable to step outside of her trailer and her toll booth collecting husband Norbert played by David Dowd. After a great opening number “This Side of The Tracks” we are taken back to 1983 when Jeannie and Norbert first met and their courtship and quick wedding. When their first born son is kidnapped this triggers Jeannie’s 20 year stint of staying indoors. Now fast forward back 20 years to current times and Jeannie and Norbert’s 20th wedding anniversary. Norbert fed up when Jeannie doesn’t want to go to the Ice Capades meets Pippi played by the always talented sweet Chelsey Lee Gaddy a stripper looking for a trailer to live in. On the run from Oklahoma city and her her boyfriend Duke, Pippi moves in and sparks fly between Norbert and Pippi. When Jeannie finally decides to step out of her trailer she catches Pippi and Norbert doing the hoochie coochie. As if this wasn’t enough it is Florida and hurricane season.
Now to find out the rest of the story you have to call Asheville Community Theater (828-254-1320) and get your tickets.
Whether acting or directing, Mark Jones always delights audiences with his great talent. He has assembled a great talented cast that fits together like a glove. Jillian Summers has created a wonderful life like trailer park. Some shows you see have tacky wigs, but this is not the case with the great hair and make up created by Stephen Veltman.
I honestly can’t wait to return with my friends on June 20 to visit this trashy trailer park again. Being a trailer park you can only imagine this show is rated R. LOL.
I neglected to mention earlier about the great musicians lead by John Crawley and great Andi Espenshade who is the stage manager. Sorry guys I was still half asleep.

(4) Magic Get-Together

Magic Central
175 Weaverville Rd, Asheville, North Carolina

A place for Magicians to work on new Effects and get feed-back from an audience.
Get to meet some of the members of WNC Magic Club


(5) different strokes

Note: I have already seen this play and very much enjoyed it. More information in next week’s issue.

(6)  Past Life Regression

Advanced Hypnosis Training 

taught by Sarah Gewanter, LCSW, CI 

When:     June 20th from 9:30 to 12:30

Where:       The Counseling Center

690 Boyd Rd., Leicester, NC 28748

Call for directions 

Enhance your skills as a hypnotist! Help people find their past and understand relationships in a deeper way. Learn why people, places and situations feel so familiar. Recommended reading prior to course:  MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS by Brian Weiss.

Requirement: previous training in hypnosis.

Overnight lodging is available by reservation ($50 – $75 per night) Make it a vacation!!!  Call us at (828)683-6900 to reserve your place now! 

Course fee- Early Bird registration fee is $75.00 if paid June 13th 2015.

Late course fee – $100.00 after June 13th 2015.


Section 12B, PA/NJ event

George H. in PA: ‘My Favorite Year’: Actors’ NET stages a musical comedy about the days of live television

For a review, please click:

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