BLAINESWORLD #1001 (Please send any comments to:

Section 2

(1) Carole S. in NJ: A big CONGRATULATIONS for your 1000th!!!  Hope to read MANY MORE.

(2) Herb F. in PA: Congratulations on 1000.  YOU ARE STILL AMAAAAZING.

(3) Brad M. in FL:  Blaine-congratulations on reaching the 1000 milestone. I hope to be around to read number 2000, which at 52 per year will take place sometime around the year 2055, putting me at the ripe old age of 100. Something to look forward to. I guess we could certainly shorten that cycle to 2018 if you published one per day.

(4) Addicted to Distraction

(5) Ingrid M. in PA: Somehow TV alert 5A [a show about Donald Trump’s background] really tickled my funny bone when I read it. Certainly truth in that commentary. smile emoticon

(6) The Return of Werner Erhard, Father of Self-Help

(7) Mags B. in FL: Congrats on your 1000th edition .

(8) Mandy R. in PA: To the original social media trailblazer…wow! 1,000 publications.
You’re truly an inspiration. Thank you.

(9) Jim D. in PA: Congratulations on your 1,000 editions. That’s either awesome or crazy, depending upon your perspective:-)

(10) Susan R. in NC: Congrats on the book!!! Love your blog.

(11) Karen C. in NC: Congrats and thanks for the free book! 

(12) Gene S. in NC: Congratulations, Blaine! I enjoy reading about your and Cynthia’s adventures, and appreciate the way you knit our community together. Here’s to the next 1,000!

(13) Steve G. in PA: Kudos on achieving the 1000th issue, and that you share you life so fully. Have not yet read your new masterful work of love. Hugs to Cynthia, and visualize  I am making the V (Victory) sign acknowledging you commitments.

(14) Tera B. in NC: Congratulations on BlainesWorld #1000!! I always enjoy reading your newsletter. Thank you for the free gift of jokes! What a wonderful idea!

(15) Sunny C. in NC: I learned about an interesting group [The World Cafe] by sitting next to one of the founders at a writing conference. I found the sessions I attended truly inspiring. Here’s a blog post I wrote about them:  

For more information about this group that makes a difference, please click:
(16) On Guns, We’re Not Even Trying


Section 12A, NC events


(2) Tera B. in NC: Lyme Disease Support Group in Asheville

I believe this is the first meeting of a series.

Saturday, Dec. 12th at 2pm
South Buncombe/Skyland Library
260 Overlook Rd.
Asheville, NC
For more information contact: Jan Dooley 828-676-3091 or email:

(3)  FlyerforDecember9Workshop



Section 12B, PA/NJ events





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