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Section 2, part 2

(1) Yatasha H. in AZ: Warning Signs Of ‘The Silent Killer,’ Ovarian Cancer

(2) Mike M. in NC:  TRUMBO **1/2

With a crowded field for best actor with great performance, Bryan Cranston may very well be this years major upset. It’s been many years since the Academy has had a major acting upset and it could happen.
Bryan Cranston gives a perfect performance as Dalton Trumbo a very popular Hollywood screen writer who was jailed and blacklisted and placed on the Hollywood 10 black list for being open about his political beliefs. Spearheading the fight against Trumbo is famous gossip columnist Hedda Hooper played very well by Helen Mirren. Mirren’s portrayal of Hooper brings out how much of a bitch Hooper was. Although a fine performance it is not an award winning performance as many experts think. Trumbo who tangled with many famous Hollywood stars, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and famed director Otto Preminger proved that if you fight for what you believe you prevail. Dalton Trumbo did prevail winning two Oscars for best screenplay under factious names one for Roman Holiday in 1953 and one for The Brave One in 1956. Kirk Douglas who initially opposed Trumbo came to him and asked him to rewrite the script for Spartacus with a lot of opposition from Hopper and other big names in Hollywood. When made public that Trumbo was writing the screenplay also got a visit and asked by Otto Preminger to script the screenplay for Exodus. Both films opened with Trumbo getting credit and also praise from JFK after screening Spartacus.
The film is very well cast with several other good performances especially Louie CK. You will feel like you are back in time in the movies with the actors portraying John Wayne, Edward G Robinson, Kirk Douglas and Otto Preminger.
The two negatives about this film are the screenplay although good does really at times drag. The second being there are several scenes where the makeup on the men was very poorly done as it was very visible.
The film did receive a SAG-AFTRA nomination this week for best cast ensemble and in a year without Spotlight Movie it would walk away with the award. The film did not receive a Golden Globes nomination for best picture nor do I expect it to receive an Academy Award nomination for best picture, but it’s Hollywood and they love to honor themselves so it could just end up getting one.

(3) Where is the cure for the migraine?

(4) Your iPhone Is Ruining Your Posture — and Your Mood

(5) The one question you should ask about every new job


Section 12A, NC events






carolina jews for justice

You’re Invited to Join Us For Justice
Interested in learning how you can help participate and influence the public arena in Western North Carolina?
If so, Join Us For Justice to learn about Carolina Jews for Justice/West (CJJ/West), a grass roots organization, working to influence policy at the local and state levels, plus encouraging individuals and Jewish institutions to take a stand on important issues in our community.
Come meet your neighbors and community, learn a little bit about each other, our CJJ steering committee members and find out how you too can get involved.
Then, stay and join us for a nosh and more conversation
When: Sunday, January 10 from 3-5 p.m.
Where: Beth Ha-Tephila Congregation, 43 Liberty Street, Asheville.
RSVP: By January 5, 2016 to
What to bring:
If you would like, please bring a treat to share; appetizer, dessert, or beverage.  Make the food finger size and ready to nibble.


(3) An Evening with Rhoda Weaver at Isis Music Hall

Wednesday December 23, 2015
5PM Door :: 7:00PM Show
General Admission Seated Lounge Show :: Limited Tables Available with Dinner Reservation otherwise seating is first come first serve.
Only 50 tickets will be sold to this concert.
(Call 828-575-2737 for dinner reservations)

If you are walking around the streets of downtown Asheville and are suddenly stopped in your tracks as your heart is lifted by an a cappella tune that is equal parts earthy and angelic, you are likely listening to the voice of gospel and soul singer, Rhoda Weaver.

Rhoda began singing in church at the age of 7, where she first learned that she could touch people’s hearts with her music, filling them with joy or stirring them to tears. Inspired by artists as diverse as Amy Grant and Whitney Houston, Rhoda is equally drawn to gospel and soulful ballads. She loves to make people sway and dance. She has collaborated with NPR’s theme composer, BJ Leiderman and jazz artist, Lizz Wright. Locally, she has sung with Kat Williams, Zuzu Welsh, and Peggy Ratusz. As Peggy Ratusz herself has said, “Sitting back is not the position the audience takes when listening to this power mama sing; Up straight and on the edge of your seat is the position to take for best viewing this world-class chanteuse doing what she loves most. Truly, she bids your attention and keeps it till the last note.”


(4) ALL IS CALM at NC Stage

Dec. 9th — Dec. 27th, 2015

Wednesday-Saturday at 7:30 PM; Sunday at 2:00 PM; Additional Shows: 12/19 and 12/26 at 2:00 PM, 12/22 at 7:30 PM

All Is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914 relives a poignant moment in history when Allied and German soldiers laid down their arms to celebrate the holiday together during WWI.
This dramatic concert presents traditional patriotic and holiday songs from both sides of the Western Front and is interspersed with text read from letters, journals, and interviews from the soldiers who lived it.

Featuring ensemble members from Cantaria: The Gay Men’s Chorus of Asheville.

“These miracles are what make All Is Calm such a pure example of what was meant when angels first declared, ‘Peace on Earth.’” –Star Tribune

All is Calm, The Christmas Truce of 1914

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