BLAINESWORLD #1004 (Please send any comments to:

Section 2, part 2

(1) Lois R. in AK: Enjoying your Blaine’s World! Good to see youb& Cynthia looking so happy! Please give me the info on the radio program “From Mourning to Morning”…. Is that on a station local to Ashville… Or national.?

A friend of ours has recently lost her husband and I would reccomended that program to her… Did not see it in looking back at BlainesWorld again.

Thank you,my friend!

(2) Andrew A. in NC:  Very entertaining and enlightening blog!  I like thought of the day #11. In my line of work, I agree!

(3) Ruth P. in NC: I flipped all my hangers around like the lady in your last newsletter suggested and found four tops that still had their tags!  I bought more than a year ago and still have not worn them!  Just turning the hangers backwards was an eye opening experience.  It’s encouraging me to really look at what I have in the closet and reach for something different.  It’ll be interesting to see what’s still backwards in June.

(4) How to spot dementia in a loved one

(5) Traditional toys may beat gadgets in language development

(6) John D. in PA: I felt the same way about CREED. It needed more of the boxing scenes.  Actually, from a technical standpoint, the training sequences were better than the actual fight.  You could really see that the actor who played Creed’s son was taught well, especially when you watch him work on the punching pads.

(7) Annemarie B. in NC (on THE FORCE AWAKENS):  I liked it.  There were some surprises even with all the promotional informational info out there. Would recommend it.  I was skeptical at best, simply because almost all action movies are the same really. And we sort of kind of always think we know where the star wars thing goes.

But since my grandson loved it, and I like talking to him about things he love … had to see it.

This movie continues the battle between light and dark, which is universal within each of us on this planet, light and dark in nations, governments, leaders, groups, health, etc.So one can certainly go deeper with it, which is what I always choose to do.

Yep, go see it … with an anticipation that you will love it.  That’s what I did and even was texting my grandson while we were waiting in the wrong time showing theatre and were the only ones in the theatre.  I went to the restroom and figured out the one we were in started in an hour…hence no one else in it … duh.

Section 12, NC events

(1) Living Legends of Mountain Music: Ralph Lewis and Peter Gott.
7:30 PM at White Horse Black Mountain, 105 Montreat Rd, Black Mountain, North Carolina 28711

In today’s hotbed of ever-emerging artists, we often forget to wonder who shaped the sounds that today’s youth takes for granted. Who were the pioneers of the threads that continue to hold our musical culture together? We pay homage, and rightly, to a few familiar icons that have moved on to the Angel Band: Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Pete Seeger, Bascom Lunsford. But there are others still in our midst that deserve our ears while they are still here to tell their stories in person. Two such living legends are Ralph Lewis and Peter Gott, both of Madison County extraction, one by birth and blood, the other by over fifty years of sweat and toil.

Joined for this exceptional performance by family (Don & Marty Lewis, Susi Gott), and special guests (Fox Watson…), these two living legends are well worth an excursion to White Horse in Black Mountain on a post-Christmas night just before the New Year. Show time is 7:30 on Sunday, December 27th. Ticket price is $12 in advance and $15 at the door. To purchase a ticket online, visit

(2) New series beginning for Asheville’s Creative Memoir Group. We know you have photos, slides, home movies, video and journals hidden in attics, cupboards or storage. And we know you are making history daily. Come put it together!! Join the Creative Memoir Group to recall and organize your memories.

December 30, Wednesday at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar
1 Page Ave, Asheville, North Carolina

(3) The Hop Ice Cream and The Underdog BBoy/BGirl Crew are pleased to announce that every Wednesday from 6-9pm The Hop Ice Creamery (167 Haywood Rd across from Hole Doughnuts) will be open for an All Ages Dance Party!

There will be Ice Creams available more with the kids and families in mind, plus some hot drinks too. But of equal importance to Ice Cream, it’s also about dancing and having an absolute blast 🙂

Thanks and we look forward to Wednesday night!!!

Friendly reminder: We will be taking off for the holidays. The All Ages Dance Party will resume on 1/6/2016.

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