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Section 2, part 2

(1) Turning you dog into a therapy dog

(2) What women find in friends that they may not get from love

(3) Do you really need car rental insurance? 8 things to know.

(4) Dana K. in PA: Saw Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I recommend it. Although not a comedy in the sense they are previewing it, Tina Fey is excellent and it’s a great story. A few humorous moments in a serious film.


Section 12, NC events

(1) All In The Timing Returns In Second Production By Attic Salt Theatre Company

If you enjoy listening to wordplay and erupting in side-splitting laughter, you won’t want to miss Attic Salt Theatre’s production of All in the Timing, a comedy by David Ives. It runs March 9–20 at NC Stage. The play contains several of Ives’ best one-acts that focus on language, the difficulties of starting and maintaining relationships, and the meaning of life.

Attic Salt Theatre produced the same play with the same cast in 2013 at Asheville Community Theatre’s 35below. Following the success it enjoyed there, the company is excited to bring the show to NC Stage. “Ives always seems to go for the biggest idea in the room, but there are no interconnections amongst the plays,” says director Jeff Catanese, who also serves as the company’s artistic director. “They all just have an extremely off-beat way of looking at the world that we all inhabit.”

The evening features seven one-acts and each actor plays multiple roles. In Words, Words, Words, for instance, three chimpanzees in a cage attempt to write Hamlet using typewriters. In another, The Universal Language, a man speaks only in his invented language to a naïve student.

“Having three actors as talented and versatile as Kirby Gibson, Scott Fisher, and Garrett Funk makes life easy in a number of ways. It makes it easy to schedule rehearsals, for one. But the real benefit is that I know how each of them likes to work and we can attack each new character appropriately,” says Jeff.

A simple set allows the acts to flow effortlessly from one to the next. “Working in a minimalist fashion allows for the focus of the audience to be on the characters and makes the comedy much sharper, in my opinion,” says Jeff. “It’s not tough to do a show like this if you have a piece that’s extraordinarily well written. Which we do.”

NC Stage is located at 15 Stage Lane in downtown Asheville. Performances run Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets ($14–28) are available at the door or in advance through the NC Stage box office at 828.239.0263 or online at

All in the Timing Returns in Second Production by Attic Salt Theatre Company

(2) Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet

March 3rd-19th, 2016

Glengarry Glen Ross has been referred to as “Mamet at his very best”. It is a play about small-time, and fairly desperate sales agents who are prepared to engage in any number of unethical and illegal acts (lies, flattery, bribery, threats, intimidation, and burglary to sell undesirable real estate to unwitting prospective buyers. The action in the lives of these agents takes place in and around the sales office during the final two days of an office wide sales contest.  Glengarry Glen Ross saw its debut in London in 1983, premiering on Broadway in 1984; it was revived there in 2005 and 2012. Mamet adaptedGlengarry Glen Ross, called a masterpiece of American drama, for film release in 1992. With the express permission of Mr. Mamet, Different Strokes’ Performing Arts Collective’s production features an all-female cast.

“Our primary goal in making this casting change is to address the issue of gender, equality, and sexism in the workplace. It is amazing that this is still an issue”, says Artistic Director, Steph Hickling Beckman.  “It was extremely surprising that Mamet, an admitted misogynist around the time he wrote Glengarry Glen Ross, signed off on this project. It seems a consistent and popular opinion that Mamet, in the earlier phases of his career, wrote for men, and specifically against women”.

There’s a reason Mamet populated this world with men, and it isn’t because women can’t be sales people. “Female savagery is completely foreign to us.” says Director Sean David Robinson, the man behind the exceedingly attractive notion to produce Glengarry Glen Ross with an entirely female cast. “From the beginning, we were very excited to see how the story would translate to a female perspective; if women could plausibly, exist in this world”. “In 2016, when same-sex marriage is legal, in 50 states, as we near the end of our first black President’s 2nd term in office, and as we prepare for an upcoming Presidential election, which includes a viable female candidate, it is conceivable that the world Mamet created in Glengarry Glen Ross can no longer be perceived as gender-specific. Mamet describes the play as “about a society based on business, a society with only one bottom line: How much money you make”. Over the last few decades, we have seen an increasing number of women entering this business mentality. I thought it would be interesting to address the double standard that exists, both corporately and privately, branding powerful women as bossy, while lauding their male counterparts as ambitious”, says Hickling Beckman, of why she so enthusiastically green-lit the project.

While much of the response to this project has been favorable and supportive, the Company has had their share of nay-sayers. Men and women, who ask ‘why cast women in these roles? It’s a play about men’, ‘No one will buy women in these roles’. “The thing about art”, says Hickling Beckman, in response, “no matter how great, is that it’s provocative nature is exactly what makes it art, and allows a project to be timeless. True art is perspective based.  Mamet says: “The job of mass entertainment is to cajole, seduce and flatter consumers to let them know that what they thought was right is right, and that their tastes, and their immediate gratification are of the utmost concern of the purveyor. The job of the artist, on the other hand, is to say, ‘wait a second, to the contrary, everything that we have thought is wrong. Let’s re-examine it’. There are occasions when casting against the grain can be a potent tool in theatre. This is one of them. Applying gender edits to a story (even a classic or iconic one) can force audiences out of their comfort zones, pierce the very core of identity and binary in which we participate, and disrupt the notion that women can’t be just as “cut throat”, ruthless, or vulgar, as a man, theoretically.”

Glengarry Glen Ross features: Christine Eide, Courtney DeGennaro, Lucia Del Vecchio, Sarah Felmet, Danielle King, Cyd Dawson Smith, and Katie Anne Towner, and is directed by Sean David Robinson

*Early Bird Special: Purchase your ticket(s) by March 5th and pay no fees!!Eventbrite - DSPAC Presents Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet

(3) marilyn


 HENDERSONVILLE, NC, MARCH, 2016Chef Michael’s Catering will once again provide delicious small-plate offerings at the Vintage Carolina 2016 gala charity event. Vintage Carolina is Community Foundation of Henderson County’s signature annual event celebrating local philanthropy.

Chef Michael’s Catering is proud to support the Community Foundation of Henderson County in this fun and fantastic annual fundraiser.

This year’s gala, titled “Now and Forever: The Heart of Giving,” takes place Monday, March 7, 2016, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Hendersonville Country Club. Cost is $120 per person, and proceeds help support CFHC’s charity work. CFHC funds help everything from animal welfare and the environment to health, education and scholarships. Vintage Carolina 2016 marks the charity gala’s eleventh year.

Chef Michael’s Catering provides elegant, upscale and casual food for parties such as weddings, galas, and rehearsal dinners, as well as corporate, government and non-profit meetings, events  and fundraisers. “This is the third year we have been invited to participate in Vintage Carolina,” says Michael McKnight, executive chef. “Our relationship to community is extremely important to Judy and me – always has been.”

Chef Michael’s Catering handles events throughout Western North Carolina, including Asheville, Hendersonville, and surrounding counties.

Since its founding in 1982, CFHC has been helping people make lasting contributions to causes that address community needs, with more than 500 widely varied philanthropic funds already established. Last year, CFHC received more than $1.9 million in contributions and awarded more than $2.7 million in grants to nonprofits and scholarship recipients.

In addition to great food, beer and wine tastings will be provided by Bold Rock Hard Cider, Burntshirt Vineyards, The Country Vintner, Empire Distributors, Mutual Distributing Company, Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Southern Appalachian Brewery, and Tryon Distributing. Dan Keller and Kevin Lampson and Mr. C’s Mobile Disc Jockey will provide the evening’s entertainment.

To purchase tickets to the event, please visit




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