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Section 2, Part 2

(1) Henry W. in NY: “The Man Who Knew Infinity” is an absolute gem of a movie. Based on a remarkable, true story, the film is set in India and Cambridge, England around the beginning of World War I. Starring Dev Patel (you may know him from the Marigold hotel movies), as Ramanujan, a brilliant, but not formally educated, young Indian mathematician, and Jeremy Irons, as Professor Hardy, Ramanujan’s demanding, stoical, mentor, the movie explores their relationship to the fascinating world of abstract numbers and to each other. Invited to attend Cambridge, Ramanujan must not only deal with being 6,000 miles from home (there is a love story here, too), but he must learn how to handle the pervasive prejudice against Indians exhibited by certain faculty members and others. Who would have thought that a personal story about mathematical theorists engaged at the highest levels of comprehension could be so engrossing.

(2) Cappy T. in NC:  Just love your news Blaine.  Miss you and Cynthia……thinking of her with tonight’s performance. See you soon.

(3) Dana K. in PA: We saw this play [ALL THE WAY, which is being shown on HBO] with Brian Cranston on Broadway 2 years ago. It was very good!

(4) Steve R. in NY:  I received the audiobook. Thank you!

Question. How do you personally do these?  My focus is zip, zero, nada when I’m driving and listening while doing something at home doesn’t work. I’m thinking of just sitting and relaxing and having a good “listen” but I thought you might have a better way.

Enjoy your week. It’s in the 40s tonight here on beautiful  “new scandal daily” Long Island.

Response: I typically listen to book when driving, especially on longer trips. I also sometimes listen to them while exercising. I haven’t tried just sitting and listening to them, but maybe worth a shot; e.g., if I want to get away from the TV and/or my computer. Let me know how you make out if you do that.
(5) Arlene D. in PA: Thank you so much, Blaine! I’m really looking forward to receiving and reading this book. I love that it is signed by one of the authors, I love Blainesworld, and I love that you and Cynthia are enjoying life to the fullest. That’s what retirement should be. Having fun and contributing to the lives of others. I’m doing my best.
(6) The downside of smoothies
(7) Are You Successful? If So, You’ve Already Won the Lottery
(8) It isn’t easy to figure out which foods contain sugar
(9) Marcy G. in NC: I have known Ash [Devine] for several years, and she is an amazing person and artist. Her vision is both unique and honorable. She brings joy to people of all ages with her clowning and musical performances. I wish her success as she pursues her passion. Won’t you join me in making a contribution to her Funraiser? Even a small amount will help propel her forward in a positive direction. Thank you!
To help out, please click:
(10) The hidden price of mindfulness
(11) Sorry, there’s nothing magical about breakfast
(12) Winifred H. in NJ: Congratulations on your 1000th issue. Lots of fun and informative material.


Section 4, Reviews

A. Saw EYE IN THE SKY,  a wartime thriller about a top secret drone operation being utilized to capture terrorists in Kenya. Helen Mirren as the military officer in command is watchable, as always, but I’d recommend the film because it also was Alan Rickman’s final on-screen performance. Rated R, though methinks appropriate for any mature teenager.
B. Out on DVD is RACE. My review from BLAINESWORLD #1015 follows:
Saw RACE, a biopic about Jesse Owens–the legendary track superstar who starred in the 1936 Olympics much to the dismay of Adolf Hitler. The actual story was a great one, but the film was somewhat flat in its execution. It did not have me cheering as I thought it would. Stephen James and Jason Sudeikis as Owens and his coach, respectively, were solid in the leading roles, and I thought Jeremy Irons was particularly watchable in his every scene as Avery Brundage. Rated PG-13.


The author, a professional dating, relationship and sex educator, describes what she went through before she found her perfect match. In doing so, she shares her dating mistakes while also busting age old myths.

The book is funny, but also full of useful advice such as this tidbit with respect to long-distance relationships:
Take an extended trip or two together. Trips are informative because they take you away from what you already know, out of your comfort zone, and you can see how you solve problems and make decisions together. Once all that has been accomplished, I’ll greenlight the relationship, my friend. Until then, though, tread carefully.

Though aimed at women, I also recommend 121 FIRST DATES for men to get a better perspective of how the other sex thinks.

Nevertheless, I hope that Newman writes a follow-up book with specific advice for guys.

D. Heard CITY OF BONES: A HARRY BOSCH NOVEL (Hachette Audio), written by Michael Connelly and read by Peter F. Fernandez.

Connelly, the author of 26 novels including others in this Bosch series, has Detective Harry Bosch investigating a murder that was discovered when a dog found a bone in the Holllywood Hills. It turns out that it took place 20 years earlier, but the detective can’t let it go largely because the case stirs up memories of his childhood as an orphan.

The actual plot dragged a bit for me, but came alive with the introduction of a beautiful rookie cop. Her presence kept my interest, and I found myself rooting for her and Bosch to become an item.

If I wrote anymore, I’d give their story away … so if you want to find out what happens, read the book.


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Beth A. in NC: Steep Canyon Rangers Concert June 11, 2016

Oskar Blues Brewery and the Asheville Downtown Association will present a free community concert with hometown favorites, Steep Canyon Rangers, on Saturday, June 11 from 6-9pm at Pack Square Park in Downtown Asheville. Devils in Dust will hit the stage at 6pm, with the Steep Canyon Rangers following at 7pm.

(2) ~ Picnic in the Park ~

Pack Square Park

Downtown Asheville

July 10th at 5pm

Asheville Lyric Opera is back again in Pack Square for the second concert of our Singing in the Park series! The entire lawn will be open this time, so bring those immaculate picnic set-ups for another chance to win a pair of tickets to one of our upcoming productions.

This concert will feature the singers from our Young Artist Program and showcase their talents in a program of opera highlights.  These up and coming singers hail from around the country and participate in this six week program to take the next step in their professional singing career.  Come and hear these young future professionals first-hand!

(3) Ash Devine and The Family Band

Thursday, June 2, at 7 p.m.
OOAK, One of a Kind Gallery & Studios
573 Micaville Loop, Burnsville, NC

A special concert with Songwriter and musican Ash Devine accompanied by amazing local musicians. Ash will share a set of original materal, new works and fine musical experience

Ash Devine and the Family band will share a selection of group song, original song, old country favorites and songs of the Carter Family and Leslie Riddle.

The Band will feature songwriter and old time musician Lucy Ray of Marshall, NC on vocal harmoies and instrumentation with special guests.

(4) Upcoming Concert: “There’s Hope”


Section 12B, PA/NJ event

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