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Section 2, part 2

(1) Henry W. in NY: Recently saw the new Woody Allen comedy, “Cafe Society,” starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Pleasantly surprised given the generally lackluster reviews the film received. Set in the 1930’s Hollywood and New York entertainment scene, Allen explores familiar themes, such as love, fame, the meaning of life, etc. With his mother’s blessing, Eisenberg’s character, Bobby Dorfman, leaves New York to pursue a career in the business side of the entertainment world. Naive and unwordly, he goes to work for his uncle Phil, a wheeler-dealer, entertainment mogul. Bobby falls in love with the beautiful and charming Vonny [Kristen Stewart], who happens to be Phil’s administrative assistant and with whom she is having an affair.The inevitable love triangle ensues. If you want to see how this plays out, you will have to go see the movie (or read another review). Not among Woody’s best, but passable.

(2) Their Hair Fell Out. Should the F.D.A. Have the Power to Act?

(4) Can This Brain Exercise Put Off Dementia?

(4) Hacks can ease the trials of aging

(5) Bradshaw C. in NC: I just saw Meryl Streep in FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS. I am simply stunned at the talent and the heart that she possesses. I was laughing one moment and choking back tears the next. Please do yourself a favor and see this gentle movie about passion and a true devotion and love of the arts. If you have ever wondered why people are so rabid over the arts, so fanatical about music and live performance…go see this movie. Art is the salve that soothes the soul. It can make whole what was broken. Brava Meryl, brava!

(6) A New Therapy for Insomnia: No More Negative Thoughts

(7) An easy way to stay cool during hot weather exercise

 (8) Jean D. in PA: 5 common teaching practices I’m kicking to the ground

(9) Jean B. in PA: Blaine, Is it your goal to be in pictures with everyone?  😂

Thanks for the “” app suggestion!

(10) Deborah B. in NC: Hi Blaine – Great newsletter, as always (& loved the jokes, as always!)…please tell me, Do you use Any.Do?

I spent about 20 minutes fooling with it & decided to bail … it looks great if support is available if one gets
stuck somewhere… interested in whether you have experience… Thanks!
Response: Not yet, I’m waiting for you to do so–and then share your experiences. Ordinarily, I’m not a big user of apps … but I’m willing to give them a try if they are particularly worthwhile.
(11) Jerry G. in PA: Joke #3 is one of my favorites..guess now I won’t use that one next week.
(12) Ivan W. in PA:  The new GMO law would require a bar code with the info not a label and would supersede the Vermont law.
(13) John D. in PA: Congratulations on your anniversary. Always good to see people who are truly happy together.
(14) Herb S. in NJ: Be careful of a play about you!  Aaron Burr lurks in the theatre.
(15) Conquering the freshman fear of failure


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Comedy Insight presents Red Pill Diaries
Written and Directed by Toni Sherwood as part of the Catalyst Production Series

In the “Manosphere”, men view relationships with women as games to be won. Inspired by actual events, Red Pill Diaries is a scathing, satirical, and critical look at the behaviors (and underlying culture that makes such behaviors possible) of the Red Pill Movement.

If you have been in a relationship with someone adhering to the Men’s Rights Movement, this show may be a trigger. Do not attend!

If you are offended by frank, graphic, sexual language and men behaving extremely badly, Do not attend!

If you believe that white, middle class men are the actual oppressed demographic in the world, do not…wait…you need to attend this!

The play will run Thursdays – Saturdays 7:30 PM, August 18- September 3 at North Carolina Stage Company.

Note: I’ve already seen this thought provoking-play. It’s definitely worth seeing! (See next week’s issue for more information.)

(2) ONE SLIGHT HITCH … Comedy super star Lewis Black’s heart-warming, side-splitting comedy about a wedding set in the early 80s! This show is filled with laughs, and great 80s nostalgia! Not to be missed


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

(1) Natalie K. in PA:   The following concert will launch the Entertainment On Demand! at the 1867 Sanctuary series:

At 3 p.m. on Sunday, September 11, 2016, Hickory Brass performs Campbell’s Chicken & Stars & Stripes: A Salute to American Music and Media

Celebrating the music, history, and popular culture of America, the Hickory Brass has cooked up a broad musical buffet spanning from the American Revolution to modern day—from rousing marches and renowned classical and jazz tunes, to inspirational movie music and even a groovy R&B tune or two. The program also pays tribute to the men and women who have sacrificed in service to America.

Consisting of five brass instrumentalists and one percussionist, the Hickory Brass has been featured worldwide on broadcast television, and members of the ensemble have performed as featured artists at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Disney Hall in Los Angeles, and the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

Admission is $20 per ticket, with $5 off per ticket for groups of 10 or more. Tickets are $15 for Friends of the 1867 Sanctuary and $5 for student admission. For tickets, please call 609-392-6409 or visit   For more information about On Demand! Programs and Events, please visit

(2) Cyndy P. in PA:



August 27, 2016 from 10 am – 4 pm

You will be introduced to the ancient ways of the shaman.  Journeying can serve as a powerful support for the many experiences we go through in our lives.  As you follow the heartbeat of the drum, you will learn the techniques to enter the Shamanic state of consciousness to seek guidance, insight and healing from the Wolf tribe.  Wolf teaches us about unconditional love, how to blaze a new trial or path in our lives, and how to teach ourselves, our children, and others from a place of unconditional love and fairness.

Journeying is an excellent way to renew your relationship with Spirit and your own soul’s gifts as well as strengthen the power of your intuition.

…so much has happened that I attribute to the work…it is so powerful…The work manifested in more than dreams…it manifested in reality!!  ~L

Energy Exchange:  $75.00

To register, send an email to, or call or text 610-563-3918 to express your intent to be present.  Cyndy will send you a reply with directions and instructions.

To register please contact Cyndy by phone at 610-563-3918
For more information please visit:


Section 12C, Other event

Michael Gelb in NM:   Please spread the word about these two events in Rhinebeck, NY:

5-day DaVinci Master Class at Omega Institute on Aug 28-Sept 2  (a prereq for my certification program)

Also offering an amazing experience of Creative Energy!

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