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Section 2, part 2

(1)  Anita S. in FL: 25 Comments You Might Not Realize Are Offensive, But Can Be Extremely Hurtful


(3) Maria P. in PA:  Thanks for the tip on charging phones.  I never thought about it and always charged my phone overnight. My phone is only a year and a half old and is starting to not hold the charge.  Used to be able to use it all day, now it has to be charged a couple times a day.  Will be changing my routine for this phone and future phones.

(4) Lana C. in OH: Loved the butterfly story.

Lana C. in OH: Loved the butterfly story. I think I’m going to share the Tide joke on Facebook.  I can relate.  Also, liked the cop joke, but I probably wouldn’t have the nerve to try that one in real life.

(5)  Lisa Z. in PA: Great newsletter.  I think I’m going to share the Tide joke on Facebook.  I can relate.  Also, liked the cop joke, but I probably wouldn’t have the nerve to try that one in real life.

More importantly, thanks for your magazine order.  Stephen and I really appreciate it.




(9) Ilene P. in NC:  Thank you for sharing so much joy, Blaine! Such a mensch!

P.S. in Joyous Groove dance class at the Woodfin (Reynolds Mtn YMCA) we’re dancing
to Whatever Lola Wants on T/Th Am’s, but this takes it to a new level.

(10) Mark M. in NC:  I know you are “the knowledgeable man” related to Asheville-area restaurants.  Have you been to Botanos & Beer in the Food Lion shopping center on Smokey Park Highway?

That place has been so many restaurants… but, I read some fairly good things about this one.  We know that could be nonsense. So I would rather hear this from a professional!
What’s the inside skinny Boss??
Response: We haven’t been there, yet. I’m also not a big fan of Mexican food. So if you and/or anybody else gets there before we do, please share your reaction(s).

(11) Jeanne D. in PA:  Hi Blaine~Hope all is well w/you & Cynthia!

About lemons from restaurants & bars, etc…I never gave this much thought, so I’m glad you enlightened us!

I contacted my daughter since she had worked at Bertucci’s & often told us about their strict cleanliness rules.
She said they never washed the lemons/limes before cutting them & she knew that you should not put sliced
lemons/limes into your beverage glass because they are germy.

I guess the old saying is appropriate…”When in doubt, do without!”

(12) George P. in NC:  Thanks Blaine- I ESP like the [part] about teachers.  I will post that one.

(13)  Tee G. in WV: Nice issue… Thanks!

(14) Brad M. in FL:  It’s funny that I tried calling you ten minutes after you called, without even knowing that you called! I just saw the movie “Masterminds” and sort of remembered that you were an extra in that film, were you not? It was fun seeing Asheville in the movies.

Best to you, Cynthia and your entire family Blaine for a very HEALTHY, happy and fun New Year!

Response: See my thoughts on the movie in Sections 1A and 4A of this week’s issue.


Section 12A, NC events




(3) Vic A. in NC:  Saw GROUNDED tonight [at NC Stage].  Very powerful.  Are you planning to see this show?

Response: Thinking about it! I’ve heard good things about the show, too.


Section 12B, PA/NJ event

At Kelsey Theatre at Mercer County Community College:


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