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Section 2, part 2




(4)  Marilynne H. in NC: Asheville: What to do in the North Carolina city, according to Cúrate chef Katie Button


(6) Roseanna F. in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP):

Rosanna's Photo


On February 2017, I wish to embark on a cross-cultural adventure with Africa Healing Exchange (AHE) ( AHE is a non-profit that is dedicated to the development of relationships with the aim to end the generational cycles of trauma, addiction, and the illnesses related to these cycles. The cycle can be broken by providing services to communities in need. This adventure will take me to Mount Kilimanjaro where I will hike 20,000 feet. The cost of the trip is $9,000. I have $1,000 to contribute towards some of my expenses. The approximate breakdown of costs includes: $4,000 donation to Africa Healing Exchange’s Restoring Resiliency program and to benefit people in both the U.S. and Rwanda; a $1,400 trek fee to support the Tanzanian guides and including mountain food, lodging and side excursion; $1,500 round-trip flight U.S.-Tanzania; $1,100 additional hotel and meals off-mountain, service tips, immunizations and insurance; $1,000 for skills exchange in Rwanda to participate in a training-for-trainers with the women of UMUTUZO in Rwanda, four days following the hike on Mount Kilimanjaro. I ask for your help reaching this goal. If for some reason, the goal is not met, I will donate every dollar collected to AHE including my $1,000 to help AHE further their mission. Being able to reach the financial goal, might be an unobtainable goal, but I believe in trying to achieve our dreams. And, I dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to help restore resiliency and hope to all those in need.
To donate, please click:


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Sharon L. in NC: I know your holiday calendars are starting to fill up so I’m delighted to announce that Biltmore Lake’s own Deep River will be performing at Asheville’s famous Grey Eagle Tavern and Music Hall for the first time on Sunday, December 4th from 8-10pm! Our show will feature a set of Deep River originals written and recorded in Nashville between 1993-2003 AND a tribute set to Southern California country rock icons Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles! Mark your calendars now—we need your support!

(2) Internationally acclaimed storyteller, David Novak along with Asheville Moth Story Slam champion, Alison Fields!

Friday, Oct. 21, 8-10 p.m.

Trade and Lore Coffee, 37 Wall St., Asheville

Present an evening of THE SCARY WORD! “Don’t be afraid, be disturbed!”
Doors open at 7:30 and show begins at 8pm. Costumes welcome but totally optional.
Best for audience members aged 16 and older please.


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

At Mercer County Community College’s Kelse Theatre:


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