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Section 2, part 2

(1) Ruth P. in NC: You’ve got some pretty funny stuff in here this morning.  I laughed so hard, snot shot out my nose!  But then, I’ve got a cold so that happens more than I like right now.

(2) Elanne C. in NC:  Thanks so much for the article on talking with a cancer patient – very helpful!

(3) Judy C. in PA: If you like sci fi movies, Dr Strange was really good.

(4) Mike M. in NC: MOONLIGHT ***

I had to really think about what I though about this movie before I wrote anything because there was so much that I related to on a personal level that was really diffuclt to be objective.
But, with that said. Moonlight is a major contender for the best picture race actually closing in on front runner La La Land. Moonlight follows the story of Chiron a black man from childhood to adult in liberty city section of Miami. And if you know Miami you know what a horrible neighborhood this is. Chirona quiet shy boy face life with a drug addict mother (brillantly played by Naomie Harris and who will definitely get a supporting Oscar nomination), and is severely bullied from childhood through his high school years. The film opens part 1 with Chiron who is hiding in an an abandoned building because he is being bullied by Juan (played by Mahershala Ali who is the lead to win best supporting actor.) a drug dealer who looks after the boy. Part 2 opens with a teen age Chiron in high school and besides dealing with bullying and mother he is also dealing with questioning his sexuality, which first comes up in part 1.This part is probably the heaviest of all three. Part 3 called Kevein which is what is best friend called him is when we see where Chiron is as an adult and what he has become as a man.

The film is very well written and acted and is nominated at Sunday’s upcoming Critics Choice awards for best ensemble and will definitely earn a SAG nomination for cast ensemble.

As good as the movie is I do not see Mahershala Ali performance as an Oscar winning performance.

As heavy as this film is the ending is very upbeat and a true delight.



(7) Suzanne R. in FL: Beautiful two bedroom two bathroom condo in East Asheville, 10 minutes from downtown facing a river in a beautiful community with swimming pool and lake with a fountain. Email if interested.

(8) Steve R. in NY:  Happy Turkey Day to you as well and thank you for the good news.

Several times I’ve been lucky enough to win CDs (or vinyl 1000 years ago) and more times than not they were often unknown artists new to recording. A few wound up being megastars (one of who I met backstage for a nanosecond, she was ill).  At other times, the CD/vinyl became my “Album/Artist of the year.” This happened with one last year.

Maybe this year it will happen with Holiday Childress. I never heard of her and unlike me doing a YouTube when I go to see an unknown I’m going to let the Blainesworld prize surprise me. I’ll certainly give you a review, not as long winded as this note.

The prizes have been extremely interesting.  Reading/listening to “The Queen” was a trip experiencing as the whole election thing was going on. Not that I’ll talk politics with you. There’s been a Iot of nastiness  and last night I saw among close (women) friends of each other. It’s happening often. And although I’m satisfied with the way I voted, opinions are so strong that I am careful of what I say to whom.  By the way, how did Asheville vote?

Enjoy the festivities,


p.s. FYI – 42° on Long Island, terribly windy, and flurries yesterday.


Section 12, Advance Planning Department (NC events)

(1) Vic A. in NC: Bernstein Christmas Show at Magnetic Theatre

Saw the show tonight.  We thought it was very funny.  There is a new director this year, Jeff Catanese, and I think some changes for the better were made. I thought in past years it was too much of the same and getting a little stale. Sold out house tonight.

(2)  Opening Amanda’s Closed Door
Hosted by Amanda Levesque and 2 others

Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 6 PM and 9 PM

Be Be Theatre, 20 Commerce St, Asheville, North Carolina

When it comes to sexuality, there are many closed doors for adults with disabilities. Amanda Levesque is a 33-year-old disabled virgin who wants to open those doors. Through the use of improvisational dance, burlesque, and ritual we will explore different aspects of sexuality.

This link should be considered contributing perspective

Tickets are $13 and may be purchased at the door or at LaZoom!

(3) The elf is OFF his shelf!

This one-man, one-act stars Bradshaw Call as an out of work slacker who takes a job as an elf in Macy’s Santaland. His hilarious observations of the shoppers and employees are much more naughty than nice. Written by David Sedaris and adapted for the stage by Joe Mantello.

December 14-18, 2016
Wednesday – Saturday at 7:30 pm
Late Night Performances: Friday and Saturday at 9:30 pm
Sunday at 2:30 pm



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