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Section 2, part 2

(1) Mike Martinelli:  LA LA LAND ****

The film opens with a small square box in the middle of the wall to wall screen that say Summit Entertainment and then goes to filmed in cinema scope as the picture begins to cover the full screen. Next you are taken to a traffic jam in LA when all of a sudden the passengers get out of their cars and start singing and dancing on the highway. This is just the start of a delightful feel good old fashioned MGM type movie written and directed by Damien Chazelle. Emma Stone an aspiring actress and Ryan Gosling a jazz pianist are just charming as the star crossed couple who first encounter is in the traffic jam and it wasn’t the best way to meet someone.

The films score is very cute, but isn’t a score that you would be humming for a long time. The songs are original and fit the storyline. Mandy Moore has done some great choreography with the film.

The ending is quit unique, they leave you with two different scenarios that can be a bit confusing and disappointing depending on how you think the film should end, but that is the point of having the two alternate choices for endings you get to choose which one you like best.

Every musical fan and theater fan needs to get their shoes on and rush as quickly as you can to se this film. It is predicted to break Golden Globe records on Jan 8 for the most Globes won for any movie. If that will happen remains to be seen.

The movie left me with one dilemna, my choice for best picture at Oscar time. Even though they are two totally different type of movies it is as equal of a best picture as Fences is.
If you think back a few years to The Artist and the feel good feeling you felt when you left the theater, La La Land will leaving feeling the exact same way.


(3) Ivan Winegar: Natalie and I saw Fences with Denzel Washington Viola Davis last night. It was incredible. Denzel and Viola’s acting was ferocious. If they don’t get nominated for the Oscars the Academy is totally screwed up. Be forewarned: it is very heavy but oh-so honest.

(4) The dumb, delightful world of pet tech

(5)  Why theater majors are vital
(6) 11 ways to be  a better person in 2017
(7) How much sugar can you avoid today?

Section 12, NC events

A.  Sarah White Rudisill:  Hi everyone! I’m beginning [in the Asheville area] a new private weightloss group starting January 2nd. I’ve been there. (See pictures below.) I understand. My goal is to help people who are truly ready to make a change. Do you want to… have more energy? decrease the pain in your joints? feel comfortable in your clothes? All of these things were a struggle for me. This is not a new year’s resolution. this is a change to feel good. ARE YOU READY?

For more information, please click:

To contact Sarah, please send her an email at:

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 B. Zuzu Welsh: The first Saturday in 2017 at the White Horse in Black Mountain. Come one, come all and dance the evening away to all manner of musical production. Originals, lots of your favorite covers, and a wonderful venue with a nice selection of libations.

Come on out and bring a friend.

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Section 12B, PA/NJ events

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