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Section 2, part 2




(4) Shela Anmuth: How do you both not weigh 400 lbs. each???

Response: We very rarely have bread and/or dessert. We often split our meals in half, which also gives us a meal on another day.  In addition, we both exercise. (And  I walk at least 10,000 steps every day.)

(5) Sam Uhl: A song/video to share. He’s normally not my kind of music, but this young man honors his grandmother by presenting her with the gift of spending her day doing anything she wanted with him for her 100th birthday. It hits you right in the “feels.”

(6) Keith Challenger: Your question about merging, then answer is the “zipper merge” approach. It’s very common in most European countries and study after study shows it is way more effective than the alternative which only seems to be popular in the US for some reason.

(7) Sharon Gunderson:  Great CD [from Buce Lang; see Section 1A]. Love the songs and your newsletter.
(8)  Shelly Jacobs: Beyond Fitbit: The quest to develop medical-grade wearables

 (9) Ginny Plaisted: Just wanted to let you know that we found “The Beguiled” with Clint Eastwood on Google play.

It was very good!


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