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Section 2, part 2

(1) Ken Greenfield, writing about a previous Technology Tip: Did you know you can send an email directly to a cell phone number? This wikiHow teaches you how to send an email to someone’s cell phone number when you don’t know the person’s email address. After sending the email, it is converted to a text message and sent directly to the person’s cell phone.

Isn’t it easier just to open mail on your phone, copy the email or the article and paste to a text message?   not if you don’t know the person’s email address; e..g, if the person has never written you.

Response: Not if you don’t know the person’s email address; e..g, if the person has never written you.

(2) Barbara Hains: Ellen DeGeneres Will Donate Money Every Time Someone Tweets #BeKindToElephants

(3) Steven Darter: Loved the pie chart.

(4) Becky Gautreaux:JK Rowling’s 8 Rules of Writing

(5) Mike Martinelli: WONDER ***

A New York Times best seller Wonder tells the story of August Pullman who was born with facial disfigures. Auggie is home schooled until the 5th grade. Entering school for the first time is traumatic for Auggie as he is bullyed and felt like an outcast. The story also focuses on Auggie’s older sister Via who has felt that her mom shoved her aside after Auggie was born. Via is very loving and protective of Auggie. Via is learning about first love in high school and to try something that she has never tried before.

The film has a great cast Julia Roberts as the mother, Owen Wilson as the dad, the always amazing Jacob Tremblay (2015 SAG nomination for ROOM) Daveed Diggs 2016 Tony award winner for Hamilton.

The ending of the film is so sweet and will bring a smile to your face and tears to your eye.



After her daughter is raped and murdered a Mildred (Frances McDormand) takes matters into her own hands buy renting three billboards to try and force the police to do more to find her killer. Willoughby the town sheriff (another great performance this year by Woody Harrelson) who is dying of cancer has a soft spot in his heart for her cause even though the billboards target him directly.The police force also has an angry cop named Dixon (played by Sam Rockwell) who lives with his mother and is influenced by her. Dixon is the true definition of a violent cop even though you find do realize he has a good heart.

This film has Oscar, SAG and Golden Globe written all over it. Look for definite acting nominations for Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell, original screenplay, Best Picture,Oscar and Globes and Best Cast Ensemble at SAG.

There are still many great movies to open, so I can really say this year is going to be more difficult than ever to find a winner.


(7) Howard Debs: Gallery has kindly been nominated by Mary McCarthy, a great poet in her own right, for a 2017 TCK Reader’s Choice Award, in the General Non-Fiction category.  (They don’t have a poetry category, Gallery is a hybrid so it slipped through). Gallery has already received as you know a 2017 Best Book Award as a Finalist in Poetry, and in addition is up for a Book Excellence Award for interior design as well.

Here is the link to the Reader’s Choice Awards voting site. Just click through the categories until you reach #5, the General Non-Fiction Category, scroll down and you will find “Gallery by Howard Richard Debs,” select it and you’ve just voted for poetry!

You can vote through Dec. 10.

(8) Margie Zack: Good issue. Sorry we will miss you at Hendersonville but we are out of town. Thx for heads up on Kennedy Center show – we can record remotely. And lastly – keep having a fun life! All good, Blaine.

(9) Nelson Sartoris: Who’d a thought that the BLAINESWORLD radio show, would have made it all the way to Delaware!!  Someone forwarded it to Karen, and she to me.


Section 12, NC events

(1) Marilynne Herbert: On Monday, December 4th, at 6:30 PM, CJJ/West and the ACLU of North Carolina’s Western NC Chapter will be co-sponsoring the screening of “13th,” a documentary by filmmaker Ava DuVernay, at the Altamont Theatre, 13 Church Street in Asheville.

The film explores the history of racial inequality in the US, focusing on the nation’s prisons that are disproportionately filled with African-Americans. A panel discussion will follow.

The list of panelists is still being developed, but includes:

  1. Hackett, Executive Director of Green Opportunities, which trains hard-to-place employees (specifically including felons) to work in the culinary and construction fields and helps them find well-paying jobs with opportunities for advancement (Mr. Hackett is himself a former inmate);

Stephen Smith, former felon and current entrepreneur, owner of M.S. Lean Landscaping, LLC.  Smith has created REACH (Recognizing Expectations and Hope) working with men and women released from prisons to help them get employment and connect to services.

Dr. Rima Vesely-Flad, Director of Peace and Justice Studies at Warren Wilson College and the author of Racial Purity and Dangerous Bodies: Moral Pollution, Black Lives and the Struggle for Justice (2017).  Dr. Vesely-Flad has done extensive research in the area of race and disproportionate policing and imprisonment.

Catering will be provided by Comedy Catering, and Black Star Line Brewing from Hendersonville, a new African-American owned brewery, will be featuring its brews.  The suggested minimum donation is $5, checks can be made out to Carolina Jews for Justice; all net funds will go to Hood Huggers International.  Because space is limited, it is important to RSVP by November 28 to

(2) Rodney Smith:

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